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147 entries for Sancho in The Daily Chronicle, 1881-1897

147 entries for Sancho in The Daily Chronicle, 1881-1897
 I also encountered 147 entries with the name Sancho and accounts of other known relatives of Sancho, including Magistrate's and Supreme Court cases at Belfield, Vigilance, Sparendaam and Georgetown published in The Daily Chronicle, 1881-1897.   They include Lammy T. Sancho, Allick Sancho, Christy Sancho, Charles Sancho, Bentinck Sancho, Sarah Sancho, Robert J. Sancho (probably Robert Johnston Sancho or Robert Johnson Sancho c.1904), Swanson B. Sancho, Ann Sancho, Bourne Sancho, George Sancho, Gilbert Sancho, Joseph Sancho, Mars Sancho, Dada Sancho, Benjamin Sandy, Mary Sandy, M. Sandy, Mrs. Elliott, Tappin Elliott, Thomas Elliott, were all residents and/or were associated of Golden Grove and Nabaclis.
David Sancho, Margaret Sancho (died July 18, 1895, a daughter of Susan Peters), Susan Peters, Charlotte Sancho (formerly Charlotte Adams), and William Sancho were residents of the villages of Buxton and Friendsh…