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Village Administration and Local Government in British Guiana --- By the Hon. Dr.J. E. Godfrey, M.B., C.M.,(E.D.), SURGEON GENERAL

TIMEHRI:The Journal of the Royal Agricultural and Commercial Society of British Guiana ([Vol.2 Third Series - December, 1912]pages. 337 - 355) Publishers: The ARGOSY Company, Limited.)

The history of the formation of the village communities and their administration in this colony is exceedingly interesting and instructive.
The object of this paper is to trace their formation from the beginning dating from the Act of Emancipation, and their slow development through seventy years odd years to the present day.
It will be seen the many vicissitudes through which they have passed. Firstly, the utter failure of the people to successfully manage and control their own affairs; then the intervention of the government who have, from time to time, passed legislative Acts for providing the machinery necessary for efficient administration.
Prior to emancipation, the B…
Hi Sancho Researchers

I would take me a long time to reply and add my bit on the Sancho heritage. We could talk ((973) 643-5404) but here are some useful leads.

I know that the Roberts family of Mahaica are related to the Sanchos. I remember, in particular, the Sancho who was the first Coordinator of Security for LFSB. The Sanchos, his connection, also lived in David Street Kitty - Wendy and Wickham et al. were my cousins (I was told but not the history or connections) whom I visited regularly in the early 60s.

The Roberts of Mahaica - my grandfather, Walter Theophilus, was a major landowner in the village. He was the traveler, doing blasting and quarrying contract work in Nigeria, Brazil and Panama. He also owned the Seba Quarry in the Demerara River, which supplied most of the stone for the construction of the American Airbase at Atkinson Field - thereafter Timehri and now CBJ. My old aunt, Maude Braithwaite - going on 93 years of age - in Georgetown (64196), might be the best livi…
English Guianese Speaks February 1956 Federation Conference in London

"In my humble opinion, if we miss this tide we shall be pursuing a selfish and reactionary policy which in years to come will recoil not only on our heads but on the heads of our descendants".>
Captain G.H. Smallie - an English Guianese February 1956 Federation conference in London

Rev D.C.J.Bobb member of the Legislative Council proposed a motion in the Legislative Council urging the colony to join the proposed federation.

rose to oppose the motion and questioned What can British Guiana gain or get from federation? Sugrim Singh March 1955
Sleeping with Strangers

Miss Guyana 1966, Umbilita Van Slytman, became the first Miss Guyana to place in the top six at the Miss world pageant. Miss Guyana 1967, Shakira Baksh, placed third at the Miss world contest. Miss Baksh, shortly, after the pageant, choose Michael Caine, for her domestic partner. In 1968, Alexis Harris made it to the finals in the Miss world pageant. Pamela Lord, in 1969 placed fourth in the Miss world pageant. Nalini Moonasar, Miss Guyana 1971, the most beautiful creature, my eyes had the pleasure to behold was given the fourth place in the 1971 Miss world pageant. Forbes Burnham then Prime Minister, did one of his few great acts as the head of State of Guyana, when he announced and banned Guyanese from participating in such contests. I agreed with Burnham then, for it was personal. I shed tears when I learnt Nalini was over looked for the number one spot. I said in 1968,Miss Moonasar the prettiest female, I ever saw, when I first saw Nalini, while we were bot…
Greetings, in the name of the Ancestor.

I never wish to be involved in this sorry epic, but it's as was the case in most of my childhood, Muriel's unrational behavior has stretched forth from beyond the land of ancestor, to drag and to humiliate me, into an unwanted situation, in defense of her morals and legacy.

Bhiaro Prashad, the New Amsterdam lawyer stole Muriel's Heathburn property. Then, there is her business transactions with Birchell Ralph, the result Muriel lost her # 68 village property.

I am neither privy to all the details of your transactions with your aunt nor am I committed to the house you built but however I'm concerned with Sancho's legacy and most particicularily Muriel's legacy.

I am committed to identifying, locating, researching and documenting, the Sancho family members. I am committed to obtaining records of the Sancho family members, from the various sources, both in Guyana and beyond her political borders.

I'm living for the sole p…
Over Coming Obstacles and Excuses.

I can’t do what I want; I have to do what they tell me to do.

I’m too old.

