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Sancho Daily Chronicle 1881-1897

Members of the kinship of Sancho found in Articles in the Daily Chronicle, November 5, 1881- December 29, 1897.
WILLIAM CALLIGHAN (Constable, Rural Constabulary, Mahaica Judicial District, Nabaclis)
P.C. 376 CAMPBELL (is this a reference to County Sergeant Major Campbell?)
ADONIS ISAAC CAMPBELL (Constable, Rural Constabulary, Mahaica Judicial District, Victoria and later Nabaclis)
WILLIAM CALLIGHAN (Constable, Rural Constabulary, Mahaica Judicial District, Nabaclis)
Brandford Trotman (Constable, Rural Constabulary, Mahaica Judicial District, Nabaclis)
Robinson Bristol (Constable, Rural Constabulary, Mahaica Judicial District, Nabaclis)
RICHARD CAMPBELL (Constable, Rural Constabulary, Judicial District, Beterverwagting) Source: Police - Rural Constabulary - Died - The Daily Chronicle, Georgetown, British Guiana. Thursday, March 29, 1894:page 1.
SANCHO: - Goedverwag…

letters of Lammy T. Sancho

This is part of the sense of gratitude I feel for a number of relatives. Thus this effort is dedicated to the lives and in loving memory of my most beloved ancestor, Muriel Eleese Burchelline Sancho (1914-1990), the daughter of Alexander Gustavus Sancho (1873-1945), the son of Lambert Tuckness Sancho (1849-1924), my brother Colin Patrick Ross (1954-1981), Aunt Elsa Sancho (1908-1966), Uncle Oswald Sancho (1922-1984), and my beloved Cousins Gwendolyn Ralph (1912-2008), and Brenda Abrams (1941-2008), the daughters of Emma Francina Ralph (1880-1918) and Eileen Esme Abrams (1899 -1966), the daughters of Lambert Tuckness Sancho (1849-1924), Bouya Sharper(1915-1977), and Sheila Sharper(1925-1977), son and daughter of Edith Sancho (1890-1952), the daughter of Lambert Tuckness Sancho (1849-1924).

These two letters written by Lambert Tuckness Sancho (1849-1924) afford me and other relatives the opportunity to glimpse at his thought process, academic abilities, intellect, ideology and his a…

Margaret Sancho - Drowned

On Saturday afternoon last, (July 20, 1895) Mr. C. B. Kryenhoff, J.P., and a jury, sat at the vigilance Court House, and enquired into the death of the infant Margaret Sancho, who was drowned at Friendship, on Thursday last (July 18, 1895). Sarah Pieters, mother of the child, on being examined said: I knew Margaret Sancho; she was my child. I left her in my room with her little brother and went to the shop to buy food. This was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. On returning from the shop I saw her in the trench. She was not dead. I took her out and put her on the dam alongside the trench. She died on the dam. I then carried the body into the yard, and reported the matter to the police. Dr. Egan examined the body on the 19th. My house was about 18 roods from the shop, and one and a half roods from the trench into which the child fell. There is a plant across the trench about one foot wide. The two children were shut up in the room before I went out. When I returned, I …