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Origins of Sancho of Trinidad

Monday, June 03, 2013
Origins of Sancho of Trinidad
What are the origins of Sancho of Trinidad?
The agenda is to decipher the links of Sancho people of Guyana, Trinidad and Saint Vincent. I am trying to locate and communicate with Sancho of Trinidad. The need is to identify the descendants of John Sancho, Charles Sancho, Mary (Sancho) Sandy, Emma Sancho and Tuckness Sancho of East Coast Demerara, Guyana (formerly British Guiana).  Thereby, begin the process of ascertaining their story of their Sancho legacy. The agenda is also about reuniting the members of the kinship of Sancho beyond political borders as per their proverbial family tree. 
I need to learn who the Sancho people of Trinidad and Saint Vincent really are. Is it possible Sancho of Saint Vincent are relatives of Sancho of Guyana? Is it possible, Mary Sancho of New Adelphi, Donald Cambridge, Henrietta Sancho and Lydia Sancho of Layou, and Luburd Sancho are relatives of Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho? Is it possible Sancho Lyttle is a member of the kinship of Sancho of Saint Vincent? Is it possible Meilin Sancho of Trinidad and Tobago, legendary Carnival Parade official in London, United Kingdom knows the lineages, heritage of Sancho of Saint Vincent? He is a regular participant in the carnivals in London and Nottingham. I need to link with Meilin Sancho soonest. Meilin Sancho happens to be the brother of Keith Sancho, a technocrat in public service in Trinidad and Tobago.
I believe Sancho of Guyana and Sancho of St. Vincent migrated to the southern regions of Trinidad. There Sancho the immigrants raised generations of Sancho. A number of years ago, Keith Sancho, the father of Brent Sancho, told me, his Sancho ancestors were resident in St. Vincent. I am pretty sure Keith Sancho stated Liburd Sancho is his most ancient known ancestor. Keith Sancho pointed out, his brother, Meilin Sancho resident in the United Kingdom, is the principal historian of his Sancho family group. At this late date, I have not been able to make contact with Meilin Sancho. 

 These include; the relatives of Sancho of Trinidad; WILLIAMS, BATISTE, DELWIN, BRERETON, DAVID, TRUESDALE, GAY, MAGARESH, VALENTINE, CASTLE and LYONS from Point Fortin. Their related families are MARCANO, WESTON, INNOCENCE, BRERETON and FYFIE.
Forward to all Trinidadians, especially, those from the southern Trinidadian communities including the following; La Brea, Princes town, Point Fortin, Ortoire/Mayaro, Belmont, Port of Spain, Cocoyea, San Fernando, Fifth Company Village, Mourga, Pionte-a-Pierre, Claxton Bay, Gasparillo, Rio Claro and Union Village.
Please take a look at the following names and enlighten me with your understanding of them and their relationship to you and possibly to Sancho of Guyana; John Baptiste Sancho (died on February 17, 1920); Rupert Sancho(died on November 3, 1924); Elizabeth Sancho(died on November 30, 1928); James T. Sancho (New Grant, ca. 1941); Jamelia Sancho, Clerical Assistant, North West Regional Health Authority; Meilin Sancho, Band Leader and Designer, Elimu Carnival Club (United Kingdom); Keith Sancho, Zinette Sancho, Kareem Sancho, Brent Sancho (Trinidad Soccer Player), Belmont, Port of Spain; Cyril Sancho;(Bridge player), E. Gerald Sancho, Sharon Sancho and J. Sancho; (Port of Spain), Glenn Sancho;(Cascade), Janet Sancho; (Cocoyea Village), Peter Sancho; (San Juan), and Ralph Sancho; Dr. Jennifer Sancho (Maraval); Marsha Sancho, Plus Gardens, Cocoyea, San Fernando; Hartly Sancho, Driver - Pl. Trk. Tr. Comb Distribution North, Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission prior to March 31, 2003; Jade Sancho, Jean Sancho, Philip Sancho, Assistant General Secretary, of Steel Workers Union of Trinidad and Tobago, Jade Sancho, Joycelyn Sancho, Teacher, The Cap-De-Ville Government Primary School, and Sade Sancho, Gasparillo, and San Fernando, Anthony Sancho, Carolyn Sancho, Ian Sancho, Graham Sancho, Toni Sancho, And Mrs.. Julia Alexander-Sancho, Sheridan Sancho, Angelene Bissessar-Sancho, Nicholas Sancho (Lengua Village and New York City), English Sancho, Sumintra Sancho of Union Village, Claxton Bay, Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad, Bharat Gangasingh (a.k.a. Masala or Sancho) of Mile End Road , Rio Claro, Jeanel Young-Davis, teachers, The Cap-De-Ville Government Primary School, (Point Fortin, Trinidad), Faye Ann Lyons, Blue Boy, Sparrow, Sophia Young and other members of the kinship of Campbell, Sancho, and Younge (Young).
Can you point me to the folks mentioned above and/or their relatives? Whom must I consult?
Philmore Sancho, Phillip Sancho, Sade Sancho, Simon Sancho, John Sancho, Mary Elizabeth Sancho, Ann Sancho, Lindsey Sancho, Grace Sancho, Sarah Williams, Popsi Williams, Leonard Williams, Dora Williams, and Hilton Williams, Jean Williams Delwin, Gail Brereton, Deanne Delwin, Danny Delwin, Terry Delwin, Donna Delwin, Denise Delwin, and Carleene Delwin, Eunice Williams (a.k.a. Len), Beresford Gay, Winston Castle, E. Gerald Sancho, Grace Sancho, Julia Sancho, Kareene Sancho, Vincente Sancho, Glenn Sancho, J. Sancho, Janet Sancho, Zinette Sancho, Peter Sancho, Ralph Sancho, Sharon Sancho, Brent Sancho, Keith Sancho, and Cyril Sancho.
Is Philmore Sancho a descendant of John Sancho? What are the names of the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, the brother and four sisters, and other relatives of Philmore Sancho? What are the name, the address and telephone number of the sister of Philmore Sancho who is resident in the USA?
Anyone who is familiar with James T. Sancho and Pargas-Singh Williams of New Grant and/or his relatives and/or his relationship to Pargas-Singh Williams? Limited data on James T. Sancho and Estate of Pargas- Singh Williams is found on page 276 of The West Indies Year Book, Volume 1941….Saint Lucas and Good Hope also appear next to their names…. Please contact me, soonest…
A number of Sancho of Trinidad and Tobago listed below are East Indians and Chinese;
CHAGUANAS: - Alpha Maria Sancho, Anastaziar Sancho, Monica Sancho, Philip Allen Sancho,
COUVA: - Bevon Esan Sancho, Apollinaris Alvin Sancho, Trudy Sancho

