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Sancho - Perpetrator and Victim

Sancho - Perpetrator and Victim
Highest blessings to the underprivileged working people struggling daily to survive inept politicians and their politics of man-made dilemmas now affecting and afflicting indigenous people of the planet everywhere on Earth.
I can assure you; the image and the experience of the kinship of Sancho is simply a microcosm of that of the indigenous of this planet Earth, and especially during the last 600 years in the Americas.
I must emphasis; the behavior of a few members of a kinship of a people does not represent the consciousness of the vast majority of the people of that particular social order, that community, and or that ethnic group.
I can assure you; as far back as I can remember; I can not recall any period in the story of our people in which our ancestral heritage has come under such immense scrutiny. Certainly the kinship of Sancho has never been, so compromised, I am positive; since our ancestors were caught, kidnapped and brought from “Africa” to the “Americas” – the people labeled Sancho has not experienced such trying times as they have during the last seven years in Guyana. When I begun the process of researching, and documenting the story of Sancho, I could not have imagined; there would be members of the kinship of Sancho, who were accused of heinous crimes such as murder, and robbery under arms. I expected to be made aware of the names of my relatives who were in Civil Court. I expected they were found guilty of charges such as Child Support, Domestic Abuse, Disorderly Conduct, Indecent Language, Traffic Offences, Assault, Petty Larceny, Divorce, and land related issues.
A few months ago; one of my first cousins; a female, told me, she had heard that the residence of our late beloved Uncle at Buxton was used by the gunmen at that location. I did not want to believe what I was hearing. But then again I realized the old clique – where there is smoke there is fire - may be very applicable; for during the last seven years, and/or there about a disproportionate amount of acts of violence has displayed members of the kinship of Sancho resident in the Buxton-Friendship Village District were either perpetrators or victims. The vast majority were victims. Their human rights were violated. Vivian Joseph, a Police Officer, was murdered in his bed. Randy Joseph, his younger brother was shot by gangsters. the younger brother was shot reportedly for being the brother of a policeman. Sancho females, and other members were awoken from their sleep.  They were questioned about the whereabouts of their sons. It is said despicable acts were committed against the females. I have no idea whether these rumors are truthful. However, I do believe the truth is found within the rumors. Rondell Rawlins did  not have love for  the people of Sancho. If he did he would not engage in recruiting young boys of the people of Sancho to run around with him. Rondell Rawlins can not love the people of Buxton and Friendship, and have young boys of Buxton and Friendship committing atrocities. I have a message for all of the would be gangsters and gunmen – it is leave our boys and girls alone – keep your distance from our sons and daughters – show us some love – show our people some love let them pursue and acquire academic training and qualifications do not teach them to murder people they were not birthed for the purpose to commit acts which reproduced mayhem, and destruction. That’s certainly not their image it is learnt behavior.
While I can not determine how many members of the kinship of Sancho has participated in serious criminal offenses against the people and the state of Guyana; I am aware; Troy Sancho and Dwayne Sancho are numbered among the perpetrators. I must also point out several members of the people of Sancho are numbered among the people who were victimized by gun toting bandits marauding all over the nation. Several members of the kinship of Sancho lost their lives as a result of wounds inflicted against their being, by the violent men terrorizing the nation.
The disciples of self-hatred, death and destruction, have unleashed a reign of terror upon the underprivileged working class people of the Guyanese society. What is abundantly clear is that the acts of terror are not restricted to the Rondell Rawlins and his group of baby-faced outlaws. The reoccurrences and the victims of criminal acts are all too numerous. The acts of the criminals are all too widespread for one group. Unless of course, Rondell Rawlins and his group of baby-faced killers operate in numerous cells.

I was most surprised to encounter an article which pointed out a man named Sancho was an Obeah Man, just prior to the last quarter of the nineteenth century. I can assure you; that would be more than enough to force my mother to restrict herself to dwell within the confines of her residence for an extended period. I can assure you ; Sancho, an Obeah Man would not be welcomed in any conversation among the females of the generations prior that in which I am a member.
However, from the early morning hours of May 6, 2002 to this very day, the people of Sancho, has experienced very trying times to put it mildly. The experts, and/or the academic professionals in the field of studies of Behavioral and Social Sciences and especially those involved in Criminal Justice may very well determine high sounding terms relevant to attach to the propensity of our young people to involve themselves in immoral pattern of behavior- which is now bedeviling our people everywhere.

