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File on escapee sent to DPP

File on escapee sent to DPP

Posted By Staff On August 13, 2008

As the hunt continues for murder accused Trevor Major who escaped from a prison van several weeks ago, the police have concluded their investigations and the file has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for advice.

This is according to a senior police officer who also told this newspaper yesterday that there had been no further sighting of the accused.

Though the escapee was alleged to have committed murder, to date the police have not issued a wanted bulletin for his recapture.

The two policemen who were with the prisoner at the time of the daylight escape which occurred near the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, were placed under close arrest shortly after the incident and investigations began.

Statements were taken from the prisoners who were in the van with Major and according to reports they have given detailed information on how the prisoner managed to pick the handcuffs he was wearing before escaping. Acco…

Handcuffed man bolts from Wales court after jail sentence

Handcuffed man bolts from Wales court after jail sentence

Posted By Staff On August 15, 2008

Moments after he was sentenced to a year’s imprisonment, a 19-year-old Patentia, West Bank Demerara man yesterday bolted out of the Wales Magistrate’s Court and escaped into the nearby cane fields.

Police gave chase but failed to apprehend Sherwin Glenn. Up to press time last night he had not been found.
He is the third prisoner to have escaped while in police custody in the last two months.

The man made his dash for freedom around 12:30 pm seconds after Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton had sentenced him to prison, when he appeared before her for several matters.

Stabroek News was informed that the magistrate sentenced Glenn to one year imprisonment for unlawful wounding. He pleaded not guilty to a charge of simple larceny and was told that he had to return to court next Thursday to answer to a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.

After adjourning the matter this newspaper was told, Glenn w…

Cops Under Watch After Trevor Major, Murder Accused Flees

Cops under watch after murder accused flees
Posted By Staff On August 1, 2008 @ 5:10 am
By Zoisa Fraser
Two police ranks have been placed under close arrest following the mid- afternoon escape of a murder accused from a prison van on Wednesday as he and others were being taken back to the Camp Street prison after an appearance at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.
Despite several searches by members of the Guyana Police Force on Wednesday and yesterday, Trevor Major has not been apprehended and up to press time last evening no wanted bulletin had been issued for him.
In a press release issued at minutes to six yesterday afternoon police said that the circumstances surrounding the 20-year-old’s escape on Wednesday are being investigated.
According to the release Major who hails from Mc Kenzie, Linden and Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara was among five other remanded prisoners who were being transported in a police prison van from the Providence Police Station back to the Georgetown Prison …

Previously Escaped from Court -Mother Of Victim of Marvin Sancho

Trevor Major, Accused of Murdering Marvin Sancho: Previously Escaped from Court -Mother Of Victim of Marvin Sancho
Murder accused, Trevor Major, who mysteriously managed to escape from a prisons vehicle while on the way from Providence to Camp Street, had fled from court before and so the police should have been extra wary with him, the mother of his alleged victim says.
Marva Thomas, the mother of the man whom the escapee allegedly killed, is adamant that the flight should never have occurred. She told Stabroek News yesterday that she was present at the Providence Magistrate’s Court one afternoon earlier this year, when the man got out of the docks and attempted to run out of the Court. He was captured by the policemen present and was then taken from the court upon orders by the presiding Magistrate. Thomas said that the now escaped prisoner had taken advantage of the limited police presence at the court on that afternoon. She was later told by the police that the man had picked the…

The Sick In The Gold-Fields

The Sick In The Gold-Fields –
To The Editor: The Daily Chronicle,
Sir,- Adverting to your issue of Sunday, anent, a letter signed by “C. Gavinston Colthurst,” relative to a sick man by the name of W. H. Yhap, who it is alleged, had been bitten by a snake, I have no doubt that the victim did suffer excruciating pain, and that there were some who refused to bring him out from the placer, I regret the circumstance, but at the same time I beg to state for the information of the public that the two men who brought him to the waterside are villagers of Victoria Village, and the other two strangers have been paid for their services. Among those who contributed money to defray his expenses from Cuyuni to Georgetown are Joseph Cupido, George Cupido, Eddie Campbell, R.C. Haynes, Joseph A. Adams, Cambridge Adams, Allick Sancho and myself – all of whom belong to this village.
I am, Sir, etc,
Frederick W. Collins
Victoria Village,
August 8, 1904
Source: Correspondence – The Daily Chronicle, Tuesday…