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Brick Walls

Daniel Victor Jacobs (School Master), Rebecca Jacobs Harry, Elvie Jacobs, Mrs. Harmon, Christopher Harmon (Police Officer), Abel Augustus Bristol (Schoolmaster), Charles Clarence Bristol (School Master), Trenton Jacob Hitchins Bristol (Chemists & Druggist, Sick Nurse ; Dispenser),Charles Edward Pilgrim (Station Master), Frances Amelia Jupiter (Nurse Jupiter), Eleazer Jupiter, Charles Edward Jupiter (Dentist, Maryland, USA), Florence Jupiter (Nabaclis). Eva Pilgrim, Mrs. Herman Ross (and her husband owner of Gas Station Kitty Village, East Coast Demerara), William Henry Pilgrim (School Master) Cyril Hercules, Joshua Layne, Francis Percival Loncke (Schoolmaster), Aaron Victor Lawrence (Schoolmaster) Henry C. Lawrence (Sexton, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Cove & John), Brucie Ambrosine Moore (Nurse-Midwife, Enmore), Theophilus Augustus Luke (Local Wesleyan Preacher, Victoria Village), Emerson Simon (Police Officer), Nelly Beaton, Frederick Simon, Henry Collins, Sonny Richmond, Nelly Mackie, Irene Graham, Mrs. Seymour, Mary Chichester (Nurse-Midwife, Mahaicony), Fred Gordon (Leper Asylum, Mahaica) Isabelle Gordon, Dr. Darryl Gordon (Massachusetts), Thomas Parkinson, Janet Parkinson, Marie Louisa Parkinson, William Whyte, Isabelle Ogle, Barbara Small (Trinidad & Tobago), Lucille Saul, O'Donald Cole (County Sergeant Major, British Guiana Police Force), Thomas Eldad Archer (Chemist & Druggist, Sick Nurse & Dispenser), Alfred A. Charles (Educator), Rebecca Lammy (wife of Stanley Albert Truman, Schoolmaster) Cecil Hughes, Lucille Hughes, Herbert Hughes, Joe Hughes, Caroline Hughes, Megan Hughes, Catherine Archer Cole, Boadicea Adina Archer, Phyllis Beatrice Archer-Kendall, Ivy Nelbertha Archer-Loncke, Renee Graham, James Nathaniel Smith (Buxton), Duncan Smith, and Joseph Yaw (Lusignan), James Alexander Smith, John Yaw, Edmund Josephus Paul, Edward Paul, Samuel Paul (Friendship), and James Paul (circa 1924), Robert Henry Kissoon, Chemist and Druggist, SickNurse and dispenser, Plantation La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara, Certificate of Examination, January 8, 1921.Source: Chemists and Druggists on December 31, 1938 - The Daily Argosy February 3, 1939: page 2.
Stella Althea Luke (May 17, 1955); Mary Chichester; Frances Jupiter; Brucie Ambrosine Moore; Irma Rachael Abrams; Mildred Cox-Younge; Marie Eugenie Kissoon, Verna Rebecca Pilgrim, Joyce Elaine Mercurius, Winifred Elaine Mercurius (416 McDoom Village, East Bank Demerara); Eileen Mercurius (39 Princes Street, Lodge) Source: General Nursing Council of British Guiana - Official Gazette of British Guiana - #188; February 18, 1961: page 216.
Haynes No # 1 Road Corentyne, Robert Haynes, Annie Haynes, James Cort and Yvonne Haynes, Doreen Benjamin, Charles Downer, Lennox Sancho, David Sancho, Watkins, Gladstone McPherson
AIMS and AGENDA - If you are aware of a member of the kinship of Sancho – please feel free to contact and communicate the necessary information to me, immediately. If you and/or when you are made aware of the name Sancho – please enlighten me, immediately. This investigative approach is geared to communicate with the members of kinships of Sancho, and thereby identify the descendants and relatives of Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho, Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho and George Sancho, as accurately as humanly possible. This investigation of the members of the kinship of Sancho and are dedicated with the express purpose;

  1. To facilitate a forum whereby the children of Sancho, their friends, associates and acquaintances, can articulate, and communicate on the subject of Sancho.
  2. To obtain scientific evidence, connecting Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho, Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho and George Sancho and their descendants to 'the extra ordinary talented and self educated', literary 18th century London, Black man of letters and arts, Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780), and other groups of Sancho, whoever they are and wherever they are.
  3. To investigate all avenues, and all sources, to locate, to research and to document, all information and the sources of information, to connect, all the members of the kinships of Sancho, primarily the descendants and relatives of Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho.
  4. To honor and to promote, the lives and the works, their contributions to society, of all the members of the kinship of Sancho, their friends and associates, preferably while the deserving are alive.
  5. To foster meaningful relationships with groups, intellectuals, individuals, institutions, media and academic communities, across and beyond all boundaries, with vested interest in the kinship of Sancho, bearing in mind, the opinions and the interests of the descendants of Sancho.

Documented Account of Sancho Family
There are several versions of surviving information. It is documented, in 1817; Tuckness Sancho and Bentick Sancho were enslaved at Plantation Enmore and Plantation Paradise in the colony of Demerara.  Tuckness Sancho, Bentick Sancho and Timermany were Joint-Proprietors at Plantation Friendship. Bentick Sancho resided at Plantation Paradise, on the East Sea Coast of Demerara. Apparently, Tuckness Sancho resided at Plantation Friendship, on the East Sea Coast of Demerara... It is also said Bentick Sancho twice legalized martial relationships. Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho are numbered amongst the persons who purchased the plantations Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Belfield. However, it is known, Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho purchased five and three shares respectively of the 50 shares, which were attributed to plantation Golden Grove that was purchased on January 5, 1848. The transport was made available dated on May 5, 1848. It is also said the first person buried at the cemetery at golden grove in 1849 is a member of the kinship of Sancho. The identity of that person is perhaps, Mary Sancho, the wife of Bentick Sancho. George Sancho (George Sanco) is listed amongst 128 individuals who purchased Plantation New Orange Nassau in April 1840. Plantation New Orange Nassau would later become known as Buxton Village. An atmosphere, of women related problems, led John Sancho to abandon British Guiana. It is understood, John Sancho made it to five-company village, Moruga, in Trinidad and there, lived a settled life. The opinion is members of the kinship of Sancho connected to the communities in southern Trinidad and possibly Grenada, are likely amongst the descendants of John Sancho’s male Sancho, perhaps Dat Sancho, left Demerara. It is accepted he resided in the Canje River Valley, and/or on the Corentyne Coast, in the county of Berbice. The opinion is the members of the kinship of Sancho of Berbice and Surinam are also descendants of Sancho. A number of the members of the kinships of ABRAMS, BATSON, BENJAMIN, BEST, BOATSWAIN, CAMPBELL, CHRISTIAN, CORT, CRANDON, DAVIS, DOWNER, FINGAL, FRASER, FRESO, GEORGE, HAYNES, HAZEL, HOMER, KING, LA FLEUR, LANCASTER, LEITCH, MARKS, MOORE, NILES, NURSE, PATTERSON, QUINTIN, REYNOLDS, ROSS, SANCHO, SMITH, WILLIAMS, WILSON and YOUNG - and several others of the Corentyne Coast, the Canje River Basin, New Amsterdam, West Coast Berbice, and other locations in Berbice are numbered Amongst the descendants of Sancho. There is no concrete evidence. It is not known whether the people of Sancho are originally members of the people of the Mende, Yoruba, Akan, and/or which group of African people they are numbered amongst before their experiences in the Americas. Also, it is not know whether our ancestors resided in Madagascar, the Congo, Yoruba land, the Gold Coast, Senegal in the opening decades of the fifteenth century, just before the Atlantic slavery. It is also not known whether Sancho of Guyana are relatives of Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780) QUESTIONS: Where on the Western Coast of Africa did the people of Sancho reside before they were oppressed during the days of slavery? What are the vital statistics of Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho, Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, George Sancho, Dat Sancho, Adelaide Sancho and others? What are the names of the ancestors, siblings and the descendants and other relatives of Bentick Sancho? What are the names of the ancestors, siblings and the descendants and other relatives of Mary Sancho, the wife of Bentick Sancho? What is the maiden name of Mrs. Bentick Sancho? I believe Mary Sumner is her name and she is a member of the kinship of Sumner of Golden Grove and Nabaclis? What is the relationship of Pollidore Bentick to Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho? What are the names of the members of the kinship of Sancho whose remains are entombed in the Vault in the Sancho plot in the cemetery at Golden Grove on the East Coast of Demerara? Who is Sancho the obeah man mentioned in the publication written by Dance? Is he simply someone referred to as Sancho or is he a member of the kinship of Sancho? Are the members of the kinships of Sancho of United Kingdom in the eighteenth century, St. Vincent, Guadeloupe, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cape Verde, southern USA and elsewhere relatives of Sancho of Guyana?

