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Cecil Orpheus Philbertus Patterson:Twenty Six Years A Headteacher

Twenty Six Years A Headteacher Cecil Orpheus Philbertus Patterson, Headteacher for 26 years, was Headteacher of Goldstone Hall, Sheet Anchor, St. Nicolas, Bath and now of New Market. Created records in all his schools. Has the unique distinction of gaining the first two places in the Colony in the PTA., list (1938); the first in Berbice to sit for Class 2 and gain a Class 1 certificate, his student Miss Eleanor King was the first in Berbice to sit for Class 3 and gain Class 1. Successfully prepares candidates for exams from PSC., to Class 1. Got many teachers into the Training College interested in Test exams, and in free classes for the Certificate exam. Past President of the NA and Upper Corentyne Branches of the B.G.T.A., joined the B.G.T.A., in 1917 and has been absent only twice from his Branch meetings. Source: The Daily Chronicle, Friday, September 10, 1948 : page 6.