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Identifying Gill Lineage - Descendants of Sancho

Soliciting Information - Gill of Guyana and Barbados.
 I am really focusing on the Sancho lineage. I believe it's best to chat about the Gill people from the migration from Barbados to Demerara to the known members of Buxton and Friendship and thus to Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Haslington and their movement beyond Guyana in the twentieth century. I need to be enlightened.
 I am soliciting information on the lineage of the kinship of GILL. I need to identify the Sancho ancestor of the members of the kinship of Gill, mentioned below. I am referring to Gill of Buxton-Friendship and their off springs - Arthur Gill and his descendants – of Golden Grove-Nabaclis.
 The known members of this Gill kinship of Gill includes; Susan Elizabeth Gill died on Sunday, November 27, 1938.  Ms. Gill was 91 years old. Ms. Gill is the mother of Edith Gill, Irene Gill, Winnie Gill, Arthur Gill, Iris Gill, Oscar Gill, and Princess Gill. Source: The Daily Chronicle - Monday, November 27, 1939: page eight. 
Arthur Gill was pan boiler. He died on Thursday, January 18, 1968. The remains of Arthur Gill, Florence Gill, his wife, and Theodore Gill, and George Gill, their sons, are buried in Sancho Family Plot in the cemetery at Golden Grove on the East Coast of Demerara. There are also, Joycelyn Gill 
Daphne Gill, Johnny Gill (aka Johnny Clarke) Muriel Gill, Brian Gill and others in this kinship group.
 Irene Gill, the sister of Arthur Gill and Oscar McGarrell were married. Oscar McGarrell was a Member and Chairman of the Local Authority of the Buxton-Friendship Village District. 
JAMES EBENEZER GILL died on Friday, December 17, 1971.
 “Covetous” Gill also known as Campbell is also a member of the kinship of this group of Gill. “Covetous” Gill was a police officer employed in the Guyana Police Force.
i am told Jonathan Campbell, Edwin Percival Gill/ Burchnell Campbell, Mavis Gill are also included in this Gill, Campbell, and Sancho groups of families. 
 I need the names of the father of James Ebenezer Gill, and the husband of Susan Elizabeth Gill. I believe them to be immediate relatives of the same generation. I need to know how they are linked to Sancho.  Who must I contact and consult soonest…Contact:

Thomas Worrill Gill - born: October 9. 1855, Barbados; Married: St. Phillip’s Church, Georgetown, British Guiana April 8, 1890) and Emily Ruth Seymour (born: 1872), Source of information: megafashn 
Romeo Augustus Gill - born: August 8, 1937 Georgetown, British Guiana Source of information: roxxie02
George Cedric Gill – born 1940 Georgetown, British Guiana – Death 1997 Guyana, father of Jeanette Ozella Bacchus (1943 – 1988), Source of Information: Sherwin Gill
Hilda Margaret Gill - Born Abt 1880, British Guiana, South America, spouse: Sidney Howard Bayley (born 1880) Son: Bertie Pelham Bayley (1907 – 1995) Source of information:; twist69   
Karen Gill - born: February 1, 1971, Guyana – Death: January 15, 2012, Maryland, USA, daughter of Mr. Gill and Stella Thomas, mother of Robin Craig, Source of information: Kadeem Gill.
Alfred Gill - born and died Guyana, spouse: Kate Isadora Adams (1919 – 2005), and father of Paulette Florizelle (Adams 1942 – 1997), Source of Information: Shaunlani Baker.
Samuel Gill - born Guyana - Death: 2008, Guyana, spouse: Millicent Henry, Source of Information: Felix Gill Alvarez. 
Patrick Gill (born: abt 1899 – Guyana; Arrival: Dec 1918 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Orin Eckman Gill (born: 1 Mar 1957 – Guyana; 31 Jan 1989 – Atlanta)
Derek Grafton Gill (born: 20 Sep 1951 – Guyana; 18 Mar 1987 – Houston)
Russell Gill (born: 1 Mar 1891 – Guyana; Residence: New York, USA)
 Karen Angela Gill (born: Abt 1972; Death: abt 17 Jan 2012 - United States)
William Arthur Gill (born: abt 1885 – Barbados)
Rhoda Gill (born: abt 1896 – Barbados)
Edith Louise Gill (born: abt 1905 – Barbados)
Frank Gill (born: abt 1859)
Edith Jean Gill (born:  abt 1903 - Bubice, Bound Girl; Arrival:  23 May 1921 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Aubrey Edwin Gill (born: abt 1885 Arrival:  10 Dec 1918 - Halifax, Nova Scotia)
 Frederick Gill (born:   abt 1885 – Canada Arrival:  11 Mar 1929 - St John, New Brunswick)
 Charlotte L Gill (born: abt 1895 - B.W.I. Arrival:  17 May 1926 - St John, New Brunswick)
 Mona Gill (born: abt 1903 - British West Indies Arrival:  21 Aug 1928 - St John, New Brunswick)
Richmond Gill (born:   abt 1909 Arrival:  27 Aug 1929 - St John, New Brunswick)
Joyce Gill (born: abt 1912 Arrival:  4 Jun 1929 - St John, New Brunswick)
Frank Gill (born: abt 1860 Arrival:  6 Jun 1930 - London, England)
Edith M Gill (born: abt 1873 Arrival:  6 Jun 1929 - London, England)
Miss E Gill (born: abt 1888 Arrival:  7 Jun 1927 - London, England)
Mrs. Nora Mary Gill (born: abt 1895 Arrival: 23 Nov 1946 - Liverpool, England)
Aidan Gill (born: abt 1905 Arrival: 14 Feb 1947 - Liverpool, England)
John Gill (born: abt 1906 Arrival:  12 Jun 1947 - London, England)  
William Gill (Arrival: 13 May 1908 - Liverpool, England)     
M A Gill (born: 24 Feb 1915 Arrival: 18 Nov 1960 - Plymouth, England)
Beryl A Gill (born: 10 Jul 1923 Arrival: 26 Nov 1956 - Plymouth, England)
Claude Gill (born: 17 Feb 1923 Arrival: 26 Nov 1956 - Plymouth, England) 
Elitha H Gill (born: abt 1934 Arrival:  13 Nov 1954 - Plymouth, England      )
L I Gill (born: 6 Sep 1943 Arrival: 6 Jun 1960 - Plymouth, England) 
Jessie Hartley Gill (born: abt 1875)

