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Identifying Gill Lineage - Descendants of Sancho

Soliciting Information - Gill of Guyana and Barbados.
 I am really focusing on the Sancho lineage. I believe it's best to chat about the Gill people from the migration from Barbados to Demerara to the known members of Buxton and Friendship and thus to Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Haslington and their movement beyond Guyana in the twentieth century. I need to be enlightened.
 I am soliciting information on the lineage of the kinship of GILL. I need to identify the Sancho ancestor of the members of the kinship of Gill, mentioned below. I am referring to Gill of Buxton-Friendship and their off springs - Arthur Gill and his descendants – of Golden Grove-Nabaclis.
 The known members of this Gill kinship of Gill includes; Susan Elizabeth Gill died on Sunday, November 27, 1938.  Ms. Gill was 91 years old. Ms. Gill is the mother of Edith Gill, Irene Gill, Winnie Gill, Arthur Gill, Iris Gill, Oscar Gill, and Princess Gill. Source: The Daily Chronicle - Monday, November 27, 1939: page eight. 
Arthur Gill was pan boiler. He died on Thursday, January 18, 1968. The remains of Arthur Gill, Florence Gill, his wife, and Theodore Gill, and George Gill, their sons, are buried in Sancho Family Plot in the cemetery at Golden Grove on the East Coast of Demerara. There are also, Joycelyn Gill 
Daphne Gill, Johnny Gill (aka Johnny Clarke) Muriel Gill, Brian Gill and others in this kinship group.
 Irene Gill, the sister of Arthur Gill and Oscar McGarrell were married. Oscar McGarrell was a Member and Chairman of the Local Authority of the Buxton-Friendship Village District. 
JAMES EBENEZER GILL died on Friday, December 17, 1971.
 “Covetous” Gill also known as Campbell is also a member of the kinship of this group of Gill. “Covetous” Gill was a police officer employed in the Guyana Police Force.
i am told Jonathan Campbell, Edwin Percival Gill/ Burchnell Campbell, Mavis Gill are also included in this Gill, Campbell, and Sancho groups of families. 
 I need the names of the father of James Ebenezer Gill, and the husband of Susan Elizabeth Gill. I believe them to be immediate relatives of the same generation. I need to know how they are linked to Sancho.  Who must I contact and consult soonest…Contact:

Thomas Worrill Gill - born: October 9. 1855, Barbados; Married: St. Phillip’s Church, Georgetown, British Guiana April 8, 1890) and Emily Ruth Seymour (born: 1872), Source of information: megafashn 
Romeo Augustus Gill - born: August 8, 1937 Georgetown, British Guiana Source of information: roxxie02
George Cedric Gill – born 1940 Georgetown, British Guiana – Death 1997 Guyana, father of Jeanette Ozella Bacchus (1943 – 1988), Source of Information: Sherwin Gill
Hilda Margaret Gill - Born Abt 1880, British Guiana, South America, spouse: Sidney Howard Bayley (born 1880) Son: Bertie Pelham Bayley (1907 – 1995) Source of information:; twist69   
Karen Gill - born: February 1, 1971, Guyana – Death: January 15, 2012, Maryland, USA, daughter of Mr. Gill and Stella Thomas, mother of Robin Craig, Source of information: Kadeem Gill.
Alfred Gill - born and died Guyana, spouse: Kate Isadora Adams (1919 – 2005), and father of Paulette Florizelle (Adams 1942 – 1997), Source of Information: Shaunlani Baker.
Samuel Gill - born Guyana - Death: 2008, Guyana, spouse: Millicent Henry, Source of Information: Felix Gill Alvarez. 
Patrick Gill (born: abt 1899 – Guyana; Arrival: Dec 1918 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Orin Eckman Gill (born: 1 Mar 1957 – Guyana; 31 Jan 1989 – Atlanta)
Derek Grafton Gill (born: 20 Sep 1951 – Guyana; 18 Mar 1987 – Houston)
Russell Gill (born: 1 Mar 1891 – Guyana; Residence: New York, USA)
 Karen Angela Gill (born: Abt 1972; Death: abt 17 Jan 2012 - United States)
William Arthur Gill (born: abt 1885 – Barbados)
Rhoda Gill (born: abt 1896 – Barbados)
Edith Louise Gill (born: abt 1905 – Barbados)
Frank Gill (born: abt 1859)
Edith Jean Gill (born:  abt 1903 - Bubice, Bound Girl; Arrival:  23 May 1921 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Aubrey Edwin Gill (born: abt 1885 Arrival:  10 Dec 1918 - Halifax, Nova Scotia)
 Frederick Gill (born:   abt 1885 – Canada Arrival:  11 Mar 1929 - St John, New Brunswick)
 Charlotte L Gill (born: abt 1895 - B.W.I. Arrival:  17 May 1926 - St John, New Brunswick)
 Mona Gill (born: abt 1903 - British West Indies Arrival:  21 Aug 1928 - St John, New Brunswick)
Richmond Gill (born:   abt 1909 Arrival:  27 Aug 1929 - St John, New Brunswick)
Joyce Gill (born: abt 1912 Arrival:  4 Jun 1929 - St John, New Brunswick)
Frank Gill (born: abt 1860 Arrival:  6 Jun 1930 - London, England)
Edith M Gill (born: abt 1873 Arrival:  6 Jun 1929 - London, England)
Miss E Gill (born: abt 1888 Arrival:  7 Jun 1927 - London, England)
Mrs. Nora Mary Gill (born: abt 1895 Arrival: 23 Nov 1946 - Liverpool, England)
Aidan Gill (born: abt 1905 Arrival: 14 Feb 1947 - Liverpool, England)
John Gill (born: abt 1906 Arrival:  12 Jun 1947 - London, England)  
William Gill (Arrival: 13 May 1908 - Liverpool, England)     
M A Gill (born: 24 Feb 1915 Arrival: 18 Nov 1960 - Plymouth, England)
Beryl A Gill (born: 10 Jul 1923 Arrival: 26 Nov 1956 - Plymouth, England)
Claude Gill (born: 17 Feb 1923 Arrival: 26 Nov 1956 - Plymouth, England) 
Elitha H Gill (born: abt 1934 Arrival:  13 Nov 1954 - Plymouth, England      )
L I Gill (born: 6 Sep 1943 Arrival: 6 Jun 1960 - Plymouth, England) 
Jessie Hartley Gill (born: abt 1875)

