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Origins of Sancho of Trinidad

Monday, June 03, 2013 Origins of Sancho of Trinidad What are the origins of Sancho of Trinidad?
The agenda is to decipher the links of Sancho people of Guyana, Trinidad and Saint Vincent. I am trying to locate and communicate with Sancho of Trinidad. The need is to identify the descendants of John Sancho, Charles Sancho, Mary (Sancho) Sandy, Emma Sancho and Tuckness Sancho of East Coast Demerara, Guyana (formerly British Guiana).Thereby, begin the process of ascertaining their story of their Sancho legacy. The agenda is also about reuniting the members of the kinship of Sancho beyond political borders as per their proverbial family tree. 
I need to learn who the Sancho people of Trinidad and Saint Vincent really are. Is it possible Sancho of Saint Vincent are relatives of Sancho of Guyana? Is it possible, Mary Sancho of New Adelphi, Donald Cambridge, Henrietta Sancho and Lydia Sancho of Layou, and Luburd Sancho are relatives of Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho? Is it possible Sancho Ly…