Gill Family Tree  
NAME:             George Cedric Gill
BIRTH: 1940 - Guyana
DEATH:            1997 - Guyana
Gill Family Tree 
NAME:             Romeo Augustus Gill
BIRTH: 08-08-1937 (8 Aug 1937) - Guyana
DEATH:            Guyana
Alvarez Family Tree 
NAME:             Samuel Gill
BIRTH: Guyana
DEATH:            2008
SPOUSE:          Millicent Henry
Baker Family Tree 
NAME:             Alfred Gill
BIRTH: Guyana
DEATH:            Guyana
Harris Family Tree 
NAME:             Oscar Gill
BIRTH: Guyana
DEATH:            Georgetown, Guyana
Turner Family Tree 
NAME:             Sophia Gill
BIRTH: Guyana
DEATH:            Guyana
SPOUSE:          Joseph Lieu Ken Pen
Chee-A-Tow Family Tree    
NAME:             Sophia Gill
BIRTH: 28 Dec 1912 - Guyana
DEATH:            May 1994 - Georgetown, Guyana
Gill Family Tree 
NAME:             Karen Gill
BIRTH: 1 Feb 1971 - Guyana
DEATH:            15 Jan 2012 - Maryland, USA

NAME:             Hilda Margaret Gill
BIRTH: Abt 1880 - Guyana
SPOUSE:          Sidney Howard Bayley
Lieu-Ken-Pen Family Tree 
NAME:             Sophia Gill
BIRTH: 28 Dec 1912 - Guyana
DEATH:            May 1994 - Georgetown, Guyana
Layne Family Tree
NAME:             Sybil Gill
BIRTH: 1909 - Guyana
Yip Family Tree
NAME:             Margery Gill
BIRTH: About 1920 - Guyana
DEATH:            29th Nov 1969 (29 Nov 1969) - Georgetown, Guyana
PARENTS:        Fleming Gill
SPOUSE:          Joseph Albert Yip
Gill Family Tree 
NAME:             Thomas Worrell Gill
BIRTH: 10/9/1855 (10 Sep 1855) - Barbados
MARRIAGE:     8 Apr 1890 - Guyana
SPOUSE:          Emily Ruth Seymour  
Are you aware of any of the people mentioned above and/or their relatives? Let's talk, immediately - Email:

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Identifying Gill Lineage Descendants of Sancho

I need to be enlightened. I am soliciting information on the lineage of the kinship of GILL. I need to identify the Sancho ancestor of the members of the kinship of Gill, mentioned below.
I am referring to Gill of Buxton-Friendship and their off springs - Arthur Gill and his descendants – of Golden Grove-Nabaclis. The known members of this Gill kinship of Gill includes;
SUSAN ELIZABETH GILL died on Sunday, November 27, 1938.  Ms. Gill was 91 years old. Ms. Gill is the mother of Edith Gill, Irene Gill, Winnie Gill, Arthur Gill, Iris Gill, Oscar Gill, and Princess Gill. Source: The Daily Chronicle - Monday, November 27, 1939: page eight.
ARTHUR GILL was pan boiler. He died on Thursday, January 18, 1968. The remains of Arthur Gill, Florence Gill, his wife, and Theodore Gill, and George Gill, their sons, are buried in Sancho Family Plot in the cemetery at Golden Grove on the East Coast of Demerara. There are also Johnny Gill (aka Johnny Clarke) Muriel Gill, Brian Gill and others in this kinship group.
IRENE GILL, the sister of Arthur Gill and Oscar McGarrell were married. Oscar McGarrell was a Member and Chairman of the Local Authority of the Buxton-Friendship Village District.
JAMES EBENEZER GILL died on Friday, December 17, 1971.
“COVETOUS” GILL also known as Campbell is also a member of the kinship of this group of Gill. “Covetous” Gill was a police officer employed in the Guyana Police Force.
I need the names of the father of James Ebenezer Gill, and the husband of Susan Elizabeth Gill. I believe them to be immediate relatives of the same generation. I need to know how they are linked to Sancho.  Who must I contact and consult soonest… Contact:

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147 entries for Sancho in The Daily Chronicle, 1881-1897