I’ don’t have enough money.

I’ don’t have the credentials.

I’ don’t have enough time.

I have to do it on my own.

It’s got to be all or nothing.

Align with who ever for help and guidance.

Transform anger, shame, hatred and guilt into clarity, compassion and love.

Release negativity And Limiting beliefs.

Over come Obstacles.

Get in touch with what you really want in life
Sankofa – Search for Knowledge.

Highest Blessings!

I greet thee Sancho, in the name of the ancestor; Tuckness Sancho, All Praises and all Thanks are due to the creator of all worlds, both the seen and the unseen.

In the spirit of Muriel Sancho, I am come – come in peace – I am with oneness of heart, mind and soul – I am come to lift up the name of Ancestor; Sancho.

I reminiscent and therefore I recalled I am told three female Sanchos welcomed me into this world, on a rainy early morning hour in December of 1955 and gave me from the get go a sense of security; Muriel Sancho, my immediate ancestor, her sister Aunt Inez, and her cousin Muriel Sancho; daughter of great Uncle Christopher Sancho. This fact is a primary reason for my ‘make up’. Avril and Pricilla sharper cared for my well being while I was a very little child, thus Peter and Louis Sharper figure permanently in my childhood memories of New Amsterdam.

Dora and Barbara Sancho were regulars, visiting their Aunt Muriel in Alexand…
Don’t snub Sony, Honor him, make Ramphal national hero

There are still to few Guyanese and others who are concerned with honest study and relating the issues of Guyana’s immediate soci-political history. A number of Guyanese suggested Shirdath Surendranath Ramphal should not be regarded as a national hero. This is indeed very sad commentary. It stamps upon Guyana the cliche "a good man is seldom honored in his own country"

Fellow Guyanese point to Sony Ramphal's ten years - 1965 to 1975 - tenure in service of the Forbes Burnham led People's National Congress government, as their paramount rationale for the rejection, of this esteemed scholar and international statesman. This led to a number of questions, including the following, Was Ramphal in wholehearted support of Burnham’s program of a social and political system organized around profit and exploitation for personal gain? Did Ramphal betray the Indian ethnic group of Guyanese by joining the Burnham Administration…
Global Historical Society of Sanchos

Welcome to the Global Historical Society of Sanchos!

The Global Historical Society of Sanchos, an organization primarily founded and dedicated with the express purpose,

To facilitate a forum whereby the children of Sancho, their friends, associates and acquaintances, can articulate, and communicate on the subject; Sancho.

To obtain scientific evidence, connecting Bentinck, John and Lambert Tuckness Sancho and their descendants to 'the extra ordinary talented and self educated', literary 18th century London, Black man of letters and arts, Ignatius Sancho.

To investigate all avenues, and all sources, to locate, to research and to document, all information and the sources of information, to connect, all Sanchos, primarily the descendants of Bentinck, John and Lambert Tuckness Sancho.

To honor and to promote, the lives and the works, their contributions to society, of all Sanchos, their friends and associates, preferably while the deserving is alive.

How did my ancestor and his brothers in 1838 obtain the finance to necessitate their journey to British Guiana?

It is certainly reasonable to assume given the available information that is was the only black man speaking English language, named Sancho and living in the first half of the eighteenth century in England.
Inquiring minds would like to know, can you with all the means available, or at your disposal, explain, how in 1838 some 58 years after the death of Ignatius Sancho, three black men, biological brothers, Bentick, John, and Tuckiness Sancho, could not only travel to British Guiana but on their arrival in the colony purchased vast amount of land. In the area of the East Coast of Demerara, now known as Golden Grove, Nabaclis, Haslington and Belfield?
How can three brothers Bentick, John, and Tuckiness Sancho be born and lived in London in the first half of the nineteenth century and not be related to Ignatius Sancho?
Have encountered other black people named san…
Does Decline Make Sense?
The West Indian Economy and the Abolition of the British Slave Trade

David Beck Ryden


One of the most lively and long-lived historical controversies centers on the causes of British anti-slavery policies during the first years of the nineteenth century. Participants in this debate dispute whether the health of the West Indian sugar industry had any impact on the decision to abolish the slave trade in 1807. Advocates of what is commonly referred to as the "Decline Thesis" believe that slavery's faltering profitability mandated abolition, whereas the opposition tends to reject the very notion of economic hardship in the West Indies. Recent historians tend to fall into this latter camp, their research focusing on how social and cultural changes within England provided a fertile environment for reform movements to flourish. This line of thought argues that t…
Seven Amazing Days in the Life of Eze A. Ogueri (the second) Compiled by the league of Coloured People British Guiana ([Publishers]House of Edinboro, Boston Mass).

Dedicated to all Peoples of all Races who cherished human dignity and the brotherhood of man.

Ralph J Bunche introduced Eze to John Carter

Page 31

Officers of British Guiana League of Coloured People 27 Dec 1950

President -Dr. Denbow

Vice- President - R.B.O. Hart

Secretary - John Carter

C. M. L. John,

Louis Don Deveaux;

The consul of the Republics of Haiti and Panama.

30 December 1950 Saturday - Eze A. Ogueri visited Golden Grove East Cost Demerara The greeting follows

"Long removed from our native shores and bereft of all cultural connections. We yet have the capacity and yearning for African culture. We therefore regard you as an ambassador of good will in whose train will follow a reestablishment of those ties that have so long been severed.

Please convey to your people our greetings and good will. Tell them th…
Headline Acting President Praises Denbows by Lennox George

Sub heading: Mrs. D 95, Shining Example

Born 30 July 1880 photographed with acting president Edward Luckhoo Guyana Chronicle Newspapers August 3, 1975, celebrated her birthdate on the prior Wednesday.

5 Children: Gwendolyn Omallo, Claude Denbow, Dental Surgeon; Frank Denbow, Public Servant; Nora Liverpool, and Phyllis Crawford; biology mistress at Christ Church Secondary School

8 Grand Children: Roderine Simmons, Chase Manhattan Bank NYC; Fairbain Liverpool, Sandhurst trained GDF Military Officer; Captain Ivor Crawford Guyana Airways Corporation; Dr. Louise Ann Liverpool, Senior Resident Harlem Hospital; Miss Sarah Crawford, Health Education Officer; Claude (jr.) Lawyer for the firm Cameroon & Sheppard, Dr. Frank (jr.) medical.

Claude and Edward Luckhoo attended Queens College in 1925. President of the league of Colored Peoples

Conversation with Cousin Derrick Roberts

I spoke with Derrick Roberts on Saturday - 5/17/2003 - I understand Limmie Sancho's legal name is Sarah Johnson. Limmie's mother had a least three daughters, the following; Sarah Johnson, Teasie Johnson, and Agnes Bastiani.

Derrick Roberts is unsure but believes Edmund Sancho fathered; Sarah, and Teasie Johnson.

Cousin Derrick Roberts does not think Agnes Bastiani is Edmund Sancho's child, but again he's not sure. Therefore the information needs to be fully investigated. Another relative - this time, Cousin Derrick Roberts suggested Leebert Sancho would know more about the Barnwell, Hughes, and Johnson connection to the Sancho family.

Teasie Johnson is the grand mother of Cecil and Megan Hughes. Teasie Johnson is also a fore-parent of Alice "Big Auntie" Barnwell, Kaneo Barnwell, and CainTop Barnwell. The Barnwell family resided in the following villages; Annadale, Beterverwagting, Buxton, and Triumph.

Sarah Johnson m…
Conversations with Louis, Venita, and Cora Sharper during the Weekend

I spoke with Louis, Venita and Cora Sharper - grand children of Edith Sancho-Sharper - during the weekend 5/17-18/2003.
Cora Sharper and I go along way back - our mothers are first cousins who acted more like sisters. It's overwhelming to just hear a Sharper's voice - I know its love - unconditional love. When they say Selwyn I love you I can not help myself - What a tear jerker - I simply let the tears fall where they may. Yes - Cora had me crying on Sunday - I miss the Sharper experience as much as I miss Muriel.
Fighting back the tears - I was told the Haywood family are part of the Luke family group - but Cora does not know how the Luke family is related to the Sancho family.
The really great news is Cora stated she's willing to do her utmost to obtain Sancho information in Guyana, but most particularly in the adopted ancestral home Golden Grove and Nabaclis. Sanchos must use this vehicle to obta…