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Members of Local Authorities of the Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District, 1872 - 2004

January, 1872 -- December 1872
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer: Mr. John Sancho Councillors:

January, 1873 -- December 1873
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer: Councillors:

January, 1874 -- December 1874
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer: Councillors:

January, 1875 -- December 1875
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer: Councillors:

January, 1876 -- December 1876
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer: Councillors:

January, 1877 -- December 1877
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer: Councillors:

January, 1878 -- December 1878
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer: Councillors:

January, 1879 -- December 1879
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer:

January, 1880 -- December 1880
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer:

January, 1891 -- December 1891
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer: Councillors:

January, 1882 -- December 1882
Chairman: Deputy Chairman: Overseer: Councillors:

Learned Members of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District

Let me point out that in February 1856 Golden Grove Wesleyan Church was serving the community under the Rev. Wm. Hudson – that’s the earliest date I’ve encountered. I have only W. A. Deane, Schoolmaster of Golden Grove Wesleyan School (c.1880s), before Thomas Arthur Archer.
I do not know whether Thomas Arthur Archer’s children were all born in the community, thus only Phyllis Kendall is included because she returned and is resident in the Nabaclis community, for a very long period.

Ivy Nelbertha Loncke and Catherine Cole were music and school teachers - the other children were in the medical field.

Carlton Paton Browne Melbourne – I think came out of the Unity-Lancaster District- prior to being a resident of Nabaclis.

Bertrand Aaron Abrams -- Teacher of St. Andrew’s Anglican School. (Economist) London School of Economics
Brenda (nee Abrams) Browne
Daphne Enid Abrams
Ruby (nee Abrams) Caines
Mrs. Ruby (nee Sancho) Abrams-- T…
Cecil Orpheus Philbertus Patterson is a Genius. He saw the first light of day on the 25th day of February 1901.His parents – Mr. James Patterson, and Mrs. Nelly Christina Patterson, born Fox, the resided at Goodland Village, East Bank, Canje Berbice.
This genius of Pisces was educated after the Punory period was over, by himself and himself alone. He forsook the calling of the Carpenter of Nazareth for that of a pedagogue. He gave active service to New Forest Anglican, Bohemia Canadian Mission, Edinburgh Scots, and Sheet Anchor Anglican Schools respectively in this country.
After he had secured his Third Class Teachers’ Certificate of Competency, he sat for the Second Class. One day, when the results in the Official Gazette were published, he looked for his name in vain in the Second Class list. He failed to look up the List above. Quietly moaning his apparent failure, he was aroused by the cheering voice of a comrade, who greeted him “Pat, Congrats.” He said – Why must you m…
Obituary of Mr. K. R. Carter (by G. H. Bunyan)

Mr. Kemp Ridley Carter (66) died early yesterday morning at the Seaman’s Ward, Public Hospital, Georgetown. The funeral procession will leave his home at Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, at 2 o’clock this afternoon for the Catholic Church at Buxton, where a funeral service will be held prior to interment in the village cemetery.

Early on the morning of Thursday, January 27, Dr. J. E. Ramdeholl was summoned to his bedside at Buxton where he lay suffering from a seizure of apopleky which had attack him during Wednesday night. Finding on examination his condition to be very alarming, the doctor ordered his immediate removal to the Public Hospital, Georgetown. He was promptly taken to the hospital by the Hospital Ambulance accompanied by his son and one of his daughters, where despite medical attention he remained in an unconscious state all Thursday, passing away early Friday morning.

Mr. Carter was born 66 years ago at Buxton Village to the Lat…
Obituary of Mrs. Julia E. Benn

The funeral of Mrs. Julia E. Benn took place at Victoria, East Coast, Demerara, on Wednesday, January 13, and was largely attended.

Mrs. Benn was 70 years old. She was ill for some months but grew worst last week and passed away early on Wednesday, morning.

Those left to mourn are her husband, Mr. Robert Eleazer Benn, seven children, and 16 grand children.


The Pall-Bearers were her sons Egan, Avis, George, Raphael and Walter (nephew), Winston (grandson), L. Marshall, T. Langhorne and Jos. Hope.


Among those in attendance were W. Seawell, Willie Charles, H. Mc Callister, A. P. R. Lindo, J. Moses, H. Cromwell, S. E. Rutherford, G. W. Rutherford, County Sergeant-Major Thompson, E. A. Scotland, S. E. A. Talbott, D. D. Moses, R. E. Thuesday, C. Sancho, J. E. Gibbs, H. Bristol, J. Bristol, C. Nedd, A. Andrews, B. Waldron, Jacob Elias, H. Francis, L. Marshall, H. Andrews, T. A. Benn, Lionel Benn, S. Adams, F. Richmond, W. Adams, J. La…