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Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho: an Ancestor or Mythical Character

Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho: an Ancestor or Mythical Character - Sancho in the Daily Chronicle, 1880-1897.
Sancho is mentioned some 148 times, between October 1880 and December 1899, in the Daily Chronicle newspaper. Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780) is not found therein. Sancho Panza is mentioned as many as on thirteen occasions. The most intriguing pieces of information state Bentinck Sancho had a wife named Sarah Sancho. He also has a son named Charles Sancho. It appears the events transpired before 1860. Also Tuckness Sancho was charged, indicted and found guilty of assaulting Emily Hercules at Nabaclis Village. I am wondering whether this is a reference to the origins of Teddy Sancho. I am aware teddy Sancho is the father of Cyril Hercules. Thus, perhaps, Emily Hercules is the mother of Teddy Sancho. There is also mentioned of Lammy Sancho Phillips. I cannot make a determination as to the possible parents of this man. Certainly, his name jumped out at me. It appears he is too old to be a son of Lambert Tuckness Sancho.
The articles reveal our representatives were not angels. They are of course humans. Therefore, they suffered the consequences of being man under nature and in a plantation and colonial setting. On numerous occasions, they were indicted, found guilty and sentenced in Criminal and Civil Courts in the Colony of British Guiana. There were numerous appearances in police news showing our people before magistrates. They also appeared in supreme courts before the Chief Justice.
Lambert Tuckness Sancho is found most often. His sons, Allick Sancho, my grandfather, twice and Christy Sancho, once, are also found in articles relative to the courts. Lambert Tuckness Sancho was charged with assaulting with both males and females. He was assaulted on several occasions. His name is, however, most often found in articles respecting the local government administration of the villages of Nabaclis and Golden Grove. Lambert Tuckness Sancho was a butcher. He owned horse and carriage, and domesticated animals. He was also a farmer. He was also an Overseer of Golden Grove Village Sanitary District. He was an elected member of the Local Authority of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District. There are also a few letters written by Lambert Tuckness Sancho.
Allick Sancho is said to be a boy of 12 years of age in an appearance before Mr. H. H. Cunningham, on Tuesday, March 3, 1885. In the Police Magistrate's Court, at Belfield
Published reports shows an appearance on Wednesday, November 9, 1892 before Mr. J. T. Thorne at Belfield Uncle Christy was said to be a boy of about twelve years old and Allick Sancho, about 19 years old. No age and/or estimate of age are given for Lammy T. Sancho. I believe Guianese would be able to somewhat tell the age of a youngster. I believe my great- grandfather was some 40 to 43 years old at this juncture of his sojourn. I wonder whether a copy of the registration of his birth can be located, and accessed. It is likely to show the accurate date of his birth and the maiden name, and other names of his mother and father. I do not think the record will be found in the Government institutions. I suspect a number of events in the lives of our representatives will perhaps be located in records of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society, the Church of England (Episcopalian Church)
William Sancho of Buxton was also known as John Glasgow. He was simply a repeat offender. He was into petty Larceny and burglaries. William Sancho was convicted of felony on the 18th July, 1873, 15th February, 1875, and 13th January, 1879, respectively. This data tells us William Sancho may have been born in the proximity of the birthing of Lammy T. Sancho. Perhaps, the date of his birth and/or the names of his parents and/or other immediate relatives may be found amongst the records of showing the proceedings of the criminal justice system of that era. Therefore, the need is to consult with a historian of legal matters in colonial Guyana. The records are probably held at the National archives. The colonial government also published a notice referred to as the "Titles to the land commissioners” for the county of Demerary and Essequebo and the county of Berbice. Such notices often show the names of the immediate relatives including the maiden names of females and the dates when by whatever the means, they became the proprietors. It is therefore absolutely necessary for researchers to access such publications dated between 1834 and 1930. It’s my hope they would reveal dates of deaths of our people and names of their immediate relatives, hereto now unknown and/or forgotten. I am thinking primarily the names of the grand children, great grand children and other generations of Mary Sancho (Mrs. Benjamin Sandy). Such publications may also shed light on events in the life of Bentick Sancho. I am hoping the name of his parents, his children and his wives and/or mothers of his children and dates of events in their lives are found therein and/or elsewhere. I would be most delighted and totally overjoyed whenever I access data showing that Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho is a historical being and not a mythical character. I am with our cousins, Ruby and Cicely Abrams, sisters, and their understanding of our history. Therefore I believe Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho is the name of my great-great-great-grandfather, and he fathered several children including Bentick Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, John Sancho, and George Sancho. I have also not given up on the fact that a number of persons referred to as cousins, aunts and uncles in the days of my youth are all fictitious relatives. I recall being advised by Miss Parris to look for possible relatives of Sancho amongst the members of the kinship of Denbow. She pointed out she does not think Sarah Pieters (Mrs. Denbow) is a daughter of Lammy T. Sancho. In fact, I am told Blackwell Simon is known to be her father. It appears the kinship of Denbow were residents at Clonbrook. I noticed Princess Sanco (perhaps Princess Sancho) and Sancho Adams being connected to Clonbrook and Ann's Grove, respectively. What does that mean?
