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Burnham: - Through my Spectacles
The mere thought of Burnham brings to surface, distasteful emotions and resentment. Burnham, a man who possessed the potentials of a man of the people; a hero but however he choose to allow selfish ambitions to devour him. Thus Burnham has etched himself in the hearts and the minds of others, a sour taste. Burnham was very formidable with the microphone, his delivery, his oratory is unmatched in the English speaking world of the twentieth century. There can be no denying, Burnham was the best speaker of the twentieth century, and others were at best; distant second. This and other super qualities and talents were obviously misused and sadly, spewed abuse upon the masses. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham was no man of the people, for Burnham was an ambitious man, and he choose to use those qualities for personal illicit gain. The perplexing is Burnham never turned the corner, never rose above the opportunist label.
Burnham regarded British Guiana now Guya…