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Delon Sancho: Loses Eye After Schoolmate Hurls Wood

Boy Loses Eye After Schoolmate Hurls Wood
A 14-year-old lost his left eye after another student struck him with a piece of wood that had a pointed edge.

Delon Sancho, of St. Mary's High School, underwent surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

The boy said that he was walking down a stairway in the school on Wednesday when he felt something hit him hard in the eye.

“When I put me hand on me eye, I feel the thing inside hanging down and it was bleeding,” the boy said.

He said that the boy who threw the wood is a troublemaker in the school.

The injured boy's father, Compton Sancho, said the teen's mom, who is overseas, fainted upon hearing the news. Sancho said a teacher called him at about 16:10hrs to tell him what had transpired.

He arrived at the hospital just as his son was going into surgery.

The man said he asked a teacher who was at the hospital whether the school had called the police.

However, the teacher did not know, and Sancho went to his son's school, …