Gill Family Tree  
NAME:             George Cedric Gill
BIRTH: 1940 - Guyana
DEATH:            1997 - Guyana
Gill Family Tree 
NAME:             Romeo Augustus Gill
BIRTH: 08-08-1937 (8 Aug 1937) - Guyana
DEATH:            Guyana
Alvarez Family Tree 
NAME:             Samuel Gill
BIRTH: Guyana
DEATH:            2008
SPOUSE:          Millicent Henry
Baker Family Tree 
NAME:             Alfred Gill
BIRTH: Guyana
DEATH:            Guyana
Harris Family Tree 
NAME:             Oscar Gill
BIRTH: Guyana
DEATH:            Georgetown, Guyana
Turner Family Tree 
NAME:             Sophia Gill
BIRTH: Guyana
DEATH:            Guyana
SPOUSE:          Joseph Lieu Ken Pen
Chee-A-Tow Family Tree    
NAME:             Sophia Gill
BIRTH: 28 Dec 1912 - Guyana
DEATH:            May 1994 - Georgetown, Guyana
Gill Family Tree 
NAME:             Karen Gill
BIRTH: 1 Feb 1971 - Guyana
DEATH:            15 Jan 2012 - Maryland, USA

NAME:             Hilda Margaret Gill
BIRTH: Abt 1880 - Guyana
SPOUSE:          Sidney Howard Bayley
Lieu-Ken-Pen Family Tree 
NAME:             Sophia Gill
BIRTH: 28 Dec 1912 - Guyana
DEATH:            May 1994 - Georgetown, Guyana
Layne Family Tree
NAME:             Sybil Gill
BIRTH: 1909 - Guyana
Yip Family Tree
NAME:             Margery Gill
BIRTH: About 1920 - Guyana
DEATH:            29th Nov 1969 (29 Nov 1969) - Georgetown, Guyana
PARENTS:        Fleming Gill
SPOUSE:          Joseph Albert Yip
Gill Family Tree 
NAME:             Thomas Worrell Gill
BIRTH: 10/9/1855 (10 Sep 1855) - Barbados
MARRIAGE:     8 Apr 1890 - Guyana
SPOUSE:          Emily Ruth Seymour  
Are you aware of any of the people mentioned above and/or their relatives? Let's talk, immediately - Email:


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