147 entries for Sancho in The Daily Chronicle, 1881-1897
 I also encountered 147 entries with the name Sancho and accounts of other known relatives of Sancho, including Magistrate's and Supreme Court cases at Belfield, Vigilance, Sparendaam and Georgetown published in The Daily Chronicle, 1881-1897.   They include Lammy T. Sancho, Allick Sancho, Christy Sancho, Charles Sancho, Bentinck Sancho, Sarah Sancho, Robert J. Sancho (probably Robert Johnston Sancho or Robert Johnson Sancho c.1904), Swanson B. Sancho, Ann Sancho, Bourne Sancho, George Sancho, Gilbert Sancho, Joseph Sancho, Mars Sancho, Dada Sancho, Benjamin Sandy, Mary Sandy, M. Sandy, Mrs. Elliott, Tappin Elliott, Thomas Elliott, were all residents and/or were associated of Golden Grove and Nabaclis.
David Sancho, Margaret Sancho (died July 18, 1895, a daughter of Susan Peters), Susan Peters, Charlotte Sancho (formerly Charlotte Adams), and William Sancho were residents of the villages of Buxton and Friendship; Sancho (Goedverwagting), Ghowrie Sancho, Emily Callighan,  Mary Callighan, and William Callighan (butcher, and Constable, Rural Constabulary) of Victoria Village; Sancho Adams (Ann's Grove),  and Princess Sanco (perhaps Princess Sancho of Clonbrook); were also residents in the communities on the East Coast of Demerara.
 Cornelius Sancho, Elizabeth Sancho, Emanuel Sancho, Frederick Sancho, James Sancho, John Sancho, and Manoel Sancho were connected to Georgetown.
William Frederick Sancho (Plantation Rose Hall, Canje),  Andrew Sancho (Berbice),  Dat Sancho and Sarah Sancho of Fyrish, Smart Sancho, and Georgie Downer/George Sancho, Timothy Sancho, William Sancho, Mrs. Rebecca Sancho (Courtland, Corentyne), James Sancho ( No# 70 Village, Corentyne), Mrs. S. Sancho (Corentyne);  
Returns of the Gold Industry show the following were miners;   James Sancho and John Sancho, A. Sancho and Others, Sancho and Gilbert, Simon and Sancho, Sancho and Simon, J. S. Sancho, Douglas and G. Sancho, P. A. Montague, J. A. Sancho, J. Sancho and J. Granville.
There is also the following; Lammy Sancho Phillips, (perhaps Victoria), Sancho Brandis (Kortberaad, East Bank Berbice) and Robert Sancho Daniel (Chemist and Druggist, Sick Nurse and Dispenser)
What does that mean respecting their relationship with Bentick Sancho? I suppose Ann Sancho, is Miss Ann Elizabeth Benn, the wife of Lammy T. Sancho. How does Robert J. Sancho and Swainson B. Sancho relate to Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho? I suppose son or grandson of either Sancho.
Wm. E. Clarke vs. Amos Sancho, $1, money lent, Sentence, payable in one month. Source: Police News - Georgetown - the Daily Chronicle Demerara Friday, December 2, 1898 Page 4.
Who do you recommend I contact and consult - soonest?

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Soninke's Nyancho and Nyanchoya, Sonko, Sanko, and Sankoh of Susu, Mandinka and Temne and Sancho of Guyana

Soninke's Nyancho/Nyanchoya, Sonko, Sanko, and Sankoh of Susu, Mandinka and Temne and Sancho of Guyana

Peace and blessings to everyone, everywhere. I am referring to friends and/or associates of my known ancestors. Our enemies be forever damned. I am cognizant that friends and enemies are found in every society. I further charge enemies are found within the nuclear family group. There are people within every kinship or clan and community who are classified as either friends or enemies and so it is with the Sancho family in the English speaking Caribbean basin – the West Indies.
Every society has its detractors. There are people who are indoctrinated, greedy and treacherous. They are absolutely ultra-materialist.  Their dishonesty knows no boundaries. They hide behind the name Sancho. They hide behind things like kinship, immediate relatives, and friendship, and so on. They blatantly and willfully make false claims. They maliciously violate myself and my most prized ancestors and a number of our immediate relatives – our loved ones. Yet those materialistic people attempt to have me accept their utter rubbish as factual. All oono who try to encourage me to dishonor myself and our people of the past, be gone and be damned.
 I am not in the business of forgiveness. I know my ancestors are humans. But still I don’t care to hear about our human weaknesses and failures. I try to neither forget nor forgive any infraction regardless of the identity of the offending party. Thus if you want or think you need to be forgiven; I will advise you to make retribution to all of my known ancestors, Muriel Sancho, Alexander Sancho, Rachael (Campbell) Sancho, Lammy Tuckness Sancho, Josephine P. Young, Bentick Sancho and Sarah (Sumner) Sancho, James Campbell and Coolie (Solomon) Campbell and the others. Perhaps you should also seek Ptah, Amon-Ra, Krishna, Iu-Em-Hetep, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and his father Yahweh (Jehovah) and Allah and the other divine beings.
In the last third of 2013 the research process entered into its most exciting and fascinating phase. At first I was hesitant to accept either Nick Edwards, or Wallace Austin accounts as factual. This doubting Thomas believed their accounts were and/or are Anancy stories.  Their ancestors told them probably after some sort of disciplinary action. I recall Nick Edwards’ account of Sancho included fragments of Sancho royal family in West Africa. Nick Edwards is a great grandson of Swanson Blaire Sancho. About ten years later I heard Mortimer Luke repeating the phrase Prince Sankoh. I initially thought Mortimer Luke was simply referring to a relative by his name. After all I am aware of a relative known by the name Prince Sancho. Wallace Austin is a First-Cousin of Mortimer Luke, pointed out that Prince Sankoh is the name of his great great-grandfather. Prince Sankoh migrated to Demerara from West Africa. Thus the thoughts expressed by Cecily Abrams, Leebert Sancho, Nick Edwards, Mortimer Luke and Wallace Austin are the catalysts which motivated my thinking, Sancho  beyond and before Demerara. I am not aware of concrete evidence linking Bentick Sancho to the Sanko family of Port Loko, Tawiya on the Kolente River, Melikuri, Futa Djallon and/or elsewhere in Sierra Leone. I have the words of cousins Miss Cecily Abrams and Leebert Sancho.
Leebert Sancho stating his Y chromosome returned the identity of the Temne ancestry. Cousin Cecily Abrams communicated to me that our common ancestor, Bentick Sancho, then about 31 years old, accompanied by other immediate relatives entered the colony of Demerary between 1815 and 1817. I believe and accept  that the possibility still exists that Sancho of Guyana can cross the Atlantic ocean and link with the Sancho, Sanko, Sankoh, Sanka, and Sonko clans in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Senegal and Gambia in West Africa.
 I accessed Kenneth C. Wylie presentation, “The Political Kingdoms of the Temne – Temne Government in Sierra Leone, 1825-1910” at the Mid-Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library in the borough of Manhattan in the City of New York.  And lo and behold Sanko is mentioned on pages 36-40, 103-104, 132 and 170. Now according to the researcher there was a Susu-temne war which ended with the beheading of the Alimami Ibrahima Konkori Sanko and numerous members of his loyal supporting cast in 1816.  It is noted Fula, Yulanka, Susu, Loko and others are also found within the Temne people of Sierra Leone. What then is this? Sancho arrived in Demerary during a period of political social and economic upheavals in the Sierra Leone River basin. Is that merely coincidence? I think the answer to such a question is no.  one is also informed the peopling of the Senegambia region, included, people who were originally Jakhanke- and Sarakuli (Soninke) -speakers, such as the Dumbuya, Fofana, and Sankoh kin groups.
At this juncture I believe and I accept that Sonko, Sanko, Sankoh, Sancho and other variants are Mandinkized. They are of Soninke before they became Susu and Mandinka – finally Temne before Bentick Sancho crossed the Atlantic Ocean and settled in the colony of Demerara. That then is my working thesis.  Can it be proven? I don’t know the answer to such a question. I would die a satisfied man if I am enlightened to my Sancho ancestral heritage as it were in Sudan, Kemet (ancient Egypt) and the birth place of the human experience – the foothills of the mountains of the moon.  That then is my dream. I admit realizing that dream would take some doing. It is probably an impossible dream.

