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Seventeen year old Teddy Sancho

Hit &Run In Far Rock
By Joan Ward George
Seventeen year old Teddy Sancho was arrested last Friday night for the hit and run of a 73 year old man at 31-05 Healy avenue, Far Rockaway.
According to detectives at the 101 Precinct, Sancho was driving a borrowed vehicle down Healy avenue when the victim was exiting his car. Police say that Sancho was probably driving to fast on the street where there was a lot of gravel and hit the elderly man at approximately 5:50 p.m. The victim was transported to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center where he was placed on the critical list.
Detectives tracked Sancho down through the license plate and arrested him within hours of the accident. He has been charged with vehicular assault, driving without a license, and leaving the scene of an accident.