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Sancho and Sandy?

Highest Blessings! Are you familiar with members of the kinship of Sandy of Golden Grove, on the East Coast of Demerara? How about those who are descendants of Sancho? Who mentioned in this correspondence are among the members of your kinship of Sandy ? Do you have any idea whether Lynette Sandy is the wife of Mark McLean? Who do you think I ought to consult to locate and obtain the contact information for the descendants of Pet Sandy, including Elaine Sandy, Lynette Sandy and her other immediate relatives?
I am told: One brother, and three sisters – Pet Sandy, Mrs. Spencer, Sophia Bristol, Joyce Harlequin Son of Cecil Joyce and Lynnette Sandy, Marjorie Sandy, Francina SandyFrederick William Sandy is the father of Eulan Richard Sandy. Frederick William Sandy married the grandmother of Gladstone Crowther. She is a member of the kinship of Billy of Grenada. Frederick William Sandy was a miner. George W. Billy was his partner in the mining industry in Cuyuni River District.Frederick Will…