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Edward Sancho and Betsy Ann (nee Barry) Sancho of New Ground, Rose Hall

Is Edward Charles Sancho also the name of the spouse of Betsy Ann (nee Barry) Sancho?  Richmond Barry is also her immediate relative.  Was Edward Sancho a Member of Council of the Local Authority of Rose Hall Village District, 1918?  How is Edward Sancho related to  Haile Sancho, Sarah Sancho, Muriel Sancho, Jane Sancho, George Sancho, Joseph Sancho, Marjorie Sancho, Beatrice Sancho and Oscar Sancho of Rose Hall Village, Corentyne Coast, Berbice, and Neighbor" Sancho? What is the legal name of of Neighbor Sancho? He is the father of Patrick Sancho. Edward Sancho was also a stray catcher on the lower Corentyne Coast. Patrick Sancho was known as Killa; A. Sancho, Mayor Sancho, were also catchers of stray animals on the Corentyne Coast Albion and Port Mourant c. 1918 – 1950.
 I am told Haile Sancho had four three daughters and a son. George Sancho had two daughters and a son. Sarah Sancho had two daughters and a son. Beatrice Sancho had one child. Marjorie Sancho had seven children. …

Cort and Sancho

I am attempting to account for all the members of the kinship of Sancho. This is part of the process of preparing the Sancho Family Tree. I am looking particularly for members of the kinship of Sancho. Therefore, I am hereby asking you to please point me to the members, relatives, friends and associates of the following kinships of ABRAMS, BATSON, BENJAMIN, BEST, BOATSWAIN, CAMPBELL, CHRISTIAN, CORT, CRANDON, DAVIS, DOWNER, FINGAL, FRASER, FRESO, GEORGE, HAYNES, HAZEL, HOMER, KING, LA FLEUR, LANCASTER, LEITCH, MARKS, MOORE, NILES, NURSE, PATTERSON, QUINTIN, REYNOLDS, ROSS, SANCHO, SMITH, WILLIAMS, WILSON and YOUNG - and several others of the Corentyne Coast, the Canje River Basin, New Amsterdam, West Coast Berbice, and other locations in Berbice. The need is to identify the ancestor of Sancho of Berbice. Thereby link the people of Sancho of Berbice to Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, and George Sancho, of the East Coast of Demerara. I am also researching the kinships of …