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To Sancho from Sancho with Love,

I spoke with Cousin Josephine Patterson last night for about 28 minutes. I spilled my guts on every thing that was troubling me – venting seemed to energize me- I told her I can not understand why the children of Mary "Georgianna" Sancho think the must and should control the destiny of this research and other activities.

Cousin Josephine Patterson stated the following;

Cousin Muriel Sancho will not know of as many Sanchos as Josephine, because Muriel Sancho resided in various locations in Guyana.
Cousin Josephine Patterson told me the two elderly females I saw, and met at the Elliott residence on Sandy Street and Middle Walk, Golden Grove, are two sisters – children of Annie Sophia Sandy and Tappin Johnson Elliott - your grandmother Sophia Willis and Cousin Josephine Patterson’s mother, Mildred Patterson.
Our Cousin Bernadette Patterson is her daughter who is a classmate of mine at Golden Grove Government Secondary School. Cousin Bernadette Patterson is the same age as myself and is not resting in peace.
Mrs. Kendall’s name is Phyllis Archer and she does not remember Mrs. Cummings’s name.
Isabella Gordon and her children Fred and Darryl – whose descendants could well, are residing in the Massachusetts area, including a Dr. Gordon, who has a son and two daughters. Fred Gordon was employed at Mahaica Hospital. Reverend Talbot some welfare service for Isabella Gordon who had Alzheimer’s disease – and, disappeared from a Sunday morning church service in Golden Grove Methodist Church and was found late the evening in the Backlands in Golden Grove by members of the Sharper family. Joycelynne Loncke should know the Gordon family.
Irene Graham, Mrs. Mackie, Mrs. Chishom of Mahaica, are Seymour – children of Clarence Sancho.
Kenneth Robertson wrote her – a letter from our cousin, Muriel Sancho. Cousin Josephine Patterson did not know that Kenneth Robertson is Tee Joyce’s son afflicted with Polio. Yet, it is said she was at the family reunion in New Jersey.
I told her I am and do not look forward to communicating with Mr. Robertson and his offsprings – unless they undertake an attitude adjustment, and honor Leebert Sancho and Brenda Abrams, who are most deserving because their work is still contributing in the community. I told her that this every two year- gathering is rather useless and circus like atmosphere – a carnival – people would loose interest. The aim must be some thing constructive and constant, perhaps yearly – with simultaneous gatherings in Guyana and wherever.

I explained to our Cousin Josephine Patterson the agenda I have in mind. Most satisfying she seemed to agree with my points of view. I asked to promote the idea among our relatives. I also told her I now understand Mrs. Denbow is a Simon not a Sancho- the name Sancho is not mentioned in the Denbow family as per relatives – Dr. Edward Simon. If and when you do speak with the Montreal Sanchos do put forward the point have not for profit incorporation – tell both Leebert and Mariette I say answer the darn emails. I really think some one other than Kenneth Robertson has to step forward. George hinds said he understood my views – that’s it’s his mother’s influence – and, I am not satisfied – but am attempting to do the best I can. In light of the negatives – it’s moving along but ever so slowly.

From Sancho with much love.


I agreed with Cousin Josephine Patterson because I resided with Muriel Sancho on the Eastern Bank of the Berbice River in the late 1950s – I lived with her for quite a while.

Cousin Josephine Patterson reminded me of the stories I heard as a child while residing in Nabaclis and Golden Grove Villages of my great aunt Edith Sharper cursing out her sisters; Mrs. Winifred Moore of Ann’s Grove and Mrs. Eileen Abrams of Nabaclis.

This was I think probably the result of Tuckness Sancho’s will in which Mrs. Edith Sharper, and her eldest brother, Alexander Sancho; my grandfather did not receive the property, they were promised they would get because they are both birthed out of wedlock. That recounting rings similar as I remember to what Banner Benn told me of the behavior of the members of the Sancho family.

Cousin Josephine Patterson agreed with me – that Muriel Sancho- my mother, became a teacher because of the influence of the descendants of Mary Sancho – Sandy, especially the children of Tappin Elliott. Yes, I am not making up these family members, and the Sancho family must honour Leebert Sancho.

I forgot to speak about the folk song I understand sung by Julio Iglesias


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