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locating data on James Sancho (Brooklyn, USA)

How can I use the information below to locate data on James Sancho?

Jane Croal, who resided at 13 Cross Street Georgetown, Demerara, British Guiana

Alicia Keizer who resided at 31 George Street Georgetown, Demerara, British Guiana, during the first two decades of the twentieth century.

Jane Croal, and Alicia Keizer, is the mother and aunt of Adriana (Andrina) Alicia Sancho, dressmaker, and wife of James Sancho. That Sancho family is known to have been resident at 13 Fleet Place, 150 (750) Gates Avenue, and 717 Gates Avenue in Brooklyn, in New York City during the period July 24, 1912-July 20, 1920 .

First Name: Adriana Alicia
Last Name: Sancho
Ethnicity: British African
Last Place of Residence: Georgetown, Demerara, SO AM
Date of Arrival: Jul 24, 1912
Age at Arrival: 40y 3m Gender: F Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Korona
Port of Departure: Demerara, British West Indies
Manifest Line Number: 0001

First Name: Andrina
Last Name: Sancho
Ethnicity: Grea…