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Heroes of the Caribbean
by Celia Sankar
Written in 1995

If Latin America is passionate about soccer, then the Caribbean is zealously passionate about cricket. The game permeates life in the region. Throughout the islands, the scene is the same: On village greens, on the beach, in deserted streets, in fact, wherever there is clear ground and whenever there is free time children and adults gather around a makeshift wicket for the game. No doubt they are fantasizing that they are part of the region's larger-than-life professional team, whose members carry the pride of the Caribbean on their shoulders.

Hardly anyone misses a match played by the team-called the West Indies cricket team for historical reasons-even if it means staying awake at ungodly hours to listen on radio to their exploits in England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, and Pakistan. Serious business comes to a standstill in t…
If you shall allow this intrusion, let me begin by introducing myself, and then continue by stating the nature of my interests. I am presently researching and it's very likely, you'd be interested in the material. I am a son of Muriel Sancho, born in pre independent era in the British West Indies, in the colony known as British Guiana. I am informed a fore father named Lambert Tuckness Sancho along with two of his siblings Bentinck and John Sancho arrived in colonial British Guiana, in the era of Emancipation and Apprenticeship, settled in Golden Grove- Nabaclis area on the East Coast of Demerara. The three brothers and newly freed Africans purchased huge amounts of land in the Haslington Golden Grove- Nabaclis Belfield area.
I represent the Sancho family of Guyana. Thus I would like to take this opportunity to state, the members of the kinship of Sancho of Guyana believe they are descendants of Ignatius Charles Sancho 1729-1780. I am of the opinion
1. Those three brothers are …
What Else Is News? The Roderick J. Broome column; Article in the Caribbean Lite Newspapers dated October 20, 2002 (page 40)
Internetually Speaking
Calling all Black Brits and all white Brits who have ethnic connections to Blacks of the Caribbean, the African continent, and the Americas, too!
The times of London recently mentioned that all of Britons’ Black roots would be revealed shortly via two Internet Archives that will examine the presence of immigrants over 400 to 500 year period.
Moore so, several genealogists around the world predict that the archives will trigger a quest for information similar to that in the United States after the publication of Alex Haley'’ novel "Roots".
Apparently, descendants of immigrants will be able to use one archive to travel through documents for every mention of every Black and Asian person in London over three centuries up, to 1840.
Guy Grannum, the author of ‘Tracing your West Indian Ancestors’ believes that the archives will bring…