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John Sancho's Descendants

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Date: 13 Dec 2003, 06:37:09 PM
Subject: A Sancho descendant
Greetings Mlilwana:
It is a pleasure contacting you and commending you on your research of the Sancho descendants of Trinidad.
I am Jean Williams Delwin, the mother of Gail and Deanne who recently emailed you, but my other children are Danny, Terry, Donna, Denise, and Carleene. I am also the elder sister of Eunice Williams (Len). We also had a brother who is deceased named Beresford Gay. We are the Great grandchildren of John Sancho.

My mother Sarah Williams (God rest her soul) and her siblings Popsi, Leonard, Dora, and Hilton (all of whom are deceased), were the grandchildren of John and Mary Elizabeth Sancho. They all lived with their grandparents John and Elizabeth Sancho. Ann Sancho Tuitt was their mother. Her brother's name was Lindsey Sancho. Lindsey Sancho had one daughter whose name was Violet Sancho who later married a Castle. It is Ann and Lindsey's…