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Sankofa – Search for Knowledge.

Highest Blessings!

I greet thee Sancho, in the name of the ancestor; Tuckness Sancho, All Praises and all Thanks are due to the creator of all worlds, both the seen and the unseen.

In the spirit of Muriel Sancho, I am come – come in peace – I am with oneness of heart, mind and soul – I am come to lift up the name of Ancestor; Sancho.

I reminiscent and therefore I recalled I am told three female Sanchos welcomed me into this world, on a rainy early morning hour in December of 1955 and gave me from the get go a sense of security; Muriel Sancho, my immediate ancestor, her sister Aunt Inez, and her cousin Muriel Sancho; daughter of great Uncle Christopher Sancho. This fact is a primary reason for my ‘make up’. Avril and Pricilla sharper cared for my well being while I was a very little child, thus Peter and Louis Sharper figure permanently in my childhood memories of New Amsterdam.

Dora and Barbara Sancho were regulars, visiting their Aunt Muriel in Alexander Street, in New Amsterdam. I recall I associated Georgetown with Dorothy Sancho. I would cry long eye water if Muriel did not take me to Dorothy – What’s that East La Penitence.

1961 as I recall the year I associate with accurate memories. I recall hopping along the railway tracks to Aunt Elsa'’ residence. Their'’ Uncle Edward Morris in a rocking chair with a pipe in his mouth. The room I am told I recall Cecil'’, the racing cycle. Well Cecil and Errol rode the racing bicycle I understood. Errol racing cycle, George brought to New Amsterdam and I would finally master it in the Golden Grove and Nabaclis community.

Well I loved eating it was a habit thus I preferred Golden Grove and Nabaclis community, to New Amsterdam. Going aback was fun picking up coconut was not. The food well I acquired the taste. Boya Sharper, Tee Joyce, Wok and Dead, Uncle Charlie, uncle Ossie, aunts Margaret, Elsa, and Inez, Cousins Sheila, Edmund, Louis, Peter, Gell, Sydney, Vibert, Myrvin, Anson, Ralph, Back Legg, Ralph Moore, Sue-Bow I really enjoyed going aback with them. A huge amount of me, pass into oblivion – when folks I know make the transition to ancestor.

All I am really trying to say is - Sancho is about survival, the survival of a people against overwhelming odds, and the survival of a people amid the adversities of life.

I consider and acknowledge each one of us as the extension of those Sanchos. I regret they are no longer with us for the simple reason – they would know a lot more of themselves than those of us currently alive know of them and others associated with them.

I am foremost a truth seeker. Sanchos do not need Alex Haley; Sanchos need only the truth. It is then in the interest of accuracy and knowledge of self, I ask the questions. I require the information not for personal use but to ascertain who is and who is not Sancho. The older generations it seems called every soul; relative, now it’s up to us the living to identify the blood relatives. The Black life and culture has its pros and icons.

A committed effort must be undertaken to determine who has the Sancho blood flowing in their veins.

This is no easy task for folks called each other cousins for so many years in the rural areas, it really is a painstaking to establish who and or how the relationship if any occurred in the first place.

Examining the Alexander and Rachel Sancho family and the extended family, I noticed folks, who are related to Rachel Campbell, often claim to be related to Sancho. The task therefore is to identify these relatives and place them, where they rightfully belong.

That’s the correct thing to do, as a matter of fact, the only thing to do in this situation.


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