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Mr. Tappin Johnson Elliott and his Descendants - a Family of Teachers:

Mr. Tappin Johnson Elliott and his descendants:- a Family of Teachers, Registrars of Births and Deaths, and Participants in Community Development in Golden Grove and Nabaclis, and Neighbouring Communities.

Research concerning the Bishop's College, has indicated the following;

Was located in Charlestown.
Was a residential Normal School for the training of teachers.
Was a Government Training School for Teachers.
The age of entry was between 15 and 18 years of age.
The Qualifications for admission the three R's, Dictation, and Composition.
Mr. Daniel Edgar Sharples (Head Master for 40 years at St. Thomas Scots School, beginning on July 1, 1876), Mr. Paul A. Jones (Head Master, Taymouth Manor), Mr. F. A. R. Sutherland (Head Master, Danielstown), Mr. Tappin Johnson Elliott and Mr. Joseph A. Parkinson, are numbered among the group of Schoolmasters who were trained at Bishop's College, (1872 - 1875).
Cousin Josephine Patterson told me;

Tappin, Thomas and John Elliott are br…

Mr. Thomas Arthur Archer J.P., Educator, Musician and Community Leader.

Mr. Thomas Arthur Archer is described as a well known personality, especially on the East and West Coasts of Demerara, where he laboured with outstanding sucess. Mr. Archer was born about 1861/62. Mr. Archer was an educator, a schoolmaster. Mr. Archer, replaced Mr. W. B. Johnson, and, served as the school master of Golden Grove Wesleyan School, 1886-1888. There were - 86 males and 38 females - 124 pupils on the register in 1886. The number increased to - 103 males and 58 females - 161 pupils, in 1888, when Mr. Archer was replaced as the Schoolmaster, by, James Alfred Trotman.
It is perhaps, while the School master of Golden Grove Wesleyan School, Mr. Archer, met Miss Catherine Elizabeth Sancho, whom he married on August 9, 1888. This Archer and Sancho union is known to issue eight off springs - one son and seven daughters - who survived the death of their father. They are the following; Thomas Eldad Archer; Chemist and Druggist, Mrs. Phyllis Kendall, Mrs. Dorothy Watson, Mrs. Gladys …