A number of articles also showed our female representatives it bad light. Elizabeth Sancho, Charlotte Sancho, Susan Pieters, Princess Sanco, Ghowrie Sancho, and Emily Callighan and Mary Callighan were all indicted and charged and appeared before magistrates in criminal and civil matters. A number of then were found guilty and sentenced. Charlotte Sancho was a driver at Plantation Cove and John.
Articles found in issues of the newspapers showed our people; William Frederick Sancho (Plantation Rose Hall, Canje), Andrew Sancho (Berbice), Smart Sancho( Courtland, Corentyne), James Sancho ( No# 70 Village, Corentyne) and Mrs. S. Sancho(Corentyne); were residing on the Corentyne Coast and in the Canje river basin in Berbice. William Frederick Sancho was a Sergeant in the Rural Constabulary. He died before January 1894. Andrew Sancho of Berbice was sent to the penal settlement at Mazaruni. James Sancho owned land at plantation No. 70, known as the village of Massiah, on the Corentyne Coast. Smart Sancho was a farmer at Courtland, on the Corentyne Coast. Also, a Mrs. S. Sancho of Berbice was sent an unclaimed mail from Suriname.
The articles, for the most part, prove, that our relatives, Lammy T. Sancho, Allick Sancho, Christy Sancho, Charles Sancho, Bentinck Sancho, Sarah Sancho, Robert J. Sancho, Swanson B. Sancho, Ann Sancho, Bourne Sancho, George Sancho, Gilbert Sancho, Joseph Sancho, Mars Sancho, and Dada Sancho, Benjamin Sandy, Mary Sandy, M. Sandy, Mrs. Elliott, Tappin Elliott, Thomas Elliott were all residents of Golden Grove and Nabaclis and/or were associated with the communities.
David Sancho, Margaret Sancho (died July 18, 1895, a daughter of Susan Pieters), Charlotte Sancho (formerly Charlotte Adams), and William Sancho were residents of the villages of Buxton and Friendship. I wonder whether Susan Angelina Young and Susan Pieters are names of two females; or the same person. Regardless, I doubt, strongly, Benjamin Sancho is the father of Margaret Sancho, the daughter of Susan Pieters. If my grandfather is his father's first child and Benjamin Sancho, his brother and very much younger, suggests it is mathematically and biologically impossible for him to be the father of Margaret Sancho. He would be a mere boy approaching puberty, when Margaret Sancho was birthed. Those indications suggest another Sancho is the father of Margaret Sancho. David Sancho and William Sancho were adults in the era of the birth of Margaret Sancho. The best bet is to locate and access a certificate of the birth of Margaret Sancho. Perhaps it will reveal the name of her father.
Sancho (Goedverwagting), Ghowrie Sancho, Emily Callighan, Mary Callighan, and William Callighan (butcher, and Constable, Rural Constabulary) of Victoria Village; and Princess Sanco (perhaps Princess Sancho Clonbrook); were also residents in the communities on the East Coast of Demerara.