I most anxiously look forward to communicating with Ms. Patience Sonko-Goodwin. I also love to consult griots and members of the kinships of Sancho, Sanko, Sankoh and Sonko people of Pot Loko and other locations in Sierra Leone, Liberia, the basins of the Gambia-Casamance-Geba rivers, in Gambia, Guinea, and Senegal and elsewhere in West Africa.  Please facilitate, immediately.

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Sancho and Sandy?

Highest Blessings!
Are you familiar with members of the kinship of Sandy of Golden Grove, on the East Coast of Demerara? How about those who are descendants of Sancho? Who mentioned in this correspondence are among the members of your kinship of Sandy ? Do you have any idea whether Lynette Sandy is the wife of Mark McLean? Who do you think I ought to consult to locate and obtain the contact information for the descendants of Pet Sandy, including Elaine Sandy, Lynette Sandy and her other immediate relatives?

I am told:
  1. One brother, and three sisters – Pet Sandy, Mrs. Spencer, Sophia Bristol, Joyce Harlequin
  2.  Son of Cecil Joyce and Lynnette Sandy, Marjorie Sandy, Francina Sandy
  3. Frederick William Sandy is the father of Eulan Richard Sandy. Frederick William Sandy married the grandmother of Gladstone Crowther. She is a member of the kinship of Billy of Grenada. Frederick William Sandy was a miner. George W. Billy was his partner in the mining industry in Cuyuni River District.
  4. Frederick William Sandy was the foreman of the Jury in the trial of the murder of Dorothy Rice in Georgetown , British Guiana in 1915. The accused was convicted, sentenced to death by hanging. He received the ultimate punishment shortly there after. His name slips me at this minute. Dorothy Rice was one of the females at the forefront of the working class struggle in Georgetown , British Guiana at the beginnings of the twentieth century. In fact, she was a champion of the Ruimveldt Riots of November 28 – December 5, 1905.
  5. Eulan Richard Sandy is the father of Lynnette Sandy.
  6. Sophia Bristol is perhaps the mother of Sheila Abrams, Sandra Abrams.
  7. Pet Sandy, is the mother of Elaine Sandy, Lynnette Sandy, and perhaps a son and another daughter.
  8. Pet Sandy is the grand mother of Judy Sandy, and June Benn and several others.

I am told the descendants of Louisa Sandy also include members of the family of Dutchin, the family of Marshall including; Faye Marshall, Florence Marshall and Miriam Scott Zephyr, Herman Lowe, Elaine Abrams, Sheila Abrams, Sandra Abrams, Cousin Phelp, Malcolm Spencer and Morris Spencer, Lynette Sandy, Odessa Sandy, Judy Sandy, June Benn; the daughter of Buddy Benn and Lynnette Sandy, Pet Sandy, and Elaine Sandy among numerous others.
I am told they are indeed descendants of Sancho by Louisa Sandy. Other relatives include the descendants of Petal Sandy and her daughter Elaine. I am aware; one of the Sandy females died in the Bronx a few years ago. Also Louisa Sandy is not a descendant of Benjamin Sandy and Mary Sancho. However, Louisa Sandy is understood to be a descendant of Christopher Bentick Sancho (1875-1956). Therefore the interest in their ancestral connections is focused on their relationship to Big Daddy Christy Sancho. Do you have any idea who the descendants of Benjamin Sandy are? Who must be contacted to obtain the relevant information concerning the descendants of Benjamin Sandy and his wife Mary Sancho? What is the relationship of Dutchin, Herman Lowe, Elaine Abrams, Sheila Abrams, Sandra Abrams and Cousin Phelp, Faye Marshall, Florence Marshall and Miriam Scott Zephyr, Malcolm Spencer and Morris Spencer, Inez Blair, Odessa Sandy, Judy Sandy, daughter of Buddy Benn and Lynnette Sandy, Pet Sandy, Elaine Sandy to Christopher Bentick Sancho (1875-1956)? What is the relationship of the members of the kinship of Sandy of Bush Corner to descendants of Christopher Bentick Sancho (1875-1956)?

