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Sancho - Perpetrator and Victim

Sancho - Perpetrator and Victim
Highest blessings to the underprivileged working people struggling daily to survive inept politicians and their politics of man-made dilemmas now affecting and afflicting indigenous people of the planet everywhere on Earth.
I can assure you; the image and the experience of the kinship of Sancho is simply a microcosm of that of the indigenous of this planet Earth, and especially during the last 600 years in the Americas.
I must emphasis; the behavior of a few members of a kinship of a people does not represent the consciousness of the vast majority of the people of that particular social order, that community, and or that ethnic group.
I can assure you; as far back as I can remember; I can not recall any period in the story of our people in which our ancestral heritage has come under such immense scrutiny. Certainly the kinship of Sancho has never been, so compromised, I am positive; since our ancestors were caught, kidnapped and brought from “Africa” …