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Lambert Tuckness Sancho and Anne Sophia Elliott

This Day in Sancho History
September 13, 1924 - Lambert Tuckness Sancho died at Nabaclis Village, East Coast Demerara, British Guiana.
September 13, 1948 - Anne Sophia Elliott died at Nabaclis Village, East Coast Demerara, British Guiana.
Lambert Tuckness Sancho is the uncle of Anne Sophia Elliott. The vast majority of the known members of the kinship of Sancho are descendants of Lambert Tuckness Sancho and Anne Sophia Elliott.
Lambert Tuckness Sancho is a son of Christopher "Boss Bentick" Sancho and his wife; Mary Sancho. Mary Sancho is the sister of Lambert Tuckness Sancho . . . Christopher Bentick Sancho is referred to in official colonial publications as Bentick Sancho. He was popularly known on the East coast of Demerara as "Boss Bentick.” Bentick Sancho was one of the shareholders of plantation Golden Grove.
The exact date of birth of Lambert Tuckness Sancho is not known. He was birthed at between 1849 and 1851. The maiden name of his mother is also not known.
Lambert Tuckness Sancho (1849/51-1924) and Ann Elizabeth Benn was married. Ann Elizabeth Sancho died in August. 1934 or 1935 . . .
The children of Lambert Tuckness Sancho are: Emma Francina Sancho (Mrs. James Ralph), Winifred Dorothy Sancho(Mrs. Vincent Emanuel Moore), Joseph Thomas Sancho, Ruby Sancho(Mrs. Samuel Arthur Abrams), Magnel Sancho (Mrs. Grovesnor ), Eileen Esme Sancho(Mrs. Randolph Aaron Abrams), and Gertrude Sancho [with his wife, Ann Elizabeth (nee Benn) Sancho.
Alexander Gustavus Sancho [with Josephine P. Younge]; Christopher Bentick Sancho and Edmund Sancho [name of the mother is unknown, probably Miss Sampson]; Edith Sancho (Mrs. Forshaw Sharper); [with Margaret Rogers]; Clarence Sancho, Madora Sancho (Mrs. Eleazer Scotland), and Mariamni Sancho (Mrs. Richard Thomas), [with Mary Taylor]; Mary Sancho, also referred to as Georgiana Sancho (Mrs. Joyce)[name of the mother is unknown]; and Auntie Mama Sancho, probably Cristobell Sancho, (Mrs. Roberts)[name of the mother is unknown]; Benjamin Sancho [name of East Indian mother is unknown]; and the mother of Sarah Johnson, Caroline Johnson, Thomas Johnson Wilfred Johnson and Agnes Bastiani and about eight others and grandmother of Felix Bastiani [name of East Indian mother is unknown]; I firmly believe there are at least four other children whose names I have not the slightest idea. There are also several mothers whose names I do not know.
The descendants of Lambert Tuckness Sancho possess the following surnames;
Abrams, Adams, Adkins, Agada, Agard, Alden, Alexander, Andries, Applewaite, Baird, Baynes, Brown, Callwood, Campbell, Caynes, Chichester, Clarke, Cobb, Cole, Cooper, Cort, Cosbert, Crandon, Duguid, Fraser, Gill, Glasgow, Greene, Grovesnor,
Haywood, Hinds, Hoppie, Hurry, Jack, James, Johnson, Jones, Joseph, Joyce, Kendall, Khan, King, Kingston, Klein, Lake, Lancaster, Lawrence, Lejeune, Lewis, Lowe, Luke, Mapp, Marious, Matthews, Mcadams, Mcintosh, Mckenzie, Mendoncia, Mercurius, Miller, Moore, Munro, Murphy, Nacimento, Oden, Oxley, Paul, Peters, Phillips, Pieters, Poole, Ralph, Richmond, Riley, Roberts, Robertson, Rodrigues, Ross, Rutherford, Samuels, Sancho, Scotland, Seales, Sharper, Shell, Simmons, Simon, Sinclair, Singletary, Smith, Stewart, St. Kitts, Sumner, Thomas, Tolbert, Trotman, Valentine, Walcott, Weatherspoon,
There are a number of other surnames which does not come readily to my mind . . . please feel free to enlighten respecting the surnames which I failed to mention . .
I am told, it was rumored; Lambert Tuckness Sancho (1849/51-1924), fathered twenty-two children. I have accounted for eighteen of the children of Lambert Tuckness Sancho . . . I do not know the name of one of his verified daughters. I am aware of the names of four of nine mothers of his children. It is possible had as many as thirteen mothers of his children . . . I need to be made aware of the names of all of the children and mothers of the children of Lambert Tuckness Sancho and their descendants . . .