BRICK WALLS: Who are the ancestors, siblings and the descendants of the following?
1. BENJAMIN SANCHO :- The family and the descendants of Benjamin Sancho (the one-handed mason), and his wife; Susan Angelina Sancho, daughter of David Young, sister of J. D. Young and niece of Josephine P. Young including the following; Bernard Sancho (perhaps known as Bernard Timmerman [Antigua]), and June Sancho (perhaps known as June Timmerman). It is said of this female Sancho, she is mentally challenged. She is institutionalized at the Mental Hospital, at Fort Saint Andries, Canje, Berbice. Clarice Angelina Sancho (Teacher, Better Hope Canadian Mission School), Dorothy "Dot" Sancho (Teacher, Buxton Congregational Mission School), Harold Sancho, Hector George Sancho (Ituni), Lynda Sancho (Buxton); Ruth Sancho Lewis (United Kingdom), and Walter Sancho.
2. ISABELLE GORDON: - Isabelle Gordon and her children; Darryl Gordon and Fred Gordon, Darryl Gordon migrated to Massachusetts. He qualified as Medical Doctor. Darryl Gordon is known to have a son and a daughter. Darryl Gordon, son of Darryl Gordon became a Medical Doctor in Massachusetts. Fred Gordon resided at Lodge, perhaps at Hadfield Street. He was employed at the Leper Asylum at Mahaica, on the East Coast of Demerara. Isabelle Sancho is likely the maiden name of Isabelle Gordon. Who are the parents, grandparents, and siblings of Isabelle Gordon?
3. CLAUDIUS SANCHO, CURTWRIGHT SANCHO and SHERWIN SANCHO. What are the names of the parents, grandparents, great grand parents, siblings and descendants of Claudius Sancho, Curtwright Sancho and Sherwin Sancho? It is said George Downer and Daisy Christian are the parents of Claudius Sancho, Curtwright Sancho and Sherwin Sancho. George Downer was known as either Papa Downer or Papa Sancho or both. Claudius Sancho died about 1953. Claudius Sancho married Elaine Sancho. Claudius Sancho and Elaine Sancho had seven children. The descendants of Claudius Sancho, Curtwright Sancho and Sherwin Sancho are the following; Onika Lancaster, Ray Lancaster, Yonnette Lancaster, George Leitch, Patrick Leitch, Lesa Nurse, Agatha Sancho, Atisha Sancho, Claude Sancho, Claudette Sancho, Claudia Sancho, Claudine Sancho, Claudius Sancho, Colin Sancho, Compton Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Delon Sancho, Denzel Sancho, Devon Sancho, Donald Sancho, Doretta Sancho, Elfreda Sancho, Evelyn Sancho, Floretta Sancho, George Sancho, George Sancho, Horace Sancho, Joyce Sancho, Joyline Sancho, June Sancho, Kim Sancho, Lennox Sancho, Leron Sancho, Lorna Hazel Sancho, Lucy Sancho, Marcella Sancho, Mark Anthony Sancho, Mayleen Sancho, Medley Sancho, Minerva Sancho, Mortlan Sancho, Moses Sancho, Myrtle Sancho, Natalie Sancho, Neville Sancho , Neville Sancho, Pamela Sancho, Pauline Sancho, Raphael Sancho, Rhon Sancho, Rhonda Sancho, Roderick Sancho, Rosemount Sancho, Samantha Sancho, Shawn Sancho, Simone Sancho, Sydney Sancho, Thomas Sancho, Tracyann Sancho, Travis Sancho, Tresha Sancho, Trinette Sancho, Troy Sancho, Vibert Sancho, Voldina Sancho, Wendy Sancho, and Yvette Sancho.
4. DERRICK SANCHO: - Derrick Sancho was married to M’s Ada Towler. She was formerly Miss Ada Henry of #5 Village, West Coast Berbice. Derrick Sancho and Ada Towler resided at Rosignol Village, West Bank Berbice. Derrick Sancho died about 2004. Derrick Sancho was about 72 years old. Ada Towler has relatives residing in Albany, New York. What are the names of the children, siblings, parents, grandparents, descendants and other relatives of Derrick Sancho?
Haile Sancho had four three daughters and a son. George Sancho had two daughters and a son. Sarah Sancho had two daughters and a son. Beatrice Sancho had one child. Marjorie Sancho had seven children. Thelma Lewis has four children.  Augustus Pellew of Ann’s Grove married the daughter of Haile Sancho.  How does  Ezekiel Augustus Pellew relate to the children of Sarah Sancho? Ezekiel Augustus Pellew is  the founder of British Guiana RatePayers Association in 1912
How does Haile Sancho related to Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho? That is this Sancho primary focus. How does Haile Sancho related to the following;  Daroo Sancho, Neighbor Sancho, Caroline Sancho,  A. Sancho, Mayor Sancho, Sancho Benjamin, Sancho Primo, William Frederick Sancho (Plantation Rose Hall, Canje, 1886),  Andrew Sancho (Berbice),  Dot Sancho and Sarah Sancho of Fyrish, Smart Sancho, and Georgie Downer/George Sancho, Timothy Sancho, William Sancho, Mrs. Rebecca Sancho (Courtland, Corentyne), James Sancho ( No# 70 Village, Corentyne), Mrs. S. Sancho (Corentyne); Huburn Sancho (Fyrish/Canada); Frederick Sancho (Adelphi Village, East Canje) Jemmy Sancho, (Speculation Canje, 1863) Travis Anderia Sancho (Mount Sinai West Canje Berbice); Aubrey Sancho, Brenda Sancho, Cecil Sancho, Ella Sancho, Joy A. Sancho, Marcella Mavis Sancho, Olga Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Stella Sancho, Syvilene Sancho, Ayeola Sancho, Lorna Patricia Sancho, Travis Sancho, Tresha Rose-Marie Sancho, Trinette Rolanda Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Calvin Lloyd Sancho, Stella Sancho, Ian Maxwell Sancho, Roxanne Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Nicola Sancho, Volda Veronica Sancho, Kim A Sancho, Teon Wolford Rudolph Sancho, Wolford L. Sancho, Tito Anthony Sancho, Leron Abidago Sancho (New Amsterdam, Berbice);Nigel Anthony Sancho (Ordinance Fortlands, Canje); Andy Sancho, Patricia Sancho (Sheet Anchor, East Canje); Claudius "Claude" Sancho; George Leitch, Patrick Leitch, Hazel Sancho, Rosie Sancho, Bernard Sancho (Antigua); Claudius Sancho, Claudia Sancho, Claude Sancho, George Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Horace "Courteen" Sancho, Evelyn Sancho, Mark Anthony Sancho, Claudette P. Sancho, Joyce L. Sancho (No. 2 Village, East Canje); Myrtle Albertha Sancho (Adelphi Village, East Canje); Thomas Sancho (No.1 Road, Corentyne); Sancho Abel Ebenezer Benjamin (Fyrish Village, Corentyne); Brenda J Sancho, Pixie Ann Alexis Sancho, Elizabeth Sancho, Leuanne Amanda Sancho, Minerva Matilda Sancho, Godfrey N Sancho (Port Mourant); Claudius Fitz Herbert Sancho (Auchlyne); Milton Raymond Sancho, Parbatie Sancho (No.78 Village, Spring Lands)
What are the legal names of Daroo Sancho, and Neighbor Sancho?   I am also told Pearl Munroe is a member of the kinship of Sancho.  And I will leave that right there.