At this very minute in the annuals of the history of Guyana, unprecedented acts of total, callous and blatant disregard for human life and property of others have been etched in the hearts and minds and lips of the vast majority of the society.
The agricultural based industries which included the structure of plantation economics which gave birth to the independence movements in the colony of British Guiana has been replaced by the culture of gang life in Guyana, with all its destructive elements in this the post independent period in which we are living.
This misguided practice has resulted in retardation and under-development of numerous communities. These communities were the leading lights in the progressive movements which reproduced the backbone of the Guyanese Society. The Village Movement is clearly the main impetus of the socio-economic and political development of the people which propelled the society from the Colonialism of British Guiana to nationhood of Guyana. It was the underprivileged working class people who moved our people from colonization to independence. The Village Movement ignited the independence movement. The result; the colony of British Guiana became the nation known as Guyana on the 26 May 1966.
To-day, after 16 years of the administration of PPP/C Government; these communities, and others including Port Mourant and Enmore, have not been revitalized. The declining fortunes of the comities begun in the period of the illegal administration of the Burnham dominated and led PNC with its illogical and impractical paramountcy of the Party, which is said to have bankrupted the nation.
Ever-since returning to power; the PPP /C Government; has not done anything to heal the wounds inflicted upon the society by the atrocities of the PNC and its policies. In fact, the culture of illegal drug trade has contributed to the criminalizing of our people and our communities. Once vibrant communities have been under-siege ever since by criminals hiding under the veil of ethnicity in the climate of politics of racism.
The Historiology of Buxton and Friendship and other so-called African communities on the East Sea Coast of Demerara is littered with amazing efforts of the struggles of humans to overcome the ambitious economic system of exploitation known as slavery on the American landmass.
It is clear, during the last seven years acts of violence, and man’s inhumanity to man has reached epidemic proportions, in Guyana.
It has been reported and many have believed Roger Khan and his cocaine enterprise is responsible for about 200 deaths in Guyana. I have, at this juncture, simply stated a passing interest in the trails, tribulations and the exploits of Roger Khan. Perhaps, when Roger Khan begins to name names and incriminate politicians and religious leadership I will then begin to pay more attention to what he is reported as saying. As long as I have not heard the names such as Roger Luncheon, Bharrat Jagdeo, Donald Ramator, Kellawan Lall el. al. I really would not consider Roger Khan is being forthcoming. Thus I really would not care; unless of course, Roger Khan admits to the murders of numerous members of the kinships of Bentick, Campbell, Friday, Kissoon, Sancho, Solomon, and Young and others relatives of mine. On either side of the equation, in recent months, Rondell Rawlins and his gang of babies has drawn my attention, my ire, my disbelief and my disdain. Rondell Rawlins and his gang of babies have no qualms relative to violating the human rights of people. They display blatant disregard for life, limb, and property. They are totally unwholesome. Their behavior must be repudiated. Certainly, the pattern of behavior projects the negative imaginary numerous members of the other so-called ethnic groups have conjured up, and/or have repeatedly expressed respecting their narrow-mindedness relative to the indigenous people of earth. However; I must be forthright inform you “to make no mistake, while I neither condone, nor support and/ or defend the incendiary and ridiculous actions of my relatives; Troy Sancho and Dwayne Sancho – I shall not distance myself from Troy Sancho and Dwayne Sancho and/or any member of the kinship of Sancho; not now and not ever . After all they possess the DNA of Sancho – and that’s good enough for me”.

Criminals are as sophisticated as politicians. In fact, it is a rather difficult task to decipher one from the other. I believe; and with great reasons, the vast majority of those seeking public office are inclined and/or influenced by lust for power and ill-gotten personal gains. This love affair with greed includes existing at the experience and expense of the people. Again criminals and politicians are masters at deception. Their expressions are for the most part, calculated and misleading. Politicians often adopt the mistaken view it is their right. It is not a privilege to be elected to serve our people. They expect to be handsomely rewarded. Again there is simply and rarely much difference between the criminals and the politicians. Both are existing at the expense of the society.

On May 6, 2002, Mark Anthony Sancho was shot dead on Mandela Avenue and two others - Junior Callendar and Osmond Forester - were admitted to a city hospital in a critical condition. Mark Anthony Sancho was killed as a result of bullets fired from a moving vehicle – the drive-by shooting. This sensational event troubled many. The vast majority of Guyanese recorded it as a fly-by night incident. However it destroyed the life of a distraught mother. This female Sancho never recovered from the loss of life of her son. However, the great trouble is few cared enough to bother themselves to ask his mother and the other members of his immediate relatives how they are doing. The society has become numb to pain and suffering. But the victim’s mother never recovered. The victim’s wife relocated. It is very factual, not only is the deceased a victim but also the members of the immediate relatives of the deceased are victims. Therefore in the last seven years, the laundry list of members of the people of Sancho, Campbell, Friday, Kissoon, Solomon, and Young have been murdered. Several others have forfeited their lives as a result of criminal negligent homicide, and reckless endangerment – vehicular manslaughter and occupational hazard. The most confounding are the deaths of Eddy Sancho [pork-knocker], Donald Sancho [pork-knocker], Delon Sancho [pork-knocker], Vibert Sancho, Troy Sancho, Vivian Joseph, Frankie Rodrigues, Walcott, Cato, and Clifton Young.

