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Don’t snub Sony, Honor him, make Ramphal national hero

There are still to few Guyanese and others who are concerned with honest study and relating the issues of Guyana’s immediate soci-political history. A number of Guyanese suggested Shirdath Surendranath Ramphal should not be regarded as a national hero. This is indeed very sad commentary. It stamps upon Guyana the cliche "a good man is seldom honored in his own country"

Fellow Guyanese point to Sony Ramphal's ten years - 1965 to 1975 - tenure in service of the Forbes Burnham led People's National Congress government, as their paramount rationale for the rejection, of this esteemed scholar and international statesman. This led to a number of questions, including the following, Was Ramphal in wholehearted support of Burnham’s program of a social and political system organized around profit and exploitation for personal gain? Did Ramphal betray the Indian ethnic group of Guyanese by joining the Burnham Administration? Was Ramphal educating himself, with first hand knowledge, in pursuit of a crusade of international solidarity? Is the real culprit, Ramphal’s ideological differences, with the now revered Cheddie Jagan, a man neither of Ramphal’s elk nor class, a reason?

If it is the Ramphal produced Burnham dictated constitution of Guyana, which is the primary reason the practitioners of hindsight concluded indicated Ramphal's a crook and or a hypocrite, then let's turn our attention to others of the ruling class, who governed using the same constitution. What does that make them? I am curious to learn how the careers of the following are perceived by Guyanese, today; Sugrim Singh, Ayube Edun, Jai Narine Singh, Bechu, Verasammy Mudaliar, Joseph Rohomon, E.V. Luckhoo, Lionel Luckhoo, H.B. Gajraj, R. B. Gajraj, J. A. Veersawmy, Dr. Joseph P. Latchmansingh, Ramkarran, Randy Chandisingh, Brindley Benn, W.O.R ‘Rudy’ Kendall and Doc. Denbow.

Whatever their concocted rationale does not hold water. The quote - "show me your company and I’ll tell who you are" that’s a blanket statement and is not always the fact. The book of Genesis 39:41:41-57; gives an account of Joseph, son of Jacob by Rachel. The Biblical Joseph dwelled in Egypt and was employed by Pharaoh, served Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard, and was made overseer in Potiphar’s house. The Pharaoh made Joseph, the greatest in the Egypt. Joseph was not contaminated, with all the evil, which surrounded him. So it is with Ramphal.

Guyana’s social and political history has to reflect the truth; thus a man such as Ramphal Guyanese cannot afford to ignore. Ramphal’s a tireless intellectual and an orator of social truths. Ramphal's a man of national, regional and international solidarity of the human race. Ramphal stands on his record as a world statesman, prior to that as a mover, shaker and shaper of the "West Indian Federation". Thus its quite obvious Sonny Ramphal is about national unity, more so regional - West Indian - and international unity.

Shirdath Surendranath Ramphal popularly known as Sony Ramphal is numbered among the best intellectuals and scholars of the twentieth century. Ramphal, born in New Amsterdam and his credentials, indicate, perhaps the best of Berbice, is most certainly a national hero.

Guyanese concerned with the thought process of those who wallow and seek to tarnish the reputation of this very fine human being, must also be committed to the revelation of truth, eradication of Mass ignorance and the promotion of solidarity among all classes and ethnicity of the peoples of Guyana. It is only fitting Ramphal be made a National hero. Unless there’s ample evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt, implying Ramphal’s a man who does not practice what he has lectured and written. I call upon all Guyanese, to make every effort to ensure, Ramphal, so honored in so many countries across the globe, be made a national hero, in the land of his birth; that’s the only fitting honor for Ramphal.

Burnham's selfishness, considered and labeled by Guyanese and others as a betrayal of the masses of Guyanese people started, without Ramphal, and continued without him. Thus a man such as Burnham would more than likely employ any able-bodied soldier to accomplish whatever Ramphal did during his tenure within the People’s National Congress. History has revealed this experience, to be the fact of the situation.

There’s neither rhyme nor reason why Ramphal is not yet made a national hero of Guyana. Are Guyana and Guyanese waiting for Ramphal’s death? Only, then to call him what he really is; a very good man. Then bestow honors upon him. Fellow Guyanese that would amount to a crying shame, for there’s ample time to do so now while Ramphal’s alive.

Make the effort, make every effort, think for your self, examine the works of Ramphal, let that be your responsibility, that will guide your conclusions rather than blindly accepting whatever you’re told by family, friends, or the cultural heritage which defined your character, your existence.

Ramphal filled a void, an immense void, and the degree to which Ramphal succeeded disclosed the great dimensions of the man. Ramphal with scholarly dedication, a devoted attacker of injustice and a defender of freedom. Ramphal’s massive contributions to Guyana, the British West Indian Federation, and the British Common Wealth of Nations and to the world as a whole can neither be buried nor silenced.

Ramphal is similar to the great traveler in many ways but the mere fact both chose to reside beyond the boundaries of the countries they call home is indeed very telling - an indictment of the political atmosphere in Guyana. A blind man can construe that fact.

Ramphal's achievements and life's work, although monumental is neither quite Imhotep nor Yuzu Asaf (Jesus Christ), but, however, certainly measure comparatively and favorably with heroes such as the following, Malcolm X of USA via Grenada, Schomburg of USA via Puerto Rico, Campos of Puerto Rico, Butler of Trinidad and Tobago via Grenada, Marryshow of Grenada, Critchlow and Rodney of Guyana, N'Krumah of Ghana, Sankara of Burkina Faso, Douglass of USA, John Locke and Dr. Samuel Johnson of Great Britain, and Gandhi and Tagore of India. Ramphal is the most widely honored Guyanese and rightly so, I might add.

The proposition that Ramphal is a crook and he betrayed the Indian Diaspora is perhaps as perplexing as it outlandish as - Jesus Christ dying upon a cross - the European Christians scenario painted, presented and willed upon millions, even billions of human beings. The illusionist conjured and circulating theory is perturbing. I evocate in plain, vivid English language, neither did Jesus Christ die upon a cross nor Ramphal betray the Indian Diaspora. The intention is not to diminish the contributions Critchlow, Kwayana and Rodney made to the Guyanese society, but to emphasize and to promote, the fact Sony Ramphal is worthy of the status of national, regional and international hero.


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