The following accounts are taken from the Daily Chronicle, 1881-1897.
Mrs. S. SANCHO - Corentyne, Berbice - Suriname Source: Post Office Notice - Unclaimed Postal Matter -the Daily Chronicle, Thursday, August 23, 1894: page 1 Column 3
MARS SANCHO - An Unfortunate Family - James Rodney, son, Elvira Rodney, mother, Alice Rodney, daughter, Eugenie Fredericks, friend, Anthony Rodney, son, Sissy Rodney, daughter, Mars Sancho and A. Pillew, friends, were all charged by Charles Simon Phillips with having, on Sunday, the 21st ult., assaulted him at Nabaclis. His Worship considered the charge was fully established against first, second and third defendants. They were fined $20, or 2 months each. Fifth defendant was ordered to receive 12 strokes with tamarind rods; seventh defendant was fined $5, or 14 days; fourth, sixth and eight were discharged. Source: Police News - Belfield - (Before Mr. J. T. Thorne.) - The Daily Chronicle Friday, July 10, 1891: page 4 column 3 and 4.
MARS SANCHO - Wednesday Unlawful Assembly - Nevil Taylor, Mars Sancho, Piggey Sampson, Mamzel Sampson, Robt. Portsmouth, and Dada Sancho, was charged by J. M. Griffiths, sergeant, with assembly on the 22nd ult., at Golden Grove for some unlawful purpose. They were each ordered to sign a bond of $5 and one surety $5 each for 3 months, in default 1 month's imprisonment.
MARS SANCHO - Threatening Language - Nevil Taylor, and Mars Sancho, was charged by P.C. Glen with having, on the 25th ult., at Golden Grove used threatening language to Robert. Portsmouth. Ordered to sign bond for $5, and 1 surety for $5 for 3 months, in default, 1 month's imprisonment each. Source: Police News - Belfield - (Before Mr. J. T. Thorne, S.J.P.) The Daily Chronicle Sunday, May 5, 1895: page 4 column 6.
MARS SANCHO -April 5, 1889: page 4.
SMART SANCHO (Courtland, Corentyne) - Albion Pound. Source: Pound Notice – Albion Pound –the Daily Chronicle, Tuesday, December 18, 1888: page 1 Column 4.
SMART SANCHO - Albion Pound. Source: Pound Notices – Albion Pound –the Daily Chronicle, Friday, December 21, 1888: page 1 Column 1.
SMART SANCHO - Albion Pound. Source: Pound Notice – Albion Pound – The Daily Chronicle, Thursday, December 27, 1888: page 1 Column 3.
6. FREDERICK SANCHO (Adelphi Village, East Canje)
7. SMART SANCHO, DOT SANCHO and SARAH SANCHO of Fyrish Village, Corentyne Coast, Berbice. It is said an ancestor of Dot Sancho relocated from Golden Grove on the East Coast of Demerara to Fyrish and/or Rose Hall Village on the Corentyne Coast. Dot Sancho is grandmother of SELLY BOATSWAIN, EDDIE NILES, MAUDE NILES (Mrs. BOSTON) and CLEMENTINA NILES. Clementina Niles is also known as Clementina Haynes. Clementina Haynes is a sister of Eddie Niles and Maude Niles (Mrs. Boston) and perhaps, Selly Boatswain. Clementina Niles is closely related to Sancho of Sandvoort, and other locations in the Canje River Basin and on the Corentyne Coast. A female ancestor of Clementina Niles, perhaps, the grandmother and/or mother is an East Indian. ALLAN DOWNER is a son of Victor Downer and Clementina Haynes. The immediate relatives of Victor Downer resided on the West Coast of Berbice. Eddie Niles is the father of JAMES NILES, MARK NILES, MADGE NILES (also known as Auntie Niles) and SHEILA NILES is also members of the kinship of Sancho. Madge Niles and Sheila Niles are resident in New Jersey. Eddie Niles was a policeman. JAMES NILES, LANCE NILES, SHEILA NILES, and SHERLOCK NILES are children and/or immediate relatives of Eddie Niles. Selly Boatswain is a brother of Eddie Niles. JOSEPH OSCAR FITZ CLARENCE HAYNES, SONNOND RUDOLPH BOATSWAIN and ESTHER PATTERSON are relatives of Clementina Haynes.
NILES: - Frances Niles also known as Frances Downer is a daughter of Clementina Niles also known as Clementina Haynes and Clementina Downer. She is a sister of Eddie Niles and Babsin Niles (Maude Niles, also known as Aunt Baby, and Mrs. Boston). Eddie Niles, Inspector, Guyana Police Force, West Demerara, is the father of James Niles, Sherlock Niles, and Sheila Niles. Eddie Niles is said to be a brother or Cousin of Selly Boatswain. Lance Niles, Sears.
8. BOATSWAIN :-Selly Boatswain, Arnold Boatswain, Roy Boatswain, Carpenter Boatswain died at Rose Hall, Estate, Kenny Boatswain, Terrence Boatswain (Canada), Richard Boatswain (Cumberland, Canje) is a brother of Sonnond Rudolph Boatswain (Canada). Sonnond Rudolph Boatswain is the father of Sandra Boatswain, Glen Boatswain, and Gem Boatswain. Sonnond Rudolph Boatswain was a dentist in Canje.

Jacky Boatswain father of Stella grant, head mistress, Education department,

British Guiana. Also the mother of Jacob S. Ralph is a Miss Boatswain.

9. "NEIGHBOR" SANCHO, the father of PATRICK SANCHO. Patrick Sancho was known as Killa. He was a stray catcher on the lower Corentyne Coast.

10. OLGA SANCHO of Sandvoort Village, West Canje, Berbice. Olga Sancho is the mother of Woolford Sancho. Woolford Sancho is a Grocer at the Market in New Amsterdam in the county of Berbice.

11. FRASER, BATSON, and HAZEL: - Joseph Batson and a Miss Fraser were married. It is believed Miss Fraser (later Mrs. Joseph Batson) is a descendant of Sancho. Thus, the descendants of Joseph Batson are members of the kinship of Fraser and Sancho. An ancestor of John Batson is a member of the kinship of Sancho. Members of the kinship of Victor are descended from the sister of the grandfather of Vernon Batson. Members of the kinship of Felix are descended from the sister of the grandfather of John Batson. George Batson is an ancestor of Ancel Hazel, Rudolph Hazel and their sister. The children of Joseph Batson and his wife, the former Miss Fraser are; Kate Batson, Grace Batson, Maude Batson, John Batson, Prince Batson, and George Batson. Kate Batson married Mr. George. Maude Batson married Thomas Chester. Harold Batson is a descendant of a brother of John Batson. BATSON: - John Batson and Duncan Fraser are First Cousins. HAZEL: - Winston Hazel is the son of Adina Fraser - Adina Fraser is older than Glendora Batson - Glendora Batson is mother of Ancel Hazel. FRASER:-OLIVE FRASER- IVY FRASER -GODFREY FRASER - REUBEN FRASER - THELMA FRASER - MISS FRASER (MRS. JOSEPH BATSON) is the grandmother of VERNON BATSON. She is an aunt of DUNCAN FRASER and ADINA FRASER. Adina Fraser and Duncan Fraser are siblings. WINSTON HAZEL is a son of Adina Fraser and the nephew of Duncan Fraser.

12. CAMPBELL of Cane Field, Canje, Guyana, and the Eastern Caribbean. Missley Campbell of Cane Field, Canje; Robert Campbell, Mary Jane Campbell, Robert Theophilus Campbell, Firebrace, Hopetown. Source: Official Gazette of British Guiana April 1927: Pages 1121-1128.

