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Obituary of Mrs. Wilhelmina Adora Chester

Enmore, E.C.D. Friday, January 15, 1942

The death of Mrs. Wilhelmina Adora Chester occurred on Thursday, January 15, at her daughter’s residence, 126 Regent Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, after an illness of about four months, following an operation at the Hospital, Georgetown, five weeks before her death. Mrs. Chester was the wife of Mr. Isaac Chester, merchant of Pln. Enmore.

The funeral took place from her residence at Pln. Enmore thence to St. Mark’s Church where a service was conducted by the Rev. W. Sears, who also performed the last rites at the grave-side.

Mrs. Chester leaves to mourn her loss besides her husband, Leo, Vernon, and Willie (sons); Mrs. Chris Viapree, and Mrs. Lena Fisher (daughters); Mrs. A. Fletcher and Miss M. Sargeant (sisters); Mrs. E. Gravesande (sister-in-law); Mrs. Janet Marie and Kate Chester (daughters r-in-law); Neil Fisher (son-in-law).

Source: the Daily Chronicle Monday, January 26, 1942:page 8.

Education and Sancho

Let's identify those of our family members who were and are employed in the field of Education.
Please add the institutions, positions held, career - length of service, and associates.
If you recognize errors and or relatives have been omitted, please make it your duty to inform or enlighten me, immediately.
This article displays the career of members of the Sancho family in Education in British Guiana (now Guyana), and globally.

Bertrand Abrams, Evelyn Abrams, Uraine Abrams, Brenda Abrams-Brown, Ruby Abrams-Caines, Denise Delwin - Washinton DC, Mickey Gaye - Washington DC, Muriel Sancho-Ross, Elsa Sancho, Mary D. Inez Sancho, Dorothy Sancho, U. Leebert Sancho, Carmen Sancho, Joyce "Claudette" Sancho, Dr. Colin Bradshaw, Ivy Nelbertha Archer-Loncke, Ivy Agatha Loncke, Emerson A. Samuels, Eunice Williams - Trinidad, Abiola Willis, Ave Willis, Paulette Willis, Dr. James Campbell.


Vicroria L. Elliott infant School (Golden Grove).
Miss Vi…
Thomas Anson Sancho, AA
Sunday, September 5th 2004
Thomas Anson Sancho, AA, Member of the Georgetown City Council, former Member of Parliament and Principal of the Critchlow Labour College, died on August 14, aged 72.
Thomas Anson Sancho was one of the best placed men to attain high office when the People's National Congress (PNC) formed a coalition administration with the United Force in December 1964. Entering the National Assembly on the PNC list after the general elections, Sancho was thought to wield some influence in trade union circles, the teaching profession and literary circles.

His trade union credentials were derived from his membership of the Association of Masters and Mistresses (AMM), something of a cardboard union seemingly designed to secure a position in the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) rather than to represent any significant number of educators. However, some members of staff of private secondary schools - such as Central High and Tutorial …
T. Anson Sancho dies
Friday, August 20th 2004

T. Anson Sancho

City Councillor and former Principal of the Critchlow Labour College, T. Anson Sancho died last Friday after a long period of illness. He was in his eighties.

Sancho, popularly known as `Cobo' among his friends and colleagues was a staunch educator - particularly in the field of history - and a trade unionist. In addition he was a politician who served as a member of parliament during the Forbes Burnham administration.

He later joined A Good and Green Guyana, when current Mayor Hamilton Green broke ranks with the PNC in the nineties. His colleagues from the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union, Roy Hughes and Grantley Culbard, whom he taught at Central High School, recalled his earlier fight to keep the Association of Masters and Mistresses (AMM) alive even after the government took control of private schools in 1976. He had said he would never join the Guyana Teachers Union and never did.

He remained an educator …