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Aide-de-Camp General Sancho

To the editor: "Daily chronicle"
Sir - I have sent you the contents of the meeting held yesterday, trusting you publish the same, and oblige, Yours obdt., &., C. Proprietor Golden Grove Village, East coast, 18th august 1882
Second Letter to John Proprietor
Dear John - there was a Combine Court held at Golden Grove, on Thursday, 17 instant. there were present, His Honour Chief Justice D-y, the honourable Attorney General Binns, and the elective members, J-s, C-s, G-e, and the aide-de-camp General Sancho, with closed doors for about three quarters of an hour. Doors were opened at nearly 12 o'clock when the proprietors came in. The account was read by the Judge himself, many of those jumbled up items which will be too numerous to relate has been explained, but not to the satisfaction of the proprietors, but the Judge promised to subtract them and put them in their proper form as they were rejected. the Booker Bros. account has been withdrawn, and the W. Wishart account to …