13. CRANDON of Corentyne [particularly of Nos 0 and 1, Courtland, Gibraltar and Fyrish]:- Lethan Crandon, East Orange, New Jersey, Died Last December 2009; Ulric Crandon, Canada 14. DAVIS of Canje,

15. DOWNER of Cumberland, Canefield, Gibraltar, Nos 0 and 1, Courtland, Gibraltar, Fyrish, New Amsterdam, and #8 village, West Coast Berbice:-JEAN DOWNER, GEORGE DOWNER, DAISY (CHRISTIAN) DOWNER, ALLAN DOWNER, FRANCES DOWNER, NEIBERT DOWNER-ARCHER, JAMES DOWNER, ALPHIN DOWNER (Union, # 30 Village, West Coast Berbice); ALEXANDER DOWNER and GEORGE DOWNER (Lichfield Village, West Coast Berbice); JOHN DOWNER (New Amsterdam) . Source: the Official Gazette of British Guiana - May 22, 1926: Page 1478.ESTELLE DOWNER, eleven years old, Saint Magdalen Street, New Amsterdam - Friday, February 28, 1958.JOHN DOWNER: New Amsterdam, Berbice. JOSEPH EBENEZER DOWNER, 21 Saint Magdalene Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice HENRIETTA DOWNER, HENRY YOUNG, ROBERT ELIJAH YOUNG, (Lichfield, 1927). Source: Official Gazette of British Guiana May 21, 1927: Pages 1337-1338.

16. HOMER of Cumberland: - Yvonne (Homer) Cummings of Wapping Lane, New Amsterdam, Berbice. Overseer Homer, Godfather of Winston Hazel, Sammy Homer, Cumberland, Canje, Berbice, Guyana.

17. KING:-Elroy King (California, USA) -Vilma King -Richard Nathaniel King. KING - On Saturday, December 4, 1948 at the Public Hospital New Amsterdam, Berbice, to IVY (nee FRASER), wife of RAYMOND BOATSWAIN (on the SS Basra), the gift of a son - RICHARD NATHANIEL . . . SOURCE: Births - Sunday Chronicle, December 4, 1948: page 6.

18. LA FLEUR: - Vernon La Fleur, Toronto, Formerly Minister of Religion, St. Patrick Anglican Church, Rose Hall, Canje, Berbice, Guyana. Sammy La Fleur, Gloria La Fleur.

19. PATTERSON of Goed Bananen Land, East Canje, Berbice:- PATTERSON – on February 9, 1931 at her son’s residence, Sheet Anchor, Nelly Christina, relict of James and mother of Prince Josephus, Headmaster, Bartica E. School, Harriet Rebecca, Assistant Teacher Sheet Anchor E. School, and Cecil Orpheaus, Headmaster, Sheet Anchor E. School – aged 67 years. Thy will be done...Source: The Daily Chronicle, Georgetown, British Guiana – Wednesday, February 11, 1931: page 4.

Esther Patterson, Judy P. Patterson, Yvonne V. Patterson, Christina Latisha Patterson, Orlando Allister Patterson, Randal Charlton Patterson, Richard Egerton Patterson, Pamela Patterson (Betsy Ground); Linden Asquith Patterson (Gibraltar Village Corentyne Berbice), Esther P. Patterson and Leyton R. Patterson (Hampshire Street, Courtland), Josephine Hermina A. Patterson and Maurice H. Patterson (Victoria Street, Cumberland, Berbice). TRELLIS:- Clive Trellis - Charlie Patterson, Pam Patterson, Yvonne Patterson, Esther Patterson, Richard Patterson, Floyd Patterson, Judy Patterson, and a brother also a Patterson of Goed Bananen Land, East Canje, Berbice.

20. SANCHO of Guyana, and the Eastern Caribbean: - George Sancho, the father of George Sancho came from Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara. Dat Sancho is the grandfather of Clemmy Niles (Clementina Haynes), Maude Niles (Aunt Baby, Mrs. Boston, Linden, Demerara river), Eddie Niles, (Inspector, Guyana Police Force), and Selly Boatswain. Dat Sancho came from Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara. Also, the identity of Sancho who resided at #2 village, Canje. He was a rural constable. He was also a stray-catcher. He impounded animals at various police pounds on the Corentyne coast. He was tall, and black (dark skinned). He was a dougla. By that I mean he was of African and East Indian heritage.

21. TELFORD: - Carlton Telford - Edith Telford

22. THERESA SANCHO and ROBERTA SANCHO (sisters) Buxton - Friendship Village District

23. BARNWELL:-Station Master Caryl Wyndham Barnwell, his wife, Elevinia [nee Elias] Barnwell and his children; Stanley Barnwell, Sydney Fitz Clarence Barnwell, Neville Barnwell, and Kenneth Barnwell. Please note: the name of the mother of Station Master Caryl Wyndham Barnwell is Belle Layne. Stanley Barnwell was married to Unna Weatherspoon. Dr. Sydney Fitz Clarence Barnwell graduated in 1955. He resides in North Carolina. Kenneth Barnwell was the Registrar of the Supreme Court in Guyana. He is known to be resident in Texas with an off spring that is a Medical Doctor.

24. PILGRIM:-Station Master; Charles Edward Pilgrim and his wife Alice [nee Kennedy] Pilgrim had at least 4 children. They are Frances Amelia Pilgrim, Eva Pilgrim, Lilly Pilgrim (Mrs. Ross) and William Henry Pilgrim (schoolmaster). Herman Ross owned the Gas Station at Kitty Village. Frances Amelia Pilgrim married Eleazer Jupiter. Nurse Jupiter and her husband had at least two children; Charles Edward Jupiter and Florence Jupiter. Charles Edward Jupiter was a Dentist in Silver Spring Maryland in the USA. His wife and descendants are still residing in that city in the USA. Florence Jupiter resided at Nabaclis. She died childless.

25. MAUDE RICHMOND and her sister BIRDIE RICHMOND (quite possibly their maiden name is Bristol). Maude Richmond resided next to the Pilgrim Holiness Church at Nabaclis on the East Sea Coast of Demerara. Maude Richmond two sons: Dunstan Richmond and Joseph Asquith Richmond. Birdie three children: Merle Grenada, Oswald Bland and Outon Bland.

26. TEDDY SANCHO: - it was stated Teddy Sancho was a sailor. He resided on the West Bank of the Demerara River. The children of Teddy Sancho are; Cyril Hercules, Miriam Eleanor Sancho [with Violet Smith, the daughter of Emmanuel and Bertha Smith of Le Grande, West Bank Demerara]; and Theresa Meltina Sancho (a.k.a. “Eva” Sancho, Nurse Sancho) [with Beatrice King].The grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren of Teddy Sancho are; Nicole Boston, Mrs. Patricia DeSouza (USA), Evelyn Hercules, Yvonne Hercules, Bernice Elsa Layne, Heather Layne, Joshua Layne, Lyn Layne, Rennee Layne, Rhonda Layne, Rudolph Layne (also known as Desmond Sancho), Gloria Layne, Winifred Layne (also known as Trixy, has a son resident in Brooklyn, New York City), Terrence Sancho and Tracey Sancho (siblings resident in the United Kingdom), Claudette Bovell Lewis, Compton Layne, Carol Ralph, Clayton Ralph (USA), Denise Ralph and Dennis Ralph (twins),Lance Ralph, and Penelope Ralph (Grenada). Edmond Layne and Simon Ralph are also members of this kinship. COOPER, LAYNE, RALPH, BOSTON, DESOUZA, and HERCULES, are amongst the surnames of members of this kinship.

27. WILLIAM SANCHO married Paula Kistoo. They reside in the United Kingdom.

28. ADELAIDE SANCHO: it is said Adelaide Sancho formed a union with David Luke. What are the names of the children, siblings and parents of Adelaide Sancho, Samuel Luke also known as Papa Willie Luke, Amelia Thornhill, Josephine Luke and the members of the kinship of Haywood? Are George Luke (Policeman) and Joseph William Luke (schoolmaster and catechist) resident of Plaisance Village relatives of Adelaide Sancho?

