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Notable Sanchos & Younge and Allied Families.

Notable Sanchos & Younge and Allied Families.

The following are members of the Sancho family of British Guiana (now Guyana). This article indicates the relationship of some prominent members of the Sancho family to Lambert Tuckness "Tommy" Sancho, and Mary (nee Sancho) Sandy; who are considered - the father and the Mother of the Sancho clan - Golden Grove and Nabaclis community of Guyana.

Abrams, Bertrand Aaran (1929-1969) {Economists} - grandson of Lambert Tuckness "Tommy" Sancho - BORN: May 4, 1929, Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara, British Guiana, son of Eileen Esme nee Sancho, and her husband, Randolph Abrams, Gutter Smith and Plumber. DIED: October 27, 1969, Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara, Guyana. EDUCATED: CAREER: Marketing Adviser of Guyana Marketing Corporation, Bank of Guyana. Guyana Development Corporation, Bank of Guyana. MARRIED: Faye Laurence. CHILDREN: Aubrey, Roy Christopher (with Mary Weatherspoon), Bertanne and Alero

Andries, Dennis {Profession…
Let me begin thanking you for your actions, which spoke volumes. Let me continue by introducing and or reintroducing myself to one and all. The given European Christian name is irrelevant.  M'lilwana Osanku is the chosen name.  I’m born in New Amsterdam, Berbice. My siblings, children of Muriel E. Sancho , in order of their birth are George, Hamilton, Mariette, Compton, Cheryl and Colin. George, Hamilton, and Cheryl were born in Nabaclis. This Ross family, member of the Sancho clan, was resident in the Golden Grove – Nabaclis area, for a number of years, until maturity and economic opportunities suggest they reside elsewhere.
The Golden Grove –Nabaclis area, is the adopted home of the Sanchos as their surviving story indicates.
Now bear with me as I continue by adding, the article a Profile of Nabaclis, which I posted was a catalysts, a battery charger, If I may, in the developing the idea of a forum, to discuss issues relative and affecting the Golden Grove –Nabaclis…


On Tuesday night last, the general monthly meeting of the members of the Golden Grove Mutual Relief Society was held in the lodge, presided over by the President, Mr. Thomas Simon. There was a large gathering of members.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the assistant Secretary, Brother J. B. Hobbs, and adopted.
Mr. Clarrie Hughes was received as a member of the Society. Mr. D.T.A. Jones, Vice-President reading the order of reception. The President addressed the candidate encouragingly. The Secretary, Mr. J. A. Trotman, and the expenditure account read the quarterly accounts received for the quarter by Mr. Jones. The adoption of the accounts was moved by Brother Alexander Simon, seconded by Sister Florence James, and carried.
Brother J. B. Hobbs, said that he had noticed in …

Mrs. Ruby Abrahams, Assistant Teacher of St. Andrew's Anglican School, Cove and John Front, for many years and wife of Mr. Samuel A. Abrahams, and sister of Mr. T. J. Sancho (Dispenser of Nabaclis Village), Mesdames Abrahams of Buxton, and Mrs. Moore of Ann's Grove, died at her residence at Golden Grove on Saturday, December 22, and was buried at St. Mark's Anglican Churchyard, Enmore the next day.

Source: D. T. A. Jones (Reporter)"East Coast Demerara, Victoria-Belfield and Vicinity" -the Daily Chronicle Georgetown, British Guiana, Friday, January 4, 1935: page 6

Death of Mrs. Ralph

After a painful illness Mrs. Emma Ralph died at 2. a.m. on Monday morning at the age of 38 years. She was the beloved wife of Joseph Ralph and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lammy Sancho of Nabaclis. Death took place in the city. The deceased’s body was taken up by motor car later in the day to her residence in Golden Grove. The funeral on Monday afternoon was very largely attende…