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Perhaps you will pray to your God to deliver our people out of the hands of evil individuals who are criminalizing and dehumanizing our people and communities. More-over say a prayer for my people while you are it…why upon this earth any god will allow teenagers mere schoolboys to become influenced by criminal elements and participate in criminal and heinous crimes denying themselves childhood is simply beyond my imagination. Clearly, the creative force is moving all too slowly for my tastes. It forces me to wonder whether such force has stopped functioning all together these days.
While I am convinced some sort of superior force reproduced all that is know and unknown I am not so sure today- whatever it was and/or is - is really listening to the wailing of our people. I am crying today, with no tears flowing down my face. I read recently another Sancho a victim of criminal acts of violence in Guyana. But however, what really got to me is the fact another Sancho is a perpetrator of criminal acts as produced by Rondell Rawlins and his gang. The fact that this Sancho is merely a little boy is even more troubling. I believe, parents, immediate relatives, the systems of extended family, and the communities have allowed our babies to walk down the pathway to doom and gloom.
These last seven years has indeed produced a rough-time for the kinship of Sancho. Too many has been victimized. Two members of the kinship of Sancho are known to be mustered in an environment of criminal minds and participate in illegal activities in Guyana. I know neither Dwayne Sancho nor Troy Sancho could not be identified with criminal element were they birthed in the colony of British Guiana. I am positive; the old-timers would have murdered them before they suffered from such “shame and disgrace”, as they were fond of saying, as they administered judgments on our rear ends and elsewhere. We are guilty as charged. But in the final analysis Dwayne Sancho and Troy Sancho are the ultimately the persons who must shoulder the blame for their own actions. Dwayne Sancho and Troy Sancho will bare the consequences of their actions. I still cry for Troy Sancho and others and now Dwayne Sancho has followed in the footsteps of Troy Sancho, I am aware my relatives Dwayne Sancho and Troy Sancho will have lived no useful life at all. And that saddens and sickens my very soul. But I take solitude that my mother and the majority of her generation are not here to witness the undoing of our people. I know; that would simply stated be too much for them to bear. Many of them had had their difficulties with the Sancho folksongs therefore you can well imagine how they would have reacted to members of the kinship of Sancho being described as criminals and homicidal maniacs.
This eye-pass, this disrespecting, this blatant disregard for my people, our people must be brought to an immediate end. It can not be too soon enough for me. What wrong has Sancho done Rondell Rawlins for him to recruit, and/or encourage our young boys to be his accomplishes? Why did not Rondell Rawlins chase our babies away from him? For Rondell Rawlins and other to lead my young relatives to forfeit their lives is too sickening for me to comprehend. I am really hurting inside. I never could have imagined I would be alive to be a witness to the disrepute that has befallen my people of Sancho.
I charge the communities; the non-governmental organizations must shoulder the responsibility to prevent reoccurrences. I can recall having been birthed in the era following the so-called split in the colony of British Guiana; I can recall that that era the adults were disciplinarians. I can assure you regardless of the difference of ethnicity discipline were dispensed whenever and wherever adjudged necessary. In fact, I grew up hearing behave like a Sancho. I believe troy Sancho and Dwayne Sancho never heard such refrain. They were perhaps never subjected to such disciplinary measures. The entire villages, and communities, all seemed involved in the child rearing process. Perhaps, such practices, similar to that of the extended family are all now a thing of the past. Such statements must sound like fair tales to our youths these days. What is the meaning of this? Why is this happening to the people of Sancho?
I am perturbed; that a number of our youngsters will continue to follow suit in such an unwholesome fashion.
How upon this earth can anyone of sound mind love what has transpired in recent times in Guyana- and particularly in the so-called African communities, on the East Sea Coast of Demerara and on the East Bank of the Demerara River? I believe any man who used boys to perpetuate mayhem – and other immoral acts is a disgrace to his kinship, his ancestry, his ethnicity, his nation and his people and humanity as a whole.
Why did Dwayne Sancho join Rondell Rawlins and his gang? Did Dwayne Sancho kill anybody? When did he join the gang? Was he compelled to join? What is his sense of self-worth? What’s his appreciation of his ancestry? Why in the name of creation has he chosen to display self-hatred? How could he muster the courage to be so inhumane? Why has he chosen to dishonor his heritage? What manner of punishment should be meted out to him? Was it racism? Was it related to illegal drugs trade? Who gave him the weapons? Does he have an idea how the guns were procured? Whether politicians are involved as many of us believe?
There are certainly more questions than answers.
It is known, and accepted, wherever, there is poverty; there is high incidents of criminal activity. In the period, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the colonial authorities of the colony of British Guiana, was very concerned with the problem of crime in the city of Georgetown. The so-called criminals were referred to as the centipede. Dorothy Rice was murdered in 1913. was one of the people who participated in the labour class protest known as the Ruimveldt Riots of December 1905. it is said members of the centipede were among those who
I have no idea how any of either four or five generations of my Sancho ancestors would have dealt with this image; with this barrage of ill-wind which has blown upon the people of Sancho in the last seven years or there about. Troy Sancho and Dwayne Sancho are known to have rum amuck with filthiness of crimes so horrendous, it is beyond description. It is beyond my comprehension. Certainly no argument can be raised projecting them as heroes
I am cognizant; Rondell Rawlins and those of his nature –such Taylor and the child soldiers of Sierra Leone - who will allow teenagers to trod down the path of ill repute - are unconscionable and despicable human beings.
Further more I beg all the people of Guyana to rise up and to take back your sons, your daughters, your villages, your communities, your institutions, from those who practice ill-will towards our shared experiences, our heritage and our kinships.


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