29. EMILY CALLIGHAN: - Mr. William and Mrs. Emily Callighan and their children: Irene Graham, Nelly Mackie, Mrs. Seymour, Ella “Butt-Up” Europe, and Mary Chichester. The grand children and great grand children of Mrs. Callighan are: Louisa Trotman, Kathleen Thomas, John Thomas, Isaac Thomas (plus another, twins), James Graham, a daughter, died young, Fred Graham, Beryl Graham and Alice Graham. Patsy Trotman, Jacqueline Trotman, and Joyce Trotman. Lillian Seymour, Emily Seymour, and Millicent Seymour. What are the names of the children, siblings, parents and descendants of Mrs. Callighan?

30. SWAINTON BLAIRE SANCHO: - the generations: Swainton Blaire Sancho, Nelly Wharton, Ismay Edwards, and Nick Edwards. What are the names of the children, siblings, parents and descendants of Swainton Blaire Sancho?

31. JOHNSON, and BASTIANI: - It's known Mary Marks, is a daughter of Lambert Tuckness Sancho (1849-1924) and an East Indian. Mary Marks was twice, married. Thomas Burton Johnson is the name of her first spouse. Mary Marks and Bastiani were also married. Mary Marks is reported to have reproduced 13 children. Wilfred Johnson, Thomas Stephen Johnson (1899-1984), Sarah Johnson, Caroline Johnson, and Agnes Bastiani are numbered amongst her children. Sarah Johnson was also known as Limmie Sancho. Sarah Johnson married Pirat Roberts. Limmie Sancho and Pirat Roberts reproduced Stephen Roberts, Frederick Roberts and Winston Roberts. Caroline Johnson was also known as Teasie Johnson. Teasie Johnson married Waldron. Teasie Johnson and Waldron reproduced Ernest Waldron, Doris Waldron and Allan Waldron.

Thomas Stephen Theodore Johnson born on August 23, 1899 at Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara, British Guiana. During April 6-9, 1930, He immigrated to USA. He is said to be employed as a mechanic and painter. On October 3, 1934 resided at 483 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Thomas Stephen Theodore Johnson and Evlyn Clarissa Prout (1912-1999) were married.  Thomas Johnson and Evlyn Prout reproduced at least two children, Mrs. Carolyn Sadler and Stanley Johnson. Thomas Stephen Theodore Johnson died December 14, 1984, Salisbury, Rowan, North Carolina. Thomas Burton Johnson and Mary Marks are names of his parents.

Agnes Bastiani is known to have a son, Felix Bastiani. Cloethia Roberts, Derrick Roberts, Eslyn Roberts, Godfrey Roberts, Marilyn Roberts, Mona Valerie Roberts, Olive Roberts, Blenda Waldron,

Cecil Waldron, Cynthia Waldron, Joseph Waldron (daudau), Mark Waldron, Megan Waldron, Ernestine Waldron and Wendy Patricia Waldron and others are known to be descendants of Mrs. Johnson/ Mrs. Bastiani. The need is to be made aware of the names, siblings, parents and descendants of Mrs. Johnson/ Mrs. Bastiani?

32. PARKINSON :-Thomas Parkinson and his wife Janet Parkinson Their children are: Isabella Parkinson, Barbara Parkinson, and Mary Louisa Parkinson (Teacher, Enmore Estate School); Teacher Louisa Parkinson married Dispenser William Whyte; their children are Cyril Whyte and Lydia Whyte. Lydia Whyte married Bamfield. Isabella Parkinson married William Ogle; their children are William Ogle and Lillian Ogle. Lillian Ogle married Frank Philadelphia; Barbara Parkinson married Mr. Small - they migrated to Trinidad.

33. GEORGE SANCHO and his son George Sancho


35. EMMY ANGELINA SANCHO:-The mother and two sons: Emmy Angelina Sancho, Alfred Sancho and Augustus Sancho.

36. D. SANCHO: - in 1918 D. Sancho was a member of the Friendship Wesleyan Society; David Sancho, Robert Christopher Sancho, Robert Johnson Sancho, John Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Zipporah Sancho, George Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Margaret Smith, Margaret Blair Sancho, Sprockton Sancho, F. Sancho (Miller, National Milling Company of Guyana Inc), W/Sergeant 14152 Sancho, Motie Sancho, Bob Sancho, Reginald Sancho, Avril Sancho (Security Guard, Western Union).

37. JAMES HENRY SANCHO: - James Henry Sancho (perhaps, 1880-April 21, 1931) and his wife, Mrs. ADRIANA ALICIA SANCHO, also known as Andrina Sancho. The remains of James Henry Sancho are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Bushwick in the borough of Brooklyn, in the City of New York.

38. JAMES SANCHO (b. 1873) and his wife BLANCH SANCHO (b.1873).

The US federal census 1930 reveals James W. Sancho is a Negro. He was born in 1873, in South America. His parents were also birthed in South America. He spoke English. He was married in 1910. His wife’s name is given as Blanch Sancho. He was then 37 years old. He resided at 215 Varet Street, between Bushwick and White avenues in the Bushwick Section of Brooklyn, New York. He was employed as a dock hand on a boat. The Desk Atlas Borough of Brooklyn; Volume Two, published in 1929, reveals an apartment building was located at 215 Varet Street. Today, Friday, December 23, 2011 it is used as a garage. I found no further information on James Sancho and his wife, Blanch Sancho, in numerous databases I checked such as selected US naturalization and SSDI. Perhaps The US federal census 1940 will reveal further information on James Sancho and Blanch Sancho. I believe both were birthed in the colony of British Guiana. I also wonder whether James Sancho was one of the numerous miners named James Sancho in last two decades of the nineteenth century. My gut feeling indicates James Sancho may be connected to the Buxton and Friendship village District. I hope articles respecting the marriage of James and Blanch will be found in the Daily Argosy and Daily Chronicle issued for the year 1910. What advice would you love to share with me on this matter?

39. GILL: Susan Elizabeth Gill died November 27, 1938. She was 91 years old. She is the mother of Edith, Irene, Winnie, Arthur, Iris, Oscar, and Princess. Source: The Daily Chronicle - Monday, November 27, 1939: page eight. Arthur Gill was pan boiler. He died on January 18, 1968. The remains of Arthur Gill, Florence Gill, his wife, and Theodore Gill, and George Gill, their sons, are buried in Sancho Family Plot in the cemetery at Golden Grove on the East Coast of Demerara. Irene Gill, the sister of Arthur Gill and Oscar McGarrell were married. Oscar McGarrell was a Member and Chairman of the Local Authority of the Buxton-Friendship Village District) JAMES EBENEZER GILL (d. December 17, 1971) and “Covetous” Gill are also members of the kinship of this group of Gill.

40. JACOBS/HARMON/HARRY – Three sisters Rebecca Jacobs (1870-1956), Emily Jacobs, and Elvitta Jacobs married Joseph Harry and Thomas Harry (brothers) of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District, and Harmon of Ann’s Grove, respectively. There are also the unions of Sarah Jane Jacobs and Mr. Henry C. Lawrence; Sexton, St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Cove & John, Henrietta Jacobs and, Abel Augustus Bristol (Schoolmaster). The children of Henrietta Jacobs and Abel Augustus Bristol are: Charles Clarence Bristol (School Master), Trenton Jacob Hitchins Bristol (Chemists and Druggist, Sick Nurse and Dispenser). The children of Sarah Jane Jacobs and Henry Lawrence are: Frederick Coleridge Lawrence, Aaron Victor Lawrence, and Brucie Ambrosine Lawrence. The children of Nora Olive Loncke and Aaron Victor Lawrence are: Winston Frederick Lawrence, Thelma Agatha Lawrence, Charlie Lawrence, Niney Lawrence, and MacLean Lawrence. The children of Elvitta Jacobs and Harmon are: Christopher Harmon (Police Officer, British Guiana Police Force, later resided in Connecticut, USA), and Ruth Harmon. The children of Emily Jacobs and Thomas Harry: Michael Harry, Patrick Harry, Thomas Harry, Stephen Harry, Carlos Harry, Eric Harry, Neville Harry, Norbert Harry, Lucille Harry (also known as Mary Harry (Mrs. Lucie Bobb/ Mary Bobb), and Ivy Harry. Mrs. Herman Bobb was resident in Brooklyn, New York City. Mrs. Virginia Brandon is their Aunt. Is Virginia Brandon a sister of Thomas Harry or that of Emily Jacobs? The children of Rebecca Jacobs and Joseph Harry are: George Harry, Emma Harry, Wilford Harry, Eileen Harry (plus another, twins), Dora Harry (plus another, twins), Miriam Harry, Moses Harry, April Harry (died 2007, aged 97 years old), Aaron Harry, Felix Harry, and Jacob Harry.

