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Kendall Sancho

Kendall and Sancho? 
 I admit; I confess I need to be enlightened. I need to  know how Cousin Maude is related to Muriel Sancho. I thought it was perhaps courtesy of the pattern of behavior of the people of the past in the rural district.
Cousin Marie Luke-Austin told me;

Theophilus Augustus Luke (1867-1957) is her father.Theophilus Augustus Luke (1867-1957) told his children that Cousin Maude   and Cousin Birdie   are his relatives….  She does not recall the exact nature of the relationship.Adelaide Sancho (Abigail Sancho) is her paternal grandmother…Susan Giles (Susannah Giles) is the mother of Adelaide Sancho (Abigail Sancho).
Louis O. Nestor told me

Robert Alexander Kendall is his great great grandfatherCharles Oliver Kendall is his great grandfatherGeorge Robins Kendall (?-1934) and Dora Ramsey are parents ofThomas Alexander Kendall (married Nora Rutherford)William Mortimer  Kendall (married Muriel Wills)Pollyanna ‘Maude’ Kendall (1885-1976) (married Stephen Theophilus Richmond)Olg…