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Extract of Letter of Rev. Wm. Hudson c. March 7, 1856

Golden Grove. 7th. March, 1856

Sir! – having just concluded a careful investigation instituted for the purpose of ascertaining how far the members of the Wesleyan Church were implicated in the late disgraceful outrages, I deem it my duty to forward the result of the same for the information of the government.

It may be well to state, that the Wesleyan Church is peculiar in its organization; all our members being under the religious care of the most intelligent persons in our communion, who are termed leaders. The province of the leaders is to instruct the 12 or 20 persons committed to his charge; he is expected to keep a proper weekly account of the attendance of his people, and to report weekly to his Minister, church’s official meeting, the case of the sick, the absent, and the immoral; for which purpose, a ruled paper is given, and renewed as the old ones become filled up. These “Class-papers” may, in a …

DISORDERLY BROTHERS:Eustace and Oswald Dowridge

Cove & John Magistrate’s Court (before Mr. D. E. Jackson LL.B Magistrate)


Thomas Baynes was fined $5 (costs $2.84) for having on July 27, in a shop at Victoria, made use of indecent language.


Eustace and Oswald Dowridge (brothers) behaved disorderly at Cove & John. Eustace was fined $2.50 and Oswald $5, in default 7 and 14 day’s imprisonment, respectively, with hard labour.

County Superintendent T. W. Whittingham, prosecuted on behalf of the police.

(D. T. A. J)

Source: Daily Chronicle, Monday, September 7th. 1942: page 4

Wedding: Gravesande – Campbell

Gravesande – Campbell Mahaica Tuesday, January 13th. 1942

Miss Pearl Francena Albertha Campbell, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Campbell of Lancaster, and Assistant and Sewing Teacher of Unity Canadian Mission School, was united in holy matrimony on Tuesday, December 23rd. 1941 to Mr. Eric Hubert Gravesande, youngest son of Mrs. Gravesande of Mahaica and R. L.C. (Mahaicony District).
The ceremony which was choral took place at Mahaica Methodist Church, the Rev. Ewart Hackshaw, officiating, with Mr. Rupert Duncan at the organ. The church was specially and tastefully decorated for the occasion by the choristers, and friends of the bride.
The Bridegroom arrived at 2.30P: M accompanied by his brother, Mr. Edmund Gravesande.
The Bride arrived promptly at 3.00 P: M and was given in marriage by her father. She looked a picture of loveliness as she stepped up the central aisle, attired in a skirt of plain slipper satin, a bodice of brocaded satin, and a train of figur…

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Emmy Angelina Sancho


In Memoriam

Sancho – In sad and loving memory of our beloved mother, Emmy Angelina, who departed this life on August 28th. 1942.

One year has passed since that sad day
When the one we loved was called away
Sleep on. Dear mother, sleep and take thy rest
We love thee well but Jesus love thee best

(Inserted by her sons Augustus and Alfred.)

Source: "ANNOUNCEMENTS - In Memoriam" The Sunday Chronicle August 29th. 1943:page 6