BRUCIE AMBROSINE MOORE Nurse – Midwife, Enmore Hospital Resides: at Enmore, East Coast Demerara. Born: 19th July, 1900, at Cove and John, East Coast Demerara, to Henry Lawrence, Labourer, and his wife, Sarah Jane nee Jacobs. Educated: St. Andrew's School, Cove and John, and Ursuline Convent, Georgetown. Is a midwife and Local Health Visitor. Was Infant Welfare Nurse at Plantations Non Pariel and Enmore, East Coast Demerara. Married: 19th April, 1924: Edward T. Moore. Has one son and two daughters. (Source: Roth, Vincent and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48: Page 367)

AARON VICTOR LAWRENCE Head Teacher, Goed Fortuin, West Bank, Demerara. Resides: at Lot 54 Fifth Street, Georgetown 5. Born: 20th. March, 1892 at Victoria, East Coast Demerara, to Henry Lawrence, Sexton, and his wife, Jane nee Jacobs. Educated: St. Andrew's Anglican School, Cove and John, East Coast Demerara. Holds Class 111 (Third Class) Teachers' Certificate. Married: 14th. December, 1916:- Nora Olive Loncke. Was a teacher at St. Andrew's Anglican School, East Coast Demerara. Has six sons and four daughters. Recreation: Cricket. Hobby: Gardening. (Source: Roth, Vincent and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48: page 311).

FREDERICK COLERIDGE LAWRENCE Salesman, F. G. Ferreira Ltd., Resides at Paradise, West Coast Berbice. Born: 24th June 1894 at Victoria, East Coast Demerara, to Henry Lawrence, Sexton, and his wife, Sarah Jane nee Jacobs. Educated: St. Andrew's Anglican School, Cove and John, East Coast Demerara. Holds Pupil Teachers' Certificate. Was secretary of the Eldorado Co-operative Credit Bank. Married: 8th February, 1925: Anna L. Fraser. Has one son and one daughter. Recreation – Cycling and Fishing. Secretary and Founder of the Eldorado United Friendly Society. (Source: Roth, Vincent and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48: page 311).

WINSTON FREDERICK LAWRENCE Carpenter. Resides at Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara. Born: 2nd January 1915 at Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara, to Aaron Lawrence, Head Teacher, Goed Fortuin, West Bank, Demerara. Educated: St. Andrew's Anglican School, East Coast Demerara. Married: 19th June, 1940, Clarabelle Ageda. Has one daughter. Recreation--Cricket. Club --- McKenzie Sports Club Hobby--- Reading. (Source: Roth, Vincent and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48: page 312)

41. Simeon Sancho, Sarah Sancho, Security Guard Melvin Sancho whose decomposing body was found on a bed in his Supply, East Bank Demerara, Leon Sancho.

42. RENEE SANCHO: perhaps, Reynaa Sancho, who was raised up by M’s Iris Rodney at Nabaclis. The need is to identify his ancestry.

43. THEFTS OF BATTEAUX - WILLIAM SANCHO was indicted for having, on the 10th may last, stolen a batteaux, the property of George Francis Sobers. A second count charged accused with having feloniously received the batteaux. Prisoner pleaded guilty to the indictment, and also to having been convicted of felony on the 18th July, 1873, 15th February, 1875, and 13th January, 1879, respectively. His Honour asked how long prisoner had been from Mazaruni last. The Attorney General said that prisoner was granted a ticket-of-leave for one year on the 30th January, 1885, which had expired on the 30th January, 1886. Prisoner got a year’s remission of his sentence, and he was now quite clear. Prisoner said he had tried his best to earn an honest livelihood until his ticket-of-leave had expired, but unfortunately, while under the influence of strong drink, he was induced by bad company to commit this offence; and he asked His Honour to deal leniently with him, and not to inflict the punishment that he deserved. His Honour said he would consider the matter, and would also make inquiries with a view of ascertaining how prisoner had been spending his time since he had been out of prison. Prisoner was remanded for sentence. Source: The Law Courts – Demerara Criminal Session – Georgetown, Tuesday - Thefts of Batteaux - Demerara Daily Chronicle - Wednesday, July 21, 1886: page 3 column 7.

44. THEFTS - A girl named ELIZABETH SANCHO was charged by Mr. E. L. Max with having, on the 8th inst., feloniously stolen from his shop in High Street Kingston, a meerschaum pipe valued at $4, his property. Defendant was fined $5, to be recovered by distress on her father, the warrant being returnable in seven days. Source: Police News – Georgetown – (Before Mr. A. M. Abbott) - Daily Chronicle - Tuesday, March 18, 1890: page 4 column 7.

45. DICK – The children of Samuel Dick and Jane Frances Monroe are: Tiny Sarah Dick, Joseph Alty Dick, John Dick, Nelson Dick, and Amy Dick.

The children of Samuel Dick and others are: Queeny, Tila and Nellie and others. Mavis Simon of Bush Corner, Golden Grove is niece of Joseph Alty Dick. Mavis Simon has children with Ward. Trevor Ward is a son of Mavis Simon.

The children of Joseph Alty Dick and Mary Downes are: Joseph Dick, David Dick, Frederick Dick, Joycelyn Dick and Ann Dick. Frederick Dick reproduced two children at Golden Grove. Joycelyn Dick reproduced five sons and a daughter. Ann Dick one daughter and resides in New Jersey.

The children of Sarah Dick are: Prince Dick, Burchell Dick, Gwendolyn Dick, unknown son, Bernice Dick and George Dick.

The children of Gwendolyn Dick and Gonsalves (Cane Grove) are: Frankie (Dummie) Gonsalves, Margaret Gonsalves, Thomas Gonsalves, Patricia Gonsalves, Winston Gonsalves, Donna Gonsalves, Sherlock Gonsalves, Herman Gonsalves, Ignatius Gonsalves, Elizabeth Gonsalves, Sharon Gonsalves, and Horace Gonsalves. This family resided at Haslington, and at Golden Grove.

The children of John Dick and Iris Burke are: Ruth Dick, Samuel Dick, John Dick, Jean Dick, and Marcel Dick.

The children of Nelson Dick and unknown are: Jane Dick, Frederick Dick and Nelson Dick. This Dick family group resided in Suriname.

The children of Amy Dick and Adams are: Michael Adams, Rupert Adams, Maurice Adams, Leslie Adams, Jean Adams, Jeanette Adams and Dora Adams. Rupert Adams, Leslie Adams, and Jeanette Adams are deceased.

Joseph Dick was employed at Guyana Telecoms. He and East Indian, Regina Downes have a child.

