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ARCHER, Catherine – on Friday September 12, 1947 at her daughter's residence 47 Pere Street, Kitty, CATHERINE ELIZABETH, wife of the Late T. A. Archer, retired Schoolmaster, and Agricultural Instructor, J.P., in her 77th. Year, beloved mother of Eldad, Chemist and Druggist, Caroline, Charge Nurse, PHG, Adina, retired Health Visitor, Mesdames May Cole, retired School teacher; Ivy Loncke; Phyllis Kendall; foster mother of Margaret Hedecker and Mortimer Archer, grandmother of Gwendoline, Joyce, Arthur, Donald, Eileen, Tiny, Ivy, Yvonne, Walter, Joycelynne, Victor, Pat; great grandmother of 10; and godmother of Gladys Wiltshire. Funeral will remove from the above address and board the ferry at noon today. Interment will be made at Vergenoegen, West Coast Demerara. Friends and relatives are asked to accept this the only intimation and attend. (Source: Announcement death daily chronicle, Saturday, September 13, 1947: Page 4.) ARCHER - C. E. Archer and family beg to thank all those who…
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Kendall Sancho

Kendall and Sancho? 
 I admit; I confess I need to be enlightened. I need to  know how Cousin Maude is related to Muriel Sancho. I thought it was perhaps courtesy of the pattern of behavior of the people of the past in the rural district.
Cousin Marie Luke-Austin told me;

Theophilus Augustus Luke (1867-1957) is her father.Theophilus Augustus Luke (1867-1957) told his children that Cousin Maude   and Cousin Birdie   are his relatives….  She does not recall the exact nature of the relationship.Adelaide Sancho (Abigail Sancho) is her paternal grandmother…Susan Giles (Susannah Giles) is the mother of Adelaide Sancho (Abigail Sancho).
Louis O. Nestor told me

Robert Alexander Kendall is his great great grandfatherCharles Oliver Kendall is his great grandfatherGeorge Robins Kendall (?-1934) and Dora Ramsey are parents ofThomas Alexander Kendall (married Nora Rutherford)William Mortimer  Kendall (married Muriel Wills)Pollyanna ‘Maude’ Kendall (1885-1976) (married Stephen Theophilus Richmond)Olg…


I am trying to link with family historians of females named Emma resident in Paradise, Golden Grove, and Nabaclis and their neighboring communities, January 1, 1850- December 31, 1900. 
I am trying to link with family historians of people surname Christopher, Callighan, Williams, Frank, Wood, Campbell, Yaw, Bentick/Bentinck, Seaforth, Hanover, Timmany, Ross, Scott, John and Gill. I am referring to those resident in Buxton, Friendship, Paradise, Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Victoria and their neighboring communities, January 1, 1841- December 31, 1900. 

Seaforth Persons of Interests

Persons of Interests: Adonis Seaforth, Frank Seaforth, and John Seaforth. 
Adonis Seaforth, Frank Seaforth, and John Seaforth are Joint-Proprietors of Plantation Golden Grove.
Ismay Agatha Seaforth Luke, Elaine Ferguson, Charlotte Lee and Rachael Gardner and Phillip Seaforth are siblings
Who ought to be aware of the relationship of the Seaforth people named herein to Sancho? I am of the opinion Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho are somehow related to Adonis Seaforth, Frank Seaforth, John Seaforth. 
Who ought to be aware of the relationships of the Seaforth schoolmasters to Adonis Seaforth, Frank Seaforth, and John Seaforth? I am referring to the two brothers resident at Friendship during the 1960s and 1970s. 
Who ought to be aware of the relationships of the Seaforth schoolmasters to Ismay Agatha Seaforth Luke, Elaine Ferguson, Charlotte Lee and Rachael Gardner and Phillip Seaforth?
Please link me with the descendants and family historians of the Seaforth,and McGarrell-Gill kinships, immed…

Enquiry Buxton People?

Do you have any of the following on your family tree? Portsmouth, Bathersfield, Kirton, Hatton, Herod, Sancho, Campbell, Pollard, Brammer, Gravesande, Belle, Younge, Smith, Nelson, Christopher, Williams, Wood, Frank, Johnson, Hope, Cambridge, Marcus, Yaw, Jacobs, Harry, Bentick, Sharper, Gill, McGarrell, and Timmany,   and others are of interest to my effort. George Edward Portsmouth, William Portsmouth, Robert Portsmouth, Clarrissa Bathersfield, Manny Yaw, Nelson Yaw, and Betsy Yaw, the spouse of Telemachus Wills, Sampson Henry Augustus Ross, his wife. Cecelia Bobb, née Rogers, Algernon Octalaney Lockhart Ross,  Alexander Ross, Noble Ross                                                                                              Daniel Sam, of Friendship East Coast, Demerary, Harriet Ross, singlewoman, Cecelia Gordon, widow, in her own right and as sole heiress of in estate of her children, Isaac Newton Gordon, and  Joseph Ross, both deceased, Jane Ned, widow, Letitia Rodgers, si…

John Baptiste Sanco

On Friday, March 20, 2009, I visited the New York Public Library, Humanities and Social Sciences (Research Division). I accessed copies of the Trinidad and Tobago year books for the years 1921 thru 1935. I paid particular attention to the obituary, which is found immediately following local events in the publications.

I made notes of the data of persons with the surnames of interest to me. At this instance I cannot locate the entire documentation.
In the yearbook for the year 1929 data is found telling readers that Mrs. Elizabeth Sancho, 92 years old died on November 30, 1928. I suppose she was born in either 1835 or 1836.  (perhaps, wife of John Sancho??)
In other issues of the yearbook entries listed below are included.
Mrs. Rupert Sancho died November 13, 1924 (Possibly, Chinese-Trinidadian)
John Baptiste Sanco died February 17, 1920. (I believe data will prove this John Sancho to be perhaps too young to be an uncle of Lambert Tuckness Sancho, for I am of the impression Sancho male…

Who are Descendants of Clarence Sancho and Mary (David) Sancho?

Are you aware of Samuel David and Mary (David)Sancho of Golden Grove? Samuel David was a Sergeant of British Guiana Police Force.  Samuel David departed in 1945 or 1946. Mary David and Clarence Sancho were married. The couple had about seven children. Much respect to Wainwright for pointing pieces of information on the David and Sancho union  to me some 43 years ago. Who must I consult to acquire the  knowledge  relative to David family  especially the descendants of  grand Uncle Clarence  Sancho?

Edward Sancho and Betsy Ann (nee Barry) Sancho of New Ground, Rose Hall

Is Edward Charles Sancho also the name of the spouse of Betsy Ann (nee Barry) Sancho?  Richmond Barry is also her immediate relative.  Was Edward Sancho a Member of Council of the Local Authority of Rose Hall Village District, 1918?  How is Edward Sancho related to  Haile Sancho, Sarah Sancho, Muriel Sancho, Jane Sancho, George Sancho, Joseph Sancho, Marjorie Sancho, Beatrice Sancho and Oscar Sancho of Rose Hall Village, Corentyne Coast, Berbice, and Neighbor" Sancho? What is the legal name of of Neighbor Sancho? He is the father of Patrick Sancho. Edward Sancho was also a stray catcher on the lower Corentyne Coast. Patrick Sancho was known as Killa; A. Sancho, Mayor Sancho, were also catchers of stray animals on the Corentyne Coast Albion and Port Mourant c. 1918 – 1950.
 I am told Haile Sancho had four three daughters and a son. George Sancho had two daughters and a son. Sarah Sancho had two daughters and a son. Beatrice Sancho had one child. Marjorie Sancho had seven children. …

Cort and Sancho

I am attempting to account for all the members of the kinship of Sancho. This is part of the process of preparing the Sancho Family Tree. I am looking particularly for members of the kinship of Sancho. Therefore, I am hereby asking you to please point me to the members, relatives, friends and associates of the following kinships of ABRAMS, BATSON, BENJAMIN, BEST, BOATSWAIN, CAMPBELL, CHRISTIAN, CORT, CRANDON, DAVIS, DOWNER, FINGAL, FRASER, FRESO, GEORGE, HAYNES, HAZEL, HOMER, KING, LA FLEUR, LANCASTER, LEITCH, MARKS, MOORE, NILES, NURSE, PATTERSON, QUINTIN, REYNOLDS, ROSS, SANCHO, SMITH, WILLIAMS, WILSON and YOUNG - and several others of the Corentyne Coast, the Canje River Basin, New Amsterdam, West Coast Berbice, and other locations in Berbice. The need is to identify the ancestor of Sancho of Berbice. Thereby link the people of Sancho of Berbice to Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, and George Sancho, of the East Coast of Demerara. I am also researching the kinships of …