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Mr. Thomas Arthur Archer J.P., Educator, Musician and Community Leader.

Mr. Thomas Arthur Archer is described as a well known personality, especially on the East and West Coasts of Demerara, where he laboured with outstanding sucess. Mr. Archer was born about 1861/62. Mr. Archer was an educator, a schoolmaster. Mr. Archer, replaced Mr. W. B. Johnson, and, served as the school master of Golden Grove Wesleyan School, 1886-1888. There were - 86 males and 38 females - 124 pupils on the register in 1886. The number increased to - 103 males and 58 females - 161 pupils, in 1888, when Mr. Archer was replaced as the Schoolmaster, by, James Alfred Trotman.
It is perhaps, while the School master of Golden Grove Wesleyan School, Mr. Archer, met Miss Catherine Elizabeth Sancho, whom he married on August 9, 1888. This Archer and Sancho union is known to issue eight off springs - one son and seven daughters - who survived the death of their father. They are the following; Thomas Eldad Archer; Chemist and Druggist, Mrs. Phyllis Kendall, Mrs. Dorothy Watson, Mrs. Gladys C. Wiltshire, Mrs. Ivy Nelbertha Loncke; Music Teacher, Mrs. Catherine Cole; School Teacher, Miss Boadicea Adina Archer; Registered Nurse and Midwife, and Miss Caroline Euphemia Archer; Registered Nurse and Midwife. The Sons-in-law of Mr. Thomas Arthur and Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth Archer are the following; Messrs:- Tennant Walter Kendall, Francis Percival Loncke, T. W. Watson, Sgt. O. D. H. Cole, and Reuben T.Wiltshire.

Mr. Archer served as the Schoolmaster, St. Mary's Scots School. Mrs. Catherine Archer, was an Assistant Teacher and the Sewing Mistress at St. Mary's School, Mahaica. Mr. Archer was a Deacon, Lay Cathechist and Organist of the St. Mary's Parish Church, in the Mahaica district, on the East Coast, of Demerara. Miss Souter was the organist at St. Peter's Church, Mahaicony. Jas. Orderson, Wm. Moffett, and Ed. Stanley Lord were deacons during this period.

School Master, Second Class Certificate, Golden Grove Wesleyan School, 1886-1888.

Schoolmaster, St. Mary's Scots School, Mahaica, East Coast, Demerara. ca. 1898.

Deacon, St. Mary's Scots Parish Church Mahaica, East Coast, Demerara.
Lay Cathechist, St. Mary's Scots Parish Church Mahaica, East Coast, Demerara.
Organists, St. Mary's Scots Parish Church Mahaica, East Coast, Demerara.
School Master, Anna Catharina Scots School, ca. 1902.

School Master, Philadelphia Scots School, ca. 1917.

Justice of the Peace
Chairman of Vergenoegen District
Executive Member, British Guiana Village Chairman Conference, ca. 1943.
Mr. Archer made the transition at the ripe age, 81 years old - to dwell among the ancestors, on Sunday, October 10, 1943, at his daughter, Mrs. Ivy Nelbertha Loncke's residence, 51 Robb and Albert Streets, Bourda, Georgetown, British Guiana.


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