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Sancho of Canje,Corentyne, Berbice

"Racism isn't resolved in bed no matter who's sleeping with whom" … Jan Carew
The aim is to identify the ancestry of Sancho.  Wherever Sancho is found, ascertain the relationship to Bentick Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho. It is understood;Sancho of Berbice, Sancho of Guyana, in general,  and Sancho of Suriname are descendants of Bentick Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho.
Sancho of Berbice is found in several locations including; Rose Hall Town,Port Mourant,Corriverton, and New Amsterdam. This Sancho is interested, in Sancho who are about contributing to this process. This Sancho is grateful to Sancho who consider the future generations of Sancho.  This Sancho is with future generations of Sancho will benefit from the effort you and I make today, to know ourselves.
I am interested in the story of the kinships of BENTICK, CAMPBELL, FRIDAY, KISSOON, SANCHO, SOLOMON, and YOