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Sancho of Trinidad and Tobago

Sancho of Trinidad and Tobago as of July 1, 2012. A number of Sancho listed below are East Indians and Chinese. The need is to identify the descendants of John Sancho, son of Bentick Sancho and brother of Mary Sandy and Tuckness Sancho and at least two others of East Coast Demerara, Guyana (formerly British Guiana). Robin Arlington Sancho is numbered amongst Sancho of Guyana. He is a grandson of Eric Sancho (1902-1961). Will you please point me to them and them to me – soonest. Sancho of Guyana is also interested in linking with Sancho of St. Vincent and elsewhere in the Caribbean basin and Sierra Leone, Liberia and the United Kingdom. Email:

CHAGUANAS: - Alpha Maria Sancho, Anastaziar Sancho, Monica Sancho, Philip Allen Sancho, COUVA: - Bevon Esan Sancho, Apollinaris Alvin Sancho, Trudy Sancho DIEGO MARTIN:- Cyril Sancho Francisco, Debra Ann Sancho, Gerald Eugene Sancho, Graham Eugene Sancho, Ian Sancho, Patricia Ann Sancho, Jennifer M Sancho TABAQUITE/TALPARO…