DIEGO MARTIN:- Cyril Sancho Francisco, Debra Ann Sancho, Gerald Eugene Sancho, Graham Eugene Sancho, Ian Sancho, Patricia Ann Sancho, Jennifer M Sancho
TABAQUITE/TALPARO: - Julia Alexander-Sancho, Kemba Nakesha Sancho, Sade Nakita Sancho, Simon Sancho, Afiya Titi Sancho, Marvin Emmanuel Akinni Sancho, Triciamarie R Sancho-Persad, John Worrel Sancho
LAVENTILLE: - Mary Lucia Paul-Sancho, Dexter Sheldon Giles Sancho, Jamelia Janelle Sancho, Kareem Kevin Sancho, Shurland Roland Sancho, Zinette Eileen Sancho-O'Neil, Pauline Carla Sancho, Salem Jade Sancho, Alexis Ann Sancho, Glenn Rupert Sancho, Helen Elizabeth Sancho 
SIPARIA: - Damian Dean Sebastain Sancho, Joycelyn Sancho, Lester Wallace Sancho, Samantha Marina Sancho,
PORT OF SPAIN:- Christine Lystra Sancho, Ingrid Sancho, Sharon Allison Sancho, Shakreem Isaiah Sancho, Robin Arlington Sancho, Sancho, Harthly Sancho, Anthony Sancho, Sancho Martin Delpino
SANGRE GRANDE:- Sancho Perries Mitchell
SAN JUAN:- Peter Raymond Sancho
TUNAPUNA:- Pearl Althea Mc Nish-Sancho
SAN FERNANDO:- Janet Sancho-Davis, Clyde Sancho, Joyce Sancho, Clifford Sancho, Marsha Wendy Sancho, Ritchard Barron Sancho 
PRINCES TOWN: - Judy Bakhorie-Sancho
GRENADA: Pepe Sancho
BARBADOS Hoolio Sancho, Lisa Sancho and Morlyne Sancho

Will you please point me to them and them to me – soonest?  Sancho of Guyana is also interested in linking with Sancho of St. Vincent and elsewhere in the Caribbean basin and Sierra Leone, Liberia and the United Kingdom.
The Chinese in the West Indies: A Documentary History, 1806-1995 pages 239, 240,and 262 Alleyne and Sancho


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