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Soninke's Nyancho and Nyanchoya, Sonko, Sanko, and Sankoh of Susu, Mandinka and Temne and Sancho of Guyana

Soninke's Nyancho/Nyanchoya, Sonko, Sanko, and Sankoh of Susu, Mandinka and Temne and Sancho of Guyana

Peace and blessings to everyone, everywhere. I am referring to friends and/or associates of my known ancestors. Our enemies be forever damned. I am cognizant that friends and enemies are found in every society. I further charge enemies are found within the nuclear family group. There are people within every kinship or clan and community who are classified as either friends or enemies and so it is with the Sancho family in the English speaking Caribbean basin – the West Indies.
Every society has its detractors. There are people who are indoctrinated, greedy and treacherous. They are absolutely ultra-materialist.  Their dishonesty knows no boundaries. They hide behind the name Sancho. They hide behind things like kinship, immediate relatives, and friendship, and so on. They blatantly and willfully make false claims. They maliciously violate myself and my most prized ancestors and a number of our immediate relatives – our loved ones. Yet those materialistic people attempt to have me accept their utter rubbish as factual. All oono who try to encourage me to dishonor myself and our people of the past, be gone and be damned.
 I am not in the business of forgiveness. I know my ancestors are humans. But still I don’t care to hear about our human weaknesses and failures. I try to neither forget nor forgive any infraction regardless of the identity of the offending party. Thus if you want or think you need to be forgiven; I will advise you to make retribution to all of my known ancestors, Muriel Sancho, Alexander Sancho, Rachael (Campbell) Sancho, Lammy Tuckness Sancho, Josephine P. Young, Bentick Sancho and Sarah (Sumner) Sancho, James Campbell and Coolie (Solomon) Campbell and the others. Perhaps you should also seek Ptah, Amon-Ra, Krishna, Iu-Em-Hetep, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and his father Yahweh (Jehovah) and Allah and the other divine beings.
In the last third of 2013 the research process entered into its most exciting and fascinating phase. At first I was hesitant to accept either Nick Edwards, or Wallace Austin accounts as factual. This doubting Thomas believed their accounts were and/or are Anancy stories.  Their ancestors told them probably after some sort of disciplinary action. I recall Nick Edwards’ account of Sancho included fragments of Sancho royal family in West Africa. Nick Edwards is a great grandson of Swanson Blaire Sancho. About ten years later I heard Mortimer Luke repeating the phrase Prince Sankoh. I initially thought Mortimer Luke was simply referring to a relative by his name. After all I am aware of a relative known by the name Prince Sancho. Wallace Austin is a First-Cousin of Mortimer Luke, pointed out that Prince Sankoh is the name of his great great-grandfather. Prince Sankoh migrated to Demerara from West Africa. Thus the thoughts expressed by Cecily Abrams, Leebert Sancho, Nick Edwards, Mortimer Luke and Wallace Austin are the catalysts which motivated my thinking, Sancho  beyond and before Demerara. I am not aware of concrete evidence linking Bentick Sancho to the Sanko family of Port Loko, Tawiya on the Kolente River, Melikuri, Futa Djallon and/or elsewhere in Sierra Leone. I have the words of cousins Miss Cecily Abrams and Leebert Sancho.
Leebert Sancho stating his Y chromosome returned the identity of the Temne ancestry. Cousin Cecily Abrams communicated to me that our common ancestor, Bentick Sancho, then about 31 years old, accompanied by other immediate relatives entered the colony of Demerary between 1815 and 1817. I believe and accept  that the possibility still exists that Sancho of Guyana can cross the Atlantic ocean and link with the Sancho, Sanko, Sankoh, Sanka, and Sonko clans in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Senegal and Gambia in West Africa.
 I accessed Kenneth C. Wylie presentation, “The Political Kingdoms of the Temne – Temne Government in Sierra Leone, 1825-1910” at the Mid-Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library in the borough of Manhattan in the City of New York.  And lo and behold Sanko is mentioned on pages 36-40, 103-104, 132 and 170. Now according to the researcher there was a Susu-temne war which ended with the beheading of the Alimami Ibrahima Konkori Sanko and numerous members of his loyal supporting cast in 1816.  It is noted Fula, Yulanka, Susu, Loko and others are also found within the Temne people of Sierra Leone. What then is this? Sancho arrived in Demerary during a period of political social and economic upheavals in the Sierra Leone River basin. Is that merely coincidence? I think the answer to such a question is no.  one is also informed the peopling of the Senegambia region, included, people who were originally Jakhanke- and Sarakuli (Soninke) -speakers, such as the Dumbuya, Fofana, and Sankoh kin groups.
At this juncture I believe and I accept that Sonko, Sanko, Sankoh, Sancho and other variants are Mandinkized. They are of Soninke before they became Susu and Mandinka – finally Temne before Bentick Sancho crossed the Atlantic Ocean and settled in the colony of Demerara. That then is my working thesis.  Can it be proven? I don’t know the answer to such a question. I would die a satisfied man if I am enlightened to my Sancho ancestral heritage as it were in Sudan, Kemet (ancient Egypt) and the birth place of the human experience – the foothills of the mountains of the moon.  That then is my dream. I admit realizing that dream would take some doing. It is probably an impossible dream.

I most anxiously look forward to communicating with Ms. Patience Sonko-Goodwin. I also love to consult griots and members of the kinships of Sancho, Sanko, Sankoh and Sonko people of Pot Loko and other locations in Sierra Leone, Liberia, the basins of the Gambia-Casamance-Geba rivers, in Gambia, Guinea, and Senegal and elsewhere in West Africa.  Please facilitate, immediately.


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