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Sancho by Locations

If you recognize any Sancho listed herein or you are aware of members of the kinships of Sancho, connected to any location in the English-Speaking Caribbean basin, and elsewhere feel free to communicate with me, soonest - Email:

BERBICE -  A. Sancho,  Patrick Sancho, Mayor Sancho,; catcher of stray animals on the Corentyne Coast Albion and Port Mourant  c. 1918 – 1950, Thomas Sancho, Ed. Sancho, Roxanne Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho,  Nicloa Sancho, Aubrey Sancho, Brenda Sancho, Cecil Sancho, Claudette Sancho, Ella Sancho, Joy A. Sancho, Marcilla Mavis Sancho, Olga Sancho, Donald Sancho, Vibert Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Stella Sancho, Syvilene Sancho,   Ayeola Sancho, WEST COAST BERBICE  - Calvin Lloyd Sancho,  Evan Earl Sancho, Malissa Sanetta Sancho, Trevlyn Alana Sancho, Winston Lloyd Sancho (Trafalgar), Winston Lloyd Sancho (Profit), Shirley Sancho (Belladrum) NEW AMSTERDAM - Cyril Godfrey  Clement Sancho,  Lorna Patricia Ann Sancho,   Tresha Rose-…