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Teon Sancho

Jones is Mr Physique
By Faizool Deo
WINDEROJU Gym (WG) of Berbice continued their dominance in the Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’s Mr Physique novice competition and Jermin Jones copped the 2006 title at the West Demerara Secondary School in Vreed-en-Hoop on Sunday night.
When the competition was held last year it was Sherman Haynes from the same Berbice gym who was victorious.
Jones was not just ripped, but he had proportions which gave the judges an easy task in the making their decision.
Prior to that competition, Anthony Thom from the Interline Fitness Gym emerged the 2005 Mr West Demerara winner (the competition was not held last year), while Melissa Roberts from Fitness Paradise Gym copped the body fitness title.
In the West Demerara competition, Thom’s cuts were huge and he made light work of the other competitors, winning the West Demerara lightweight competition, with New Millennium’s Selwyn Grogan finishing second and Interline’s Brijmohan Surjuballi third.

Victor Anthony Sancho Dies In Suspected Hit And Run At Friendship

Police investigating suspected murder on ECD
POLICE are investigating the death of Victor Anthony Sancho, 31, of Annandale both of which occurred at about 06:00 hrs yesterday on the East Coast Demerara (ECD).
Sancho’s body was found on the railway embankment at Friendship, ECD, with bruises to his back and blood oozing from his nostrils.
The police are awaiting the results of the post mortem.

Victor Anthony Sancho Dies In Suspected Hit And Run At Friendship
Posted By Staff On October 27, 2008
A 31-year-old Annandale resident was on Saturday night reportedly struck down on the Friendship Railway Embankment and left to die.
The body of Victor Anthony Sancho was discovered at around 5 am yesterday on the embankment but reports are that the man had been lying on the roadway for hours.
Because of his habitual imbibing of alcohol some thought he might have just been under the influence and had fallen asleep. It was only after some persons investigated that they found that the man was dead and bl…