BERBICE: - A. Sancho, Patrick Sancho, Mayor Sancho,; catcher of stray animals on the Corentyne Coast Albion and Port Mourant c. 1918 – 1950, Thomas Sancho, Ed. Sancho, Roxanne Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Nicloa Sancho, Aubrey Sancho, Brenda Sancho, Cecil Sancho, Claudette Sancho, Ella Sancho, Joy A. Sancho, Marcilla Mavis Sancho, Olga Sancho, Donald Sancho, Vibert Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Stella Sancho, Syvilene Sancho, Ayeola Sancho,

WEST COAST BERBICE :- Calvin Lloyd Sancho, Evan Earl Sancho, Malissa Sanetta Sancho, Trevlyn Alana Sancho, Winston Lloyd Sancho (Trafalgar), Winston Lloyd Sancho (Profit), Shirley Sancho (Belladrum)

NEW AMSTERDAM Cyril Godfrey Clement Sancho, Lorna Patricia Ann Sancho, Tresha Rose-Marie Sancho, Trinette Rolanda Sancho (Fort Canje), Seon Nocisico Sancho, Shaun Nigel Sancho, Carolata Kim Angela Sancho, Teon Wolford Rudolph Sancho, Tiffany Medita Sancho, Tito Anthony Sancho, Wolford Leander Sancho (Stanleytown), Travis Anderia Sancho (Mount Sinai), Calvin Lloyd Sancho, Stella Sancho, Ian Maxwell Sancho, Volda Veronica Sancho, Leron Abidago Sancho
CANJE:-  Andy Sancho, Patricia Sancho (Sheet Anchor), Claudius “Claude” Sancho George Leitch, Patrick Leitch, Hazel Sancho, Rosie Sancho, Bernard Sancho (Antigua) Claudius Sancho, Claudia Sancho, Claude Sancho, George Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Horace “Courteen” Sancho, Evelyn Sancho, Mark Anthony Sancho, Claudette P. Sancho, Joyce L. Sancho, Clyde Brentnol Sancho (No. 2 Village),Claudette Penelope Sancho, Joyce Sancho, Lilowtie Sancho, Nigel Anthony Sancho (Ordnance Fortlands New Housing Scheme), Frederick Sancho, Myrtle Albertha Sancho (Adelphi Village)
CORENTYNE:- Thomas Christian Alexander Sancho (No.1 Road), Smartt Sancho, Sancho Abel Ebenezer Benjamin (Fyrish Village), Akeila Onica Sancho, Brenda Joyce Sancho, Pixie Ann Alexis Sancho, Elizabeth Sancho, Leuanne Amanda Sancho, Minerva Matilda Sancho (Rose Hall), Godfrey Nathaniel Sancho (Port Mourant), Claudius Fitzherbert Sancho (Auchlyne), Milton Raymond Sancho, Parbatie Sancho (No.78 Village, Springlands)
ITUNI :- Hector George Sancho
Steel Yarvey Sancho, Victor Bania Sancho
Herman Barrington Sancho
Glnnis Carlotta Sancho
Terrence Patrice Sancho
Gary Stanislaus Sancho
Sydney Thomas Sancho
Leslyn Annita Sancho, Sydney Thomas Sancho
Kester Edwin Sancho
Neville Sancho
Aubrey Sancho, Adrian Anthony Sancho
Ivan Sancho, Allison Sancho, Ewan Alester Sancho, Shellon Oslyn Sancho
Bibi Farida Sanchoo
Sarah Sharon Sancho, Colin Lindsay Sancho, Wylette Andra Sancho, Rocky Sancho Clenkian
Shelly Ann Sancho (Amelia's Ward), Roger Patrick Sancho, Iroy Ivan Sancho, Ivan Abraham Sancho, Saskia Vanessa Sancho (Watooka), Fate Alicia Sancho (Canvas City), Eartha Elizabeth Fraser-Sancho (Block 22) Collin Malcolm Sancho, Ella Patricia Sancho, Pamela Monica Sancho, Chevon Alexander Sancho, Robin Arlington Sancho, Gem Earleen Sancho,
Enid Ann Sancho, Joel Anthony Sancho, John Anthony Sancho, Krystle Ann Sancho
Stanley Sancho, Ann Stoby Sancho
Tamacie Nikita Sancho
Leroy Sampson Sancho
Tonza Alanda Sancho
Rickford Sancho, Rickford Jerome Sancho
Marlon Anthony Sancho
Reginald Stanley Sancho
Yvette Ann Sancho
Shaun Michael Anthony Sancho
Nicola Ann Sancho, Tomika Oscende Sancho
Winston Sancho
Ronald Victor Collin Sancho, Shirley Ann Julieta Sancho, Sibby Lee Sancho, Wickum Horace Sancho
Gordon Joseph Sancho, Jennifer Sancho, Neckisea Daciea Sancho, Rawle Orundell Sancho, Shaunette Thshai Sancho, Simone Samantha Finn Sancho
Sherwin Emanuel Sancho
Ayodele Seaforth Sancho, Gordon Orren D. Sancho, Michelle Sandy Sancho, Shellon Shenella Sancho
Brentnol Keith Errol Sancho, Keith Sancho, Devon Huberth Fitzpatrick Sancho
Nikkita Therisa Sancho
Kizzana Akela Sancho, Sandra Patricia Sancho
Vilisia Onika Sancho, Patrick Dwayne Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Collette Cosandra Sancho, Sherwin Emmanuel Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Eldora Sancho, Stephen Sancho
Stacey Sancho, Rickford Sancho
Abiomi Tamika Onica Claire Sancho. Joylyne Gillian Claire Sancho, Marcilla Sancho, Olga Mayleen Sancho, Roger Patrick Sancho,
Keisha Ann Sancho Norton Street,
Simeon Sancho, Compton Fitzpatrick Sancho
Pelon I. Sancho
Mavis Carmen Sancho, Sibby Lee Sancho
Stacey Sancho, Paulette Orrella Sancho
Patrick Sancho
Simone Nicolette Sancho
Delroy Delon Sancho
Midgnet Sancho
Robert Anthony Sancho, Shawn Wendel Sancho, Sylvilene Sancho
Carlton Fitzherald Sancho
Carlton Fitzherald Sancho, Dexter Maxwell Sancho, Trevor Anthony Sancho, Eugene Roxann Sancho, Jennifer Sancho, Colwayne Anthony Sancho, Dorothy Hermina Sancho, Fiona Michelle Sancho, Annetta Patricia Sancho, Rawle Albert Sancho, Ryan Anthony Sancho, Shellon Allison Sancho-Hall
Ivan Sancho, Fiona Michelle Sancho, Simone Samantha Linni Sancho, Eugene Roxann Sancho-Matthews
Stacy Monica Sancho
Trevor Kelso Sancho, Marilyn Ann Sancho, Patrick Edward Seton Sancho
Bonita Alero Sancho, June Allison Sancho, Shaun Michael Sancho
Nicholette Natoya Sancho, Tiffnie Alana Sancho
Kimika Otisha Sancho, Sharon Elliott-Sancho
Ama Adama Sancho, Jumoul Oswald Sancho
Stefney Onica Sancho, Bevney Ann Sancho, Victor Anthony Sancho, Vivian Estrila Sancho, Kelso Sancho, Kimika Otisha Sancho
D. Sancho [Friendship Wesleyan c.1918], David Sancho Dorothy "Dot" Sancho (Teacher, Buxton Congregational), Ruth Sancho Lewis, Clarice Sancho (Teacher, Better Hope Canadian Mission), Susan Angelina Sancho, Theresa Meltina Sancho, Eva Sancho, Zipporah Sancho, George Sancho, Theresa Sancho, Roberta Sancho, Gustavus Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Margaret Smith, "Baby" Sancho, Margaret Blair Sancho, Emmy Angelina Sancho, Alfred Sancho, Augustus Sancho, Sprockton Sancho, Kelso Sancho, Kim Allison Yonette Sancho, Hazel Sancho, Karen Anita Sancho, Nandy Fiona Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Troy Trevor Sancho, Camille S. Sancho, Malanie Lana Sancho, Janice Jennifer Sancho, Lana Coleen Sancho, Shawn Eton Sancho, Simone Allison Sancho, Alica Shawla Sancho, Brentnol Sancho, Devon Anthony Sancho, Gerald Sancho, Lenard Rupert Sancho, Pansy Alicia Sancho, Trenton Sancho, Vanessa Sancho, Yvette Veronica Sancho, Anton Mortimer Sancho, Avril Agatha Sancho, Bevney Marcia Sancho, Constance Sancho, Desrin Seona Sancho, Esther Sancho, Eton Sancho, Joy Sancho, Kevin Sancho, Kim Andrie Sancho, Maxine Sancho, Orin Mainard Sancho, Tracey Ann Sancho, Yonelle Abiola Sancho, Sherlette Yvette Sancho
Alica Shawla Sancho, Bevney Marcia Sancho, Desrin Seona Sancho, Devon Anthony Sancho, Gerald Sancho, Leonard Rupert Sancho, Pansy Alicia Sancho, Yvette Veronica Sancho, Anton Mortimer Sancho, Constance Pamela Sancho, Eton Sancho, Hilton George Sancho, Janice Jennifer Sancho, Joy Sancho, Quincy Sancho, Ronda Natasha Sancho, Samantha Odessa Sancho, Tishana Olyndia Sancho, Samantha Sancho, Hazel Sancho
Semoon Alison Sancho, Nandy Fiona Sancho, Troy Trevor Sancho, Eton Shawn Sancho
Desmond James Sancho, Fitzroy Ronald Sancho, Karen Sancho, Malanie Lana Sancho, Marlon Anthony Sancho, Marlyn Mellisa Sancho
Desmond James Sancho, Karen Ann Sancho, Yonnette Allison Sancho
Odessa Ann Sancho, Ronda Aleica Sancho, Marlyn Mellisa Sancho
Donnette Natasha Sancho
Leona Patricia Sancho-Francis, Lovern Elvena Sancho, Sherwin Evans Sancho
Rupert Edward Abrams, Camille Odessa Abrams, Keri Andrea Abrams, Michael Arthur Fitzgerald Abrams (Electrician) 28 Middle Walk Golden Grove East Coast Demerara Sherry Amanda Sancho, Colin Harris Sancho, Chevon Omego Patricia Sancho, Clement Ian Ivan Sancho, Denroy Delon Sancho, Glenda Sancho, Saskia Odelle Sancho, Shannon Adellie Kimberly Sancho, Shellon Frampkassie Sancho, Shunelle Odessy Sancho, Staceyann Latoya Andrea Sancho, Patrick Edward Sancho, Sherry Sancho, Robert Johnston Sancho, [also known as Robert Johnson Sancho c.1904] Amanda Sancho, Sonia Fay Sancho, Nikesha Adoni Sancho, Chichester Solomon Scotland
Cheryl Veronica Abrams, Cicely Ivonne Abrams, Iris Maylene Abrams, James Egerton Abrams, Osei Tutu Abrams, Rachel Irma Abrams, Roxanne Marcella Abrams, Stanford Allan Abrams, Althea Luke, Debra Luke, Laura Viola Luke, Roel Romana Luke, Venus Luke, Colin Augustus Lutchman, Coretta Acola Lutchman, Sharon Sabrina Lutchman, George Addison Ross, Delon Seon Sancho, Elroy Kurtuel Sancho, Karen Lotoya Sancho, Lucy Sancho, Neil Stevez Sancho, Oswald Gibsburchel Sancho, Oswald Gilbert Sancho, Devon Anthony Sancho, Nikesha Adoni Sancho, Denicia Olabisi Sancho, Gloyde Anthony Sancho, Clement Ieon Sancho, Bernadette Waveney Sancho, Glenda Sancho, Randolph Sancho, Barton Thomas Scotland, Devon Vanessa Amanda Scotland, Edward Luther H Scotland, Ethlyn Yvonne Agatha Scotland, Samuel Agustus Scotland
Adrian Esmond Marious, Adran Marious, Charles Ebenezer Marious, Gem Waple Ann Marious, Kate Amelia Marious, Lawrence Marious, Natasha Odessa Marious, Navessa Odetta Marious,
Petal Alexis Marious, Terrence Ovid Marious, Eon Mc Donald Sancho, Claudia Vanessa Sancho, Olive Patricia Sancho, Wendy Anna Sancho
Donnette Natasha Sancho
Christine Alberta Sancho, Susan Elizabeth Sancho (Lancaster), Christine Alberta Sancho (Mosquito Hall), Winston Sancho (Jonestown)
Philmore Sancho, Phillip Sancho, Sade Sancho, Simon Sancho, John Sancho, Mary Elizabeth Sancho, Ann Sancho, Lindsey Sancho, Grace Sancho, Sarah Williams, Popsi Williams, Leonard Williams, Dora Williams, and Hilton Williams, Jean Williams Delwin, Gail Brereton, Deanne Delwin, Danny Delwin, Terry Delwin, Donna Delwin, Denise Delwin, and Carleene Delwin, Eunice Williams (a.k.a. Len), Beresford Gay, Winston Castle,E. Gerald Sancho, Grace Sancho, Julia Sancho, Kareene Sancho, Vincente Sancho, Glenn Sancho, J. Sancho, Janet Sancho, Zinette Sancho, Peter Sancho, Ralph Sancho, Sharon Sancho, Brent Sancho, Keith Sancho, and Cyril Sancho. CASTLE and LYONS, WILLIAMS, BATISTE, DELWIN, BRERETON, DAVID, TRUESDALE, GAY, MAGARESH and VALENTINE. Is Philmore Sancho a descendant of John Sancho? What are the names of the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, the brother and four sisters, and other relatives of Philmore Sancho? What are the name, the address and telephone number of the sister of Philmore Sancho who is resident in the USA?
GRENADA: Pepe Sancho
BARBADOS Hoolio Sancho, Lisa Sancho and Morlyne Sancho
LIBERIA Yvonne Sancho-Hansford, William Sancho and Ramona Sancho, Wadia Sancho, Cass Sancho, Josiah Sancho the third, Phyllis Sancho; now in Detroit, Gloria Precious Manneh, Josiah Sancho of Moore Street, Mamba Point, Theodore Sancho, Annie Roselyn (nee Burgess) Sancho and Joyce Beatrix Sancho, Mrs. Joyce Sancho-Moore, Rupel E. Marshall, Jr. and Mrs. Aurelia Sancho-Marshall. Researchers also would like to communicate with Jocindee Maya Kromah and J. Napoleon Cassell
BURY, ST. EDMUNDS: Rebecca Sancho listed as maid domestic in Edmund J. Donaldson household in 1881 census.