Lambert Tuckness Sancho was an original member of the Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village Council. He was elected to serve as a Councillor on Thursday, February 9, 1893 at the village office at Nabaclis. Thomas Daly, the Secretary of the Board of Health and Inspector of Village, was the Returning Officer... The nomination of Candidate Sancho was proposed by Benjamin Sandy. The proposal was seconded by W. J. Rodney.
Adam Ridley, Thomas Adams, Albert Messiah Benn, David Collins, and Manoel Garoe Pitta were were also nominated and proposed as candidates. The candidates were proposed and seconded by Thomas Adams and Albert Messiah Benn, Cuffie James, and Lambert Tuckness Sancho; Elias London and J N. Agard; , Manoel Garoe Pitta and Albert Messiah Benn and Thomas Adams and Adam ridley, respectively. Elias London and James David were the Nominated Councillors...
thus the six candidates were declared duly elected Councillors and were thus, elected members of the Local Authority of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District.
Prior to being elected on February 9, 1893. Lambert Tuckness Sancho; was a councillor of the Golden Grove Sanitary District. He was also between 1879 and 1883, an overseer of the Golden Grove Sanitary District. Thus, between 1878 and 1922, Lambert Tuckness Sancho served the community of Golden Grove and Nabaclis in the field of Local Government Administration.
He was a participant in numerous civil and criminal court cases. He was the accused, claimant and aggrieved party. He was also a butcher. He ran a butchery at Plantation Enmore. He was also a rice farmer. He had a number of acres of land upon which rice was cultivated on the East bank of Demerara. He was a registered voter. He had considerable property at Golden Grove and Nabaclis.
It was said Bentick Sancho resided at Plantation Paradise. Hence, I am under the impression. Bentick Sancho owned property at Plantation Paradise. I have no recollection of being shown where Bentick Sancho resided. However, I am aware Lambert Tuckness Sancho resided at the property upon which the residence of the Abrams’ family is located at the Public Road at Nabaclis. Yet I have no confirmation that either Lambert Tuckness Sancho or his sister, Mary Sandy was bequeathed property at Plantation Paradise.

Anne Sophia Elliott is known to be the eldest daughter of Mary Sancho and her husband Benjamin Sandy. Her siblings are Cecil Sandy, Cecily Sandy, and Sarah Matilda Sandy. She is a granddaughter of Bentick Sancho. Lambert Tuckness Sancho is her uncle.
Anne Sophia Sandy and Tappin Johnson Elliott of Sanvoort, Canje, Berbice were married on April 16, 1884 at Golden Grove Wesleyan Church, at Golden Grove village, East Coast Demerara, British Guiana. She was probably about seventeen years old. Tappin Johnson Elliott was a schoolmaster approaching thirty years of age.
Anne Sophia Sandy is known to be the mother of Henry John Elliott, Wilfred Ross Elliott, Alice Matilda Elliott, Edward S. Elliott, Sophia Annie Mizpah Elliott, Sidney B. Elliott, Annie Kathleen Elliott, Mildred Angela Elliott, Victoria Lavena Elliott.
The descendants of Anne Sophia Sandy possess the following surnames; Elliott, Bradshaw, Willis, Patterson, Gittens, Collins, Smith, Abdullah, Bardon, Bathersfield, Andrews, Barnett, Bayne, Baynes, Agard, Ezechiels, Carter, Marshall, Moore, Lear, Reece, Campbell, Caesar, Rasmussen, Mills, Caesar, Morgan, Williams, Jackman, Halls, Kingston, Hosannah, Francis, James, Scantlebury, Thomas and Stephens. There are a number of other surnames which does not come readily to my mind . . . please feel free to enlighten respecting the surnames which I failed to mention . . .
Anne Sophia Elliott died on September 13, 1948. She was probably 81 years old. Her earthly remains were interred next to that of her husband, Tappin Johnson Elliott in the cemetery at Nabaclis. Tappin Johnson Elliott died in very late 1930s or the early 1940s
A number of the grandchildren of Anne Sophia Sandy are still alive. Among them are Josephine Patterson, Compton Patterson, Joseph Patterson and James Patterson, Doris Elliott, Ernest Elliott
Mary Sandy, and her daughters Sarah Matilda Sandy, and Anne Sophia Elliott won prizes at Golden Grove Horticultural , Poultry, and Industrial show held on Tuesday, December 7, 1897.
Sarah Sandy, Golden Grove ( Cut Flowers; Second Prize); Curry Powder, First Prize);
Mary Sandy, Golden Grove(fruits -Bananas; Special Prize); (Plantain-meal First Prize);Cassareep Second Prize); (Coconut Oil Special Prize);
Mrs. E. Sandy, Golden Grove (bananas; Single Bunch; Second Prize), (Shaddocks, First Prize); (Limes, First Prize); (Breadfruits, First Prize);
Mrs. B. Sandy, Golden Grove (Mangoes; Second Prize)
Annie S. Elliott, Nabaclis (Preserves First and Second Prizes)
Thomas Elliott, Golden Grove (Fancy Special Prize)
Who are Mrs. E. Sandy, and Mrs. B. Sandy, of Golden Grove? Are they members of the kinship of Sancho? There were and are other persons surnamed Sandy residents at Golden Grove. Also I don’t have any idea whether Cecil Sandy was married and ultimately the name of his wife, and a number of his descendants. I suppose Thomas Elliott is the brother of Tappin Johnson Elliott. But it must be, noted Thomas Elliott is also the name of the father of Tappin Johnson Elliott . . .
Tappin Johnson Elliott was the major advocate of the agricultural show. He made the welcome speech . . . there was a second show the following year perhaps also in December I have not found detailed publish reports. However, it is said the second show was not as successful as the first and thus the event was discontinued at Golden Grove . . .
It is vividly clear numerous members of the kinship of Sancho, including those surnamed Sandy, and Elliott made tremendous contributions to the development of all phases of life in the community in the colonial period.
Recommended Reading
The New Village Ordinance - Election of Village Councillors For Golden Grove and Nabaclis, The Daily Chronicle, Georgetown, British Guiana Friday, February 10, 1893 : Page 3, Column 3
Golden Grove Flower Show, The Daily Chronicle, Georgetown, British Guiana Wednesday, December 22, 1893 : Page 3, Column 5 and 6


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