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Sancho is not an ethnic group. Sancho are a people.

Is there a Sancho and/or a group or groups of Sancho, you would knowingly and willingly, violate the laws of any nation-state to rescue irrespective of your innermost thoughts respecting the individual or individuals? There was a time such a thought would have been considered absurd. Life's lessons beyond the boundaries of Guyana, are the most painful for this nomadic lion. He has learned, in the aftermath of loved ones returning home and others reveal their ugliness to him respecting Muriel, Oswald, Alwyn and Gustavus Sancho, particularly, family is an event for funerals, and reunions etc. Family in European nation-states are not about protection of individual members therein. Memories of elders slapping the concept of Sancho family first often rise in the early hours of the day. Recalls Aunt Margaret, as she screwed his left ear, breathing fire upon him for referring to a Sancho male as a drunk coolie man blabbing, he's Sancho. Sancho is not an ethnic group. Sancho is not a…
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What is the "African" origins and meaning of the name, Sancho?

What is the meaning of the name, Sancho? This Sancho is not interested in being made aware of interpretations arising from the thought processes of Europeans, White and/or pseudo- White people. This Sancho is seeking the "African" origins and meaning especially consistent with Kemet, Khanit, Mande, and others of ancient times. Also, the origins and meaning according to the most ancient and modern Sanskrit - of Sancho, Sankar, Sankara, Shankara, Sonko, Sancha, Sanko, and so on? What are the primary elements in the names? Muriel nor Oswald and for that matter, none of their generations gave this Sancho any idea of the meaning and origins of the name, Sancho. Moreover, to this very minute, this Sancho despises the 1605 AD., Miguel de Cervantes' play, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. He was infuriated by the fictitious character, Sancho Panza being assigned to the servant class and confined to riding a donkey. Most of all, he was not aware of the meaning of …

Bentick Sancho and his descendants Sancho of Trinidad and Tobago

Brooklyn, New York, USA Friday, July 26, 2013.
Dear Sir/Madam I am interested in Sancho family history and Sancho family tree. Therefore, I am also interested in accessing the information found on the certificates of births, marriages, and deaths of numerous persons surname, Sancho and the members of the kinship of Sancho connected to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The aim is to link Sancho of Trinidad and Tobago to Bentick Sancho and his descendants and relatives. Therefore is it possible to look up data for John Sancho? I don’t have accurate information respecting the events of his life – birth, marriage, and death. I believe John Sancho was birthed in the 1840s. The event quite possibly occurred at Buxton or Friendship or Paradise on the East Coast of Demerara. I also believe John Baptiste Sanco who is said to have died on February 17, 1920 is indeed John Sancho, son of Bentick Sancho. It is said John Sancho died in the Fifth Company Village, Moruga. It is understood, the remain…

Sancho of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Please link Sancho family researchers with the relatives of the Sancho females of Berlin Street, in  Layou,  Saint Vincent.  It is understood Sancho females resided next to the Methodist church on Berlin Street, in  Layou,  in Saint Vincent.  It is possible, Henrietta Sancho and Lydia (Shallow) Sancho, Gladys Thomas, and Wilhelmina (Quashie) Scarborough of Berlin Street, in Layou, are relatives of the descendants of Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho. Therefore, by this means Sancho family researchers are requesting you point them to family historians and other knowledgeable people,  respecting the relatives of Sancho of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
Sancho family researchers need to learn who are Sancho people of Trinidad and Saint Vincent.  More, importantly, Sancho family researchers need to ascertain who they really are.

Is it possible,  to link Sancho with the relatives of Lincoln Hinds, William Hinds, Felicia Brown, Adella Sancho, Rachael Hinds of Layou, Mary Sancho of New Ad…

Sancho within Parkinson

Best Greetings to every Parkinson linked to New Amsterdam; Berbice; McKenzie, Wismar, Christianburg, Georgetown,  East Coast)Demerara, Queenstown; and Essequebo. This Sancho is seeking descendants and relatives of the following and/or any Parkinson group of families with ancestral connections to Nabaclis;

Thomas Parkinson, William Parkinson, Leila Parkinson, Levette Imelda Parkinson, Eulice Leach, Reverend John Archibald Parkinson, Thomas E. Parkinson (Dispenser), William Parkinson (Sugar Miller, Rome, East Bank Demerara) Robert Parkinson, Bricklayer, All Saint, Parish, 1902Lambert Parkinson, Alexander Street, New Amsterdam, September 1917Joseph Alfred Parkinson, Schoolmaster, Plantation Enmore, September 1917Frederick Parkinson, Tailor, SmythTown, New Amsterdam, October 1917Samuel Henderson Parkinson, Sanitary Inspector, Georgetown, October 1917Miss F. Parkinson, 5 America Street, G'town, November 1917 Letter from NYC.
This Sancho needs to be enlightened. Sancho is researching San…

Sancho Decolonizing

The process of decolonizing requires information different from that which Europeans brainwashed our peoples. Access to information promotes the need for further enlightenment in the consciousness of our cultural traditions. Awareness of fragments encourages more questions. One has to understand it's unlikely most answers will be found. This Sancho is with the most accurate accounts are at rest - and lost to history. Marcus Garvey advocated emancipation from mental slavery. Walter Rodney preached a gospel of self-emancipation. After some 500 years, Europeans created enslaved people with the physical characteristics of the pyramid builders. And the mental enslavement knew not their ancestors.
It's likely Sancho was cargoed to Guyana less than 236 years, ago. Sancho began in Guyana at Plantation Paradise and Plantation Enmore. Sancho was the property of the Porter family of Enmore in Somerset. The descendants of Sancho are programmed to believe Sancho are of Demerara, Berbice, B…

Are you familiar with any of the following?

Are you familiar with any of the following? Goldie Boatswain,  parent of  Vincent Goodluck (Shots) and Esther Goodluck.  Charles Goodluck is a son of Shots; Esther Goodluck married Patterson. The children of Esther (Goodluck) Patterson are Floyd Patterson, Charles Patterson, and two girls.   Floyd Patterson was a Law Enforcement Officer. He was a member of the Guyana Police Force.  Floyd Patterson died in 2012. The two girls maybe residing at Betsy Ground, Canje. Kyte Patterson is employed at a warehouse in Brooklyn Thelma Ward’s daughter Annette Pearson, a schoolteacher, wife of Sancho and mother of the children of Isaac Ross. Doreen Abbensetts Mavis Edwards and Wilfred Francis,  parents of Gladstone Francis, British Guiana Police Force. A son of Oban Smith and Miss Fresco was employed at electric water supply  Patrick Leitch (Bai Blue) Moses Telford, Jewel Telford and Carlton Telford (Izell Telford and Gail Telford) Thelma Ward/Harry and Winston Hazel

Sancho of West Coast Berbice

Who are Sancho of the West Coast of Berbice? How about CERES, DOWNER, NOBLE, and SEARS of West Coast Berbice, perhaps of # 8 Village, West Coast Berbice?
This Sancho is very interested in linking with family historians of ANGUS. CERES, CUMMINGS, DOWNER, FRASER, FORDYCE, NOBLE, SANCHO, SAUL and SEARS of Belladrum and other communities on the West Sea Coast of Berbice, immediately. A young African Guyanese British female informed that she is aware of a Fordyce and Sancho union. She promised to try to obtain details as best she can.
I am also interested in locating and accessing and obtaining vintage photographs of our people 
Are you aware of the following Sancho people and their immediate relatives of West Coast Berbice?
John Anthony Sancho of Plantation Recess, Mahaicony, c. 1871 - February 8, 1908?
DERRICK SANCHO and Mrs. Ada Towler were married. Mrs. Ada Towler was formerly Miss Ada Henry of #5 Village, West Coast Berbice. Derrick Sancho and Ada Towler resided at Rosignol Village, West …