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E. A. C. Thomas – Queen’s College – distinction in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Physics; Miss J. E. Loncke – Private Candidate - distinction in English Literature and Latin. Good in French; W. A. Ramsahoye – Queen’s College – distinction in Mathematics, (Pure, and Applied), Physics and Chemistry.
Sixty-seven candidates (38 boys and 29 girls) had written the examination. The minister sent his personal congratulations to the winners. He also expressed the hope that they would pursue their new…

Identifying Gill Lineage - Descendants of Sancho

Soliciting Information - Gill of Guyana and Barbados.  I am really focusing on the Sancho lineage. I believe it's best to chat about the Gill people from the migration from Barbados to Demerara to the known members of Buxton and Friendship and thus to Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Haslington and their movement beyond Guyana in the twentieth century. I need to be enlightened.  I am soliciting information on the lineage of the kinship of GILL. I need to identify the Sancho ancestor of the members of the kinship of Gill, mentioned below. I am referring to Gill of Buxton-Friendship and their off springs - Arthur Gill and his descendants – of Golden Grove-Nabaclis.  The known members of this Gill kinship of Gill includes; Susan Elizabeth Gill died on Sunday, November 27, 1938.  Ms. Gill was 91 years old. Ms. Gill is the mother of Edith Gill, Irene Gill, Winnie Gill, Arthur Gill, Iris Gill, Oscar Gill, and Princess Gill. Source: The Daily Chronicle - Monday, November 27, 1939: page eight.  Art…

Sancho of Canje,Corentyne, Berbice

"Racism isn't resolved in bed no matter who's sleeping with whom" … Jan Carew
The aim is to identify the ancestry of Sancho.  Wherever Sancho is found, ascertain the relationship to Bentick Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho. It is understood;Sancho of Berbice, Sancho of Guyana, in general,  and Sancho of Suriname are descendants of Bentick Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho.
Sancho of Berbice is found in several locations including; Rose Hall Town,Port Mourant,Corriverton, and New Amsterdam. This Sancho is interested, in Sancho who are about contributing to this process. This Sancho is grateful to Sancho who consider the future generations of Sancho.  This Sancho is with future generations of Sancho will benefit from the effort you and I make today, to know ourselves.
I am interested in the story of the kinships of BENTICK, CAMPBELL, FRIDAY, KISSOON, SANCHO, SOLOMON, and YOUNG (YOUNGE) of Guyana, and the Caribbean basin and the authentic history of the working people of Golden Gr…