Cornelius Sancho, Elizabeth Sancho, Emanuel Sancho, Frederick Sancho, James Sancho, John Sancho, and Manoel Sancho were connected to Georgetown. They made appearance in the courts in Georgetown. James Sancho and John Sancho were miners. Also, returns of the Gold Industry show the following; A. Sancho & Others, Sancho & Gilbert, Simon & Sancho, Sancho & Simon, Sancho, Douglas & Sancho, and P. A. Montague, J. A. Sancho, J. Sancho & J. Granville. There are also a number of persons named Campbell. These included Rachael Campbell and J. Campbell connected to the Cuyuni district. It was said great-grandfather James Campbell was a miner. He owned claims in the Cuyuni river basin. However, between 1881 and 1897 his age would be in the range between 54 and 70 years. I heard James Campbell remarried at about 94 years old. Thus, perhaps James Campbell regarded the process of aging as simply mathematical. He perhaps, regardless of the restrictions imposed on him by the laws of nature, stubbornly refused to be impeded by his advancing age. I am of the opinion James Campbell died in 1924. He was 97 years old. His remains are interred next to that of Coolie Campbell (Miss Solomon) my great grand mother, at the cemetery at St. Mary’s Church of Scotland at Jonestown, in the district of Mahaica. I am also of the impression the remains of my ancestors, Walter deYoung and the mother of his children (an African, formerly a slave) are interred at the cemetery at St. Mary’s Church of Scotland at Jonestown. Therefore the need is to identify someone who would ascertain the information and obtain the data found on their graves and/or in records of St. Mary’s Church of Scotland.
There are also; Lammy Sancho Phillips, Sancho Adams (Ann's Grove), Sancho Brandis (Kortberaad, East Bank Berbice) and Robert Sancho Daniel (Chemist and Druggist, sick nurse and Dispenser), James Campbell, P. C. 376 Campbell (Is this a Reference to County Sergeant Major Campbell?), Alexander Campbell, Adonis Isaac Campbell, (Constable, Rural Constabulary, Mahaica Judicial District, Victoria and Later Nabaclis) Richard Campbell (Constable, Rural Constabulary, Judicial District, Beterverwagting), Ferrenis Campbell, John Solomon (Commissary of Taxation 1896) and Henrietta Solomon (Plantation Cove & John)

1. Are you aware of the members of the kinship of Sancho, Solomon and Campbell, mentioned above?
2. Why would Sancho assault Alice Waith, young child of Maria Waith?
3.Why would Tuckness Sancho assault Emily Hercules at Nabaclis Village?
4.Could the answer be Maria Waith is a mother of his child and was not acting as he would like her to so do?
5.Are the names Bentick Sancho and Bentinck Sancho between 1848 and 1860 referring to the same person?
6. Did Bentick Sancho marry following the death of his wife Mary, the mother of Mary Sandy and Lambert Tuckness Sancho in about 1849?
7. Do you know the names of the siblings of Charles Sancho and their descendants?
8. What are the maiden names of Mary Sancho and Sarah Sancho? I believe Mary Sancho’s surname is Sumner. I am Porter, has been mentioned. It is possible Sarah’s maiden name is either Porter or Giles.
9.Who are their immediate relatives?
10. Can you obtain information respecting the identities of our people mentioned in this article and their immediate relatives and also Dat Sancho and Sarah Sancho of Fyrish, Georgie Downer/George Sancho?

It is possible to access and obtain the certificates of the births of a number of the above mentioned relatives and/or possible relatives of the nineteenth century. Chances are great that the records of those birthed after 1868/1869 could be found. These include Allick Sancho, Christy Sancho and their siblings, Elizabeth Sancho, Cornelius Sancho, Joseph Sancho and Mary Callighan I am told a copy of a certificate of birth costs $50 US to be retrieved at the national archives in Georgetown, Guyana. I need to learn how the persons mentioned above are related to my ancestors. Also I intend to put together if you will a possible proverbial family tree, a digital file showing the probable family links. I am aware some will be absolutely accurate. Others will be my emotional thought process at work – gut feelings – conjecture. I believe it would be possible for researchers in the future to follow my thinking. They will be charged with the task to try as well as they may to set the records straight and/or as accurately as humanly possible.
It is quite possible, Allick Sancho is the miner identified as A. Sancho. I access a letter stating Allick Sancho a miner was resident at Victoria village in 1902 or 1904. It is plausible there were two grown folks named Allick Sancho in 1902-1903 connected to the communities of Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Victoria - but I strongly doubt that is accurate. My thinking is Allick Sancho mentioned as a resident of Victoria is indeed my grandfather.
If you have; will you please explain the circumstances? By that I am referring to the subject matter, including the communities in which they resided, and their immediate relatives. My mother and her siblings and their first Cousins - took great pains to prevent their off springs from being enlightened respecting the pattern if behavior our ancestors displayed. Regardless our people must learn and accept the simple truths. The fact, that human beings are what we are – and thus we are all going to do the things that humans do, and did and will do for we are confined by the realities of being humans.
Long live Muriel Sancho, Long live Allick Sancho, Lambert Tuckness Sancho, Bentick Sancho, Christy Sancho and all those who came and left before us.


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