 I am seeking the descendants and relatives of Benjamin Sandy and his wife, Mary Sancho. Mrs. Mary Sandy is the daughter of Mr. Bentick and Mrs. Mary Sancho. Mrs. Mary Sandy is the sister of Lambert Tuckness Sancho. The children of Benjamin Sandy and Mary Sancho are: Cecil Sandy, Annie Sophia Sandy, Cecily Sandy, and Sarah Mathilda Sandy (School Mistress) , Winston Sandy (Police Officer), Bertie Sandy, Jonathan Sandy and Augustine Sandy (brothers), Neville Sandy and Winston Sandy (brothers), and Wycliffe Sandy [Carpenter]Charity Amazon, Essequibo, Frederick William Sandy, Louisa Sandy, Arnett Sandy, Stephen Sandy, Percy Sandy, Llewellyn Augustus Sandy, Charles Sandy, Eulan Richard Sandy, James Sandy, Lynnette Sandy, Marjorie Sandy, Francina Sandy, Odessa Sandy, Judy Sandy, Pet Sandy, Elaine Sandy, Herman Lowe, Elaine Abrams, Sheila Abrams, Sandra Abrams, Faye Marshall, Florence Marshall, Miriam Scott , Miriam Scott Zephyr, Beryl Royus Sandy, Gladys Sandy, Granunie Sandy, Maxine Sandy, Gloria Sandy, Anthony Sandy, Eric Sandy, Joellen L. Sandy, Karen Sandy, Michele Sandy, Bernadette M. Sandy, Eric Sandy ,Randi Sandy, Randolph Sandy , Ruth M. Sandy , 

Michael Sandy, owner of Sandy ’s Funeral Home at 1 Chapel Street , Lodge. 
Victor Sandy, Doreen Sandy, Rudolph Sandy,
Winston Sandy (Kitty, East Coast Demerara),
 Herman Sandy: Saturday, April 18, 1959: 

Arnett Sandy: Georgetown, Engineer Sprostons Ltd 
Stephen Sandy: Binder Chronicle Ltd 
Percy Sandy: Georgetown , Fitter Water Works 
Llewellyn Augustus Sandy: Georgetown , Mechanical Superintendent 
Charles Sandy : Mahaica, Carpenter, British Guiana Lithographic 
Eulan Sandy : Golden Grove, Carpenter 
James Sandy: Georgetown , Building Inspector 
Source: The Official Gazette of British Guiana Thursday, August 6, 1959: page 235 

Frederick William Sandy [Painter], Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara. 
Source: Official Gazette of British Guiana July 31, 1920: Page 270. 

Also please point me to your immediate relatives- and/ or them to me – and other members of our beloved kinship with whom you are communicating. I need answers and I need them like last year…The struggle continues. Hetep…. 

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Sancho by Locations

If you recognize any Sancho listed herein or you are aware of members of the kinships of Sancho, connected to any location in the English-Speaking Caribbean basin, and elsewhere feel free to communicate with me, soonest - Email:

BERBICE -  A. Sancho,  Patrick Sancho, Mayor Sancho,; catcher of stray animals on the Corentyne Coast Albion and Port Mourant  c. 1918 – 1950, Thomas Sancho, Ed. Sancho, Roxanne Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho,  Nicloa Sancho, Aubrey Sancho, Brenda Sancho, Cecil Sancho, Claudette Sancho, Ella Sancho, Joy A. Sancho, Marcilla Mavis Sancho, Olga Sancho, Donald Sancho, Vibert Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Stella Sancho, Syvilene Sancho,   Ayeola Sancho,
WEST COAST BERBICE  - Calvin Lloyd Sancho,  Evan Earl Sancho, Malissa Sanetta Sancho, Trevlyn Alana Sancho, Winston Lloyd Sancho (Trafalgar), Winston Lloyd Sancho (Profit), Shirley Sancho (Belladrum)
NEW AMSTERDAM - Cyril Godfrey  Clement Sancho,  Lorna Patricia Ann Sancho,   Tresha Rose-Marie Sancho,    Trinette Rolanda Sancho (Fort Canje),  Seon Nocisico Sancho, Shaun Nigel Sancho, Carolata Kim Angela Sancho,  Teon Wolford Rudolph Sancho,   Tiffany Medita Sancho,  Tito Anthony Sancho,  Wolford Leander Sancho (Stanleytown), Travis Anderia Sancho (Mount Sinai), Calvin Lloyd Sancho, Stella Sancho, Ian Maxwell Sancho, Volda Veronica Sancho,  Leron Abidago Sancho  
CANJE -  Nigel Anthony Sancho (Ordinance Fortlands), Andy Sancho, Patricia Sancho (Sheet Anchor), Claudius “Claude” Sancho George Leitch, Patrick Leitch, Hazel Sancho, Rosie Sancho, Bernard Sancho (Antigua) Claudius Sancho, Claudia Sancho, Claude Sancho, George Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Horace “Courteen” Sancho, Evelyn Sancho, Mark Anthony Sancho, Claudette P. Sancho, Joyce L. Sancho, Clyde Brentnol Sancho  (No. 2 Village),Claudette Penelope Sancho,  Joyce Sancho,  Lilowtie Sancho, Nigel Anthony Sancho    (Ordnance Fortlands New Housing Scheme),  Frederick Sancho, Myrtle Albertha Sancho (Adelphi Village)
CORENTYNE -  Thomas Christian  Alexander Sancho (No.1 Road), Smartt Sancho, Sancho Abel Ebenezer Benjamin  (Fyrish Village), Akeila Onica Sancho, Brenda Joyce Sancho, Pixie Ann Alexis Sancho, Elizabeth Sancho, Leuanne Amanda Sancho, Minerva Matilda Sancho (Rose Hall), Godfrey Nathaniel Sancho (Port Mourant), Claudius Fitzherbert Sancho (Auchlyne), Milton Raymond Sancho, Parbatie Sancho  (No.78 Village, Springlands)
ITUNI - Hector George Sancho
HELL HILL, MATTHEWS RIDGE - Steel Yarvey  Sancho,   Victor Bania  Sancho  
EYE LASH -  Herman Barrington Sancho
VERGENOEGEN - Glnnis Carlotta Sancho
KURUPUNG - Terrence Patrice Sancho
MADHIA - Gary Stanislaus Sancho
ARANAPUTA - Sydney Thomas Sancho
LETHEM - Leslyn Annita Sancho, Sydney Thomas Sancho      
BLANKENBURG  - Kester Edwin Sancho
CORNELIA IDA -  Neville Sancho
PATENTIA -  Aubrey Sancho, Adrian Anthony  Sancho
POUDEROYEN -  Ivan Sancho, Allison Sancho,  Ewan Alester  Sancho, Shellon Oslyn Sancho
YAROWKABRA - Bibi Farida Sanchoo
KURU KURURU SOESDYKE LINDEN HIGHWAY - Sarah Sharon Sancho, Colin Lindsay Sancho, Wylette Andra Sancho, Rocky Sancho Clenkian
LINDEN - Shelly Ann Sancho   (Amelia's Ward),  Roger Patrick Sancho, Iroy Ivan Sancho,  Ivan Abraham Sancho, Saskia Vanessa Sancho  (Watooka), Fate Alicia Sancho (Canvas City)
Eartha Elizabeth Fraser-Sancho   (Block 22) Collin Malcolm Sancho, Ella Patricia Sancho, Pamela Monica Sancho, Chevon Alexander Sancho, Robin Arlington Sancho,   Gem Earleen Sancho,
LAND OF CANAAN - Enid Ann Sancho, Joel Anthony  Sancho, John Anthony  Sancho, Krystle Ann  Sancho
PEARL - Stanley  Sancho, Ann Stoby Sancho
LITTLE DIAMOND - Tamacie Nikita Sancho  
MOCHA -ARCADIA - Leroy Sampson Sancho  
GROVE - Tonza Alanda Sancho  
ECCLES - Rickford  Sancho, Rickford Jerome  Sancho
GREAT DIAMOND  - Reginald Stanley Sancho
ALBERTTOWN - Yvette Ann Sancho
SOUTH CUMMINGSBURG - Shaun Michael Anthony  Sancho
CAMP AYANGANNA - Nicola Ann Sancho, Tomika Oscende Sancho
NEWTOWN - Winston Sancho
KITTY - Ronald Victor Collin Sancho, Shirley Ann Julieta Sancho,  Sibby Lee Sancho, Wickum Horace Sancho
CUMMINGS LODGE - Gordon Joseph Sancho,  Jennifer Sancho,  Neckisea Daciea  Sancho,  Rawle Orundell Sancho,  Shaunette Thshai Sancho, Simone Samantha Finn Sancho
PATTENSEN - Sherwin Emanuel Sancho
TURKEYEN - Ayodele Seaforth Sancho,   Gordon Orren D. Sancho, Michelle Sandy Sancho, Shellon Shenella Sancho
SOPHIA - Brentnol Keith Errol Sancho, Keith Sancho, Devon Huberth Fitzpatrick Sancho
ROXANNE  BURNHAM GARDENS - Nikkita Therisa Sancho
MC DOOM   - Kizzana Akela Sancho, Sandra Patricia  Sancho
LODGE - Vilisia Onika Sancho, Patrick Dwayne Sancho,   Treon Otis Sancho, Collette Cosandra Sancho, Sherwin Emmanuel Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Eldora Sancho, Stephen Sancho
CHARLESTOWN - Stacey  Sancho, Rickford Sancho
WORTMANVILLE - Abiomi  Tamika Onica  Claire  Sancho.  Joylyne Gillian Claire  Sancho, Marcilla Sancho, Olga Mayleen Sancho, Roger Patrick Sancho,
WERK-EN-RUST - Keisha Ann Sancho   Norton Street,
LACYTOWN - Simeon Sancho, Compton Fitzpatrick Sancho
TUCVILLE - Pelon I. Sancho
NORTH RUIMVELDT - Mavis Carmen Sancho, Sibby Lee Sancho
EAST RUIMVELDT - Stacey Sancho, Paulette Orrella Sancho
WEST RUIMVELDT - Patrick Sancho
ALEXANDER VILLAGE - Simone Nicolette Sancho
WEST LA PENITENCE - Midgnet Sancho
SPARENDAAM - Robert Anthony Sancho, Shawn Wendel  Sancho, Sylvilene Sancho
GOEDVERWAGTING - Carlton Fitzherald Sancho
PLAISANCE - Carlton Fitzherald Sancho, Dexter Maxwell Sancho, Trevor Anthony Sancho,  Eugene Roxann Sancho, Jennifer Sancho,  Colwayne Anthony  Sancho, Dorothy Hermina Sancho,  Fiona Michelle Sancho,  Annetta Patricia Sancho, Rawle Albert Sancho, Ryan Anthony Sancho, Shellon Allison  Sancho-Hall
BETTER HOPE - Ivan Sancho, Fiona Michelle Sancho, Simone Samantha Linni Sancho, Eugene Roxann Sancho-Matthews
SUCCESS - Stacy Monica Sancho
VRYHEIDS LUST - Trevor Kelso Sancho, Marilyn Ann Sancho, Patrick Edward Seton Sancho
BETERVERWAGTING - Bonita Alero Sancho, June Allison Sancho, Shaun Michael Sancho
TRIUMPH - Nicholette Natoya Sancho, Tiffnie Alana Sancho
GOOD HOPE  - Kimika Otisha Sancho, Sharon Elliott-Sancho
NON PARIEL  - Ama Adama Sancho, Jumoul Oswald Sancho
ANNANDALE -  Stefney Onica Sancho, Bevney Ann Sancho, Victor Anthony Sancho, Vivian Estrila Sancho, Kelso Sancho, Kimika Otisha Sancho
BUXTON-FRIENDSHIP VILLAGE DISTRICT - D. Sancho [Friendship Wesleyan c.1918], David Sancho Dorothy "Dot" Sancho (Teacher, Buxton Congregational), Ruth Sancho Lewis, Clarice Sancho (Teacher, Better Hope Canadian Mission), Susan Angelina Sancho, Theresa Meltina Sancho, Eva Sancho, Zipporah Sancho, George Sancho, Theresa Sancho, Roberta Sancho, Gustavus Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Margaret Smith, "Baby" Sancho, Margaret Blair Sancho, Emmy Angelina Sancho, Alfred Sancho, Augustus Sancho, Sprockton Sancho,  Kelso Sancho, Kim Allison Yonette Sancho, Hazel Sancho, Karen Anita Sancho, Nandy Fiona Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Troy Trevor Sancho, Camille S. Sancho, Malanie Lana Sancho, Janice Jennifer Sancho, Lana Coleen Sancho, Shawn Eton Sancho, Simone Allison Sancho, Alica Shawla Sancho, Brentnol Sancho, Devon Anthony Sancho, Gerald Sancho, Lenard Rupert Sancho, Pansy Alicia Sancho, Trenton Sancho, Vanessa Sancho, Yvette Veronica Sancho, Anton Mortimer Sancho, Avril Agatha Sancho, Bevney Marcia Sancho, Constance Sancho, Desrin Seona Sancho, Esther Sancho, Eton Sancho, Joy Sancho, Kevin Sancho, Kim Andrie Sancho, Maxine Sancho, Orin Mainard Sancho, Tracey Ann Sancho, Yonelle Abiola Sancho, Sherlette Yvette Sancho
 BUXTON  - Alica Shawla Sancho, Bevney Marcia Sancho, Desrin Seona Sancho, Devon Anthony Sancho,      Gerald Sancho, Leonard Rupert Sancho, Pansy Alicia Sancho, Yvette Veronica Sancho,  Anton Mortimer  Sancho, Constance Pamela Sancho, Eton Sancho, Hilton George Sancho, Janice Jennifer Sancho, Joy Sancho, Quincy  Sancho, Ronda Natasha Sancho, Samantha Odessa Sancho, Tishana Olyndia Sancho, Samantha Sancho, Hazel Sancho  
FRIENDSHIP - Semoon Alison Sancho, Nandy Fiona Sancho,  Troy Trevor Sancho, Eton Shawn Sancho
VIGILANCE  - Desmond James Sancho, Fitzroy Ronald Sancho, Karen Sancho, Malanie Lana Sancho,  Marlon Anthony Sancho, Marlyn Mellisa Sancho
STRATHSPEY - Desmond James Sancho, Karen Ann Sancho, Yonnette Allison Sancho
MELANIE DAMISHANA  - Odessa Ann Sancho, Ronda Aleica Sancho, Marlyn Mellisa Sancho
BACHELOR'S ADVENTURE  - Donnette Natasha Sancho  
HASLINGTON -  Leona Patricia Sancho-Francis, Lovern Elvena Sancho, Sherwin Evans Sancho
 GOLDEN GROVE - Rupert Edward Abrams, Camille Odessa Abrams, Keri Andrea Abrams,  Michael Arthur  Fitzgerald Abrams  (Electrician) 28 Middle Walk Golden Grove East Coast Demerara Sherry Amanda Sancho,  Colin Harris  Sancho,  Chevon Omego Patricia Sancho,  Clement Ian Ivan Sancho,  Denroy Delon Sancho,  Glenda Sancho,  Saskia Odelle  Sancho,  Shannon  Adellie   Kimberly Sancho, Shellon Frampkassie Sancho,  Shunelle Odessy   Sancho, Staceyann Latoya Andrea Sancho,  Patrick Edward Sancho, Sherry Sancho, Robert Johnston Sancho, [also known as Robert Johnson Sancho c.1904] Amanda Sancho, Sonia Fay Sancho, Nikesha Adoni Sancho,   Chichester Solomon Scotland
NABACLIS - Cheryl Veronica Abrams, Cicely Ivonne Abrams,  Iris Maylene Abrams, James Egerton Abrams, Osei Tutu Abrams, Rachel Irma Abrams, Roxanne Marcella Abrams,
Stanford Allan Abrams,  Althea Luke, Debra Luke, Laura Viola Luke, Roel Romana Luke, Venus Luke, Colin Augustus Lutchman, Coretta Acola Lutchman, Sharon Sabrina Lutchman, George Addison Ross, Delon Seon Sancho, Elroy Kurtuel Sancho, Karen Lotoya Sancho, Lucy Sancho,  Neil Stevez Sancho, Oswald Gibsburchel Sancho,  Oswald Gilbert Sancho,  Devon Anthony Sancho, Nikesha Adoni Sancho, Denicia Olabisi Sancho, Gloyde Anthony Sancho, Clement Ieon Sancho, Bernadette Waveney Sancho,  Glenda Sancho, Randolph Sancho,  Barton Thomas Scotland, Devon Vanessa Amanda Scotland, Edward Luther H Scotland, Ethlyn Yvonne Agatha Scotland, Samuel Agustus Scotland
VICTORIA - Adrian Esmond Marious, Adran Marious, Charles Ebenezer Marious, Gem Waple Ann Marious, Kate Amelia Marious, Lawrence Marious, Natasha Odessa Marious, Navessa Odetta Marious, Petal Alexis Marious, Terrence Ovid Marious, Eon Mc Donald Sancho, Claudia Vanessa Sancho, Olive Patricia Sancho, Wendy Anna Sancho
 ANN'S GROVE - Donnette Natasha Sancho
MAHAICA  - Christine Alberta Sancho, Susan Elizabeth Sancho (Lancaster), Christine Alberta Sancho (Mosquito Hall),  Winston Sancho (Jonestown)

CHAGUANAS: - Alpha Maria Sancho, Anastaziar Sancho, Monica Sancho, Philip Allen Sancho,
COUVA: - Bevon Esan Sancho, Apollinaris Alvin Sancho, Trudy Sancho
DIEGO MARTIN:- Cyril Sancho, Sancho Francisco, Debra Ann Sancho, Gerald Eugene Sancho, Graham Eugene Sancho, Ian Sancho, Patricia Ann Sancho, Jennifer M Sancho
TABAQUITE/TALPARO: - Julia Alexander-Sancho, Kemba Nakesha Sancho, Sade Nakita Sancho, Simon Sancho, Afiya Titi Sancho, Marvin Emmanuel Akinni Sancho, Triciamarie R Sancho-Persad, John Worrel Sancho
LAVENTILLE: - Mary Lucia Paul-Sancho, Dexter Sheldon Giles Sancho, Jamelia Janelle Sancho, Kareem Kevin Sancho, Shurland Roland Sancho, Zinette Eileen Sancho-O'Neil, Pauline Carla Sancho, Salem Jade Sancho, Alexis Ann Sancho, Glenn Rupert Sancho, Helen Elizabeth Sancho
SIPARIA: - Damian Dean Sebastain Sancho, Joycelyn Sancho, Lester Wallace Sancho, Samantha Marina Sancho,
PORT OF SPAIN:- Christine Lystra Sancho, Ingrid Sancho, Sharon Allison Sancho, Shakreem Isaiah Sancho, Robin Arlington Sancho, Harthly Sancho, Anthony Sancho, Sancho Martin Delpino
SANGRE GRANDE:- Sancho Perries Mitchell
SAN JUAN:- Peter Raymond Sancho
TUNAPUNA:- Pearl Althea Mc Nish-Sancho
SAN FERNANDO:- Janet Sancho-Davis, Clyde Sancho, Joyce Sancho, Clifford Sancho, Marsha Wendy Sancho, Ritchard Barron Sancho
PRINCES TOWN: - Judy Bakhorie-Sancho
Grace Sancho, Kareene Sancho, Vincente Sancho, Ralph Sancho, Sharon Sancho, Brent Sancho, and Keith Sancho
GRENADA: - Pepe Sancho
BARBADOS - Hoolio Sancho, Lisa Sancho and Morlyne Sancho
LIBERIA -  Yvonne Sancho-Hansford, William Sancho and Ramona Sancho, Wadia Sancho, Cass Sancho, Josiah Sancho the third, Phyllis Sancho; now in Detroit, Gloria Precious Manneh, Josiah Sancho of Moore Street, Mamba Point, Theodore Sancho, Annie Roselyn (nee Burgess) Sancho and Joyce Beatrix Sancho, Mrs. Joyce Sancho-Moore, Rupel E. Marshall, Jr. and Mrs. Aurelia Sancho-Marshall. Researchers also would like to communicate with Jocindee Maya Kromah and J. Napoleon Cassell
BURY, ST. EDMUNDS: - Rebecca Sancho listed as maid domestic in Edmund J. Donaldson household in 1881 census.





Monday, July 15, 2013

Manny Yaw and Nelson Yaw

Pardon this intrusion - will you? I am hereby seeking data leading to the identity of the relatives of Manny Yaw and Nelson Yaw. I am referring to their maternal relatives thought to be people of Sancho. It is further understood that the mother of Manny Yaw and Nelson Yaw is sister of the mother of Rebecca (Jacobs) Harry (1870-1956) and Emily (Jacobs) Harry. Also, the husbands of Rebecca (Jacobs) Harry and Emily (Jacobs) Harry, Joseph Harry and Thomas Harry, and their brother Edward Harry are descendants of Bentick (Bentinck). All the kinships mentioned herein were resident in Buxton and Friendship district.
To that end I am requesting you facilitate me with contact information of the relatives of Vibert Yaw, Superintendent , British Guiana Police Force, 1961; and Cyril Yaw, Bugler, Band, British Guiana Police Force, Eve Leary, Kingston, Georgetown prior to May 26, 1966. I am told Cyril Yaw has four children; Lorna Yaw, Lubert Yaw, Berkley Yaw and Dennis Yaw. Lubert Yaw died in Guyana. His three siblings are all likely in New York City.
The following are also considered  persons of interest are;  4350 Yaw, 4570 Edgar Yaw, Eileen Esme Yaw, Joseph Yaw (Lusignan), John Yaw, Shondel Yaw, Aaron Yaw, Adeola Yaw, Andrea Yaw, Benson Yaw, Cheryl Yaw, Colette Yaw, David A. Yaw, Errol Yaw, Fitzgerald Yaw, Isakwana I. Yaw, Jacqueline Yaw, Joan Yaw, Karen Yaw, Selwyn Yaw, Leon Yaw, Lloyd Yaw,  Louis A. Yaw, Lyndon Yaw, Magnel Yaw, Magzel Yaw, Marvin Yaw, Mary A. Yaw, Monica Yaw, Monty Yaw, Ned Yaw, Nicola Yaw, Patricia Yaw, Royston O. Yaw, Sean Yaw, Sherlock G. Yaw, Sherlock Q. Yaw, Shirley Yaw, Simon Yaw, Stephen A. Yaw, Veronica Yaw, Vibert Yaw, Vibert F. Yaw, Victor Yaw,  Warren Yaw, Wendell Yaw, Winifred Yaw, Yonette Yaw, Dexter Yaw, Tiffany Yaw, 17657 Constable Mark Yaw, Batson Yaw, Millicent Yaw, 4305 Yaw, Christopher Yaw, Erania Yaw, Susan Yaw, 7799 Sergeant Berkeley Yaw and Betsy (Yaw) Wills, the wife of Overseer John Eleazer Wills of Buxton and Friendship Village District.
Miscellaneous -Adriana Yaw, Feleahus Yaw, D. Yaw, Agatha Yaw, and John Yaw were all charged by Rebecca Arthur, with having on the 4th inst., (December 4, 1888) assaulted and beaten her at Beterverwagting. First and second defendants were discharged; third and fourth fined $3, or 5 days, each; and the fifth ordered to received six strokes with Tamarind Rods
James Yaw twelve years old was charged by Rebecca Arthur, with having used abusive words to her. Defendant told complainant she was a prostitute. Ordered to receive six strokes with Tamarind Rods.
The need is to ascertain the people of Yaw who are also members of the kinship of Sancho.
Who do you recommend I contact and consult - soonest?

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