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Showing posts from September 28, 2003
To Sancho from Sancho with Love,

I spoke with Cousin Josephine Patterson last night for about 28 minutes. I spilled my guts on every thing that was troubling me – venting seemed to energize me- I told her I can not understand why the children of Mary "Georgianna" Sancho think the must and should control the destiny of this research and other activities.

Cousin Josephine Patterson stated the following;

Cousin Muriel Sancho will not know of as many Sanchos as Josephine, because Muriel Sancho resided in various locations in Guyana.
Cousin Josephine Patterson told me the two elderly females I saw, and met at the Elliott residence on Sandy Street and Middle Walk, Golden Grove, are two sisters – children of Annie Sophia Sandy and Tappin Johnson Elliott - your grandmother Sophia Willis and Cousin Josephine Patterson’s mother, Mildred Patterson.
Our Cousin Bernadette Patterson is her daughter who is a classmate of mine at Golden Grove Government Secondary School. Cousin Bernadette…
Julio Iglesias release of Sancho Lick He Luva

Cousin Cecil,

Even if I were wrong about Kayla Sancho – I am positive, now, more than ever – I have the right idea. Sancho need to do all Sancho can to protect their belongings – their story, perhaps, could well be a financial coup for others. This is and was the idea behind my actions regarding Kayla Sancho.

Venis pulled my coat in regard to protecting Sancho Story and information. I have no beef with those who display that sort of concern and commitment.

In light of this Julio Iglesias release of Sancho Lick He Luva – I am now more than ever concerned and committed to the idea of protecting Sancho from the cultural pirates. It’s one thing to continue to deny us Ignatius Sancho 1729-80, to enslave and to benefit from his works because ‘OLE’ Ignatius may or may not be our father. However, it’s totally sickening that great uncle Clarence Sancho’s story would not be beneficial to his relatives and to the community which created the folk son…
Analysis of Deeds.

Deeds are one’s own, beings are heirs to deeds, deeds divides beings, that is to say by lowness and excellence.

People are born with different mental capacities with different bodily features and in different circumstances.

If one is easily inclined to selfish thought pattern – it can motivate unwholesome deeds and unpleasant speech.

When one acquires the knowledge of self – the story of their origins – including the right understanding of the conditions under which their ancestors existed – that being develops the conviction the ancestor is the only reason why they are existing, today and therefore, will never betray the ancients.

Throughout their lives people receive unpleasant and pleasant results. Everyone would like to experience only pleasant things through eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body sense. However, every one is bound to experience both the unpleasant and pleasant. Deeds performed may produce a result shortly afterwards, or it may produce a result a lon…