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Sleeping with Strangers

Miss Guyana 1966, Umbilita Van Slytman, became the first Miss Guyana to place in the top six at the Miss world pageant. Miss Guyana 1967, Shakira Baksh, placed third at the Miss world contest. Miss Baksh, shortly, after the pageant, choose Michael Caine, for her domestic partner. In 1968, Alexis Harris made it to the finals in the Miss world pageant. Pamela Lord, in 1969 placed fourth in the Miss world pageant. Nalini Moonasar, Miss Guyana 1971, the most beautiful creature, my eyes had the pleasure to behold was given the fourth place in the 1971 Miss world pageant. Forbes Burnham then Prime Minister, did one of his few great acts as the head of State of Guyana, when he announced and banned Guyanese from participating in such contests. I agreed with Burnham then, for it was personal. I shed tears when I learnt Nalini was over looked for the number one spot. I said in 1968,Miss Moonasar the prettiest female, I ever saw, when I first saw Nalini, while we were both students at Skeldon Line Path Government Secondary School, acted in a play starring Lawrence Tappin and Nalini, yours truly as their son. I am yet to see another female who will make me, change that opinion. Again Guyana’s women have not been chosen, as the world’s most beautiful.

A number of politicians, over the last fifty years have chosen matrimonial partners from other countries, and then return to Guyana to seek and in a few cases obtain the highest office in the land, that in itself is a travesty, if ever there is such a situation. A slap in the face to not only the women of Guyana, but to the entire nation. Furthermore these domestic partners have influenced the political landscape, and in one scenario inherited leadership of the country. A dark day for Guyanese women, and again for the nation, folks even suggested, exhibit number one Janet Jagan nee Rosenbum, as the woman of the century in Guyana, another travesty. Mrs. Jagan benefited immensely from the practices of Dr. Cheddie Jagan and the inherited leadership syndrome. Janet Jagan contributed to the atmosphere, which led to the further separation of the major ethnic groups, which comprise the masses of Guyanese people.

The constitution of Guyana must be clearly designed to prevent foreign-born Guyanese, from even occupying political offices and much moreso the highest office, in the land.

The individual, must be both born and hold only Guyanese citizenship. Mia Rahaman, not chosen among the finalist at the beauty contest, only reinforced my thoughts, that Burnham did the right thing in the defense and honor of the Guyanese women, following the results of the 1971 Miss World beauty contest. I call that the Nalini Moonasar Act, long live Nalini, long live beauty, a credit to the nation and a blessing to have encountered thee. Miss Rahaman, I sympathized and again shed tears, following the outcome of the judges decisions. Umbilita, Shakira, Alexis, Pamela, Nalini, Mia and others are samplings and symbols of Guyana and indeed the world’s most beautiful women.

Guyanese women must let the politicians know in no uncertain terms, they would not stand to be overlooked and taken for granted, today as those folks did in the past. Burnham and The People’s National Congress made Cuffy, a national hero, stating Cuffy struck the first successful blow for freedom, in Guyana. History has revealed, Cuffy was no hero of the masses, for Cuffy was only too busy acting like bourgeoisie, Europeans plantocracy, and sleeping with the enemy. Cuffy chose a slave master’s wife for his domestic partner. An insult, a slap in the face to all the Black women available to him. Cuffy was no hero; his action reeked personal gain, regardless of the needs of the masses. It’s a tribute to others the revolution lasted more than a year. I conclude Cuffy was a traitor to the masses. I’m positive Cuffy’s decisions were affected by his choices; thus Cuffy betrayed the wishes of the masses.


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