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22. By Robert Johnston Sancho, also known as and called Robert Johnson Sancho, of Golden Grove Village, East Coast of the county of Demerary and colony of British Guiana, TRANSPORT of; firstly, a piece of land extending along the facade of lot number 13 (thirteen), section A, part of the village of Golden Grove, situate on the east sea coast of the county of Demerary , between Plantation Haslington and Nabaclis, as laid out and defined on a plan by the Sworn Land Surveyor, Armer J. Alcorn, dated 28th November, 1873, and deposited in the Registrar's Office of the counties of Demerary and Essequebo, on the 23rd November 1874, said piece of land measuring 11, 1/2 (eleven and a half) rods, more or less in length, by 5 1/2, (five and a half)rods, more or less in depth, subject to a right of passage 6 feet wide to the proprietor of said lot 13 (thirteen), section A, through the said piece of land, With all the buildings and erections thereon; secondly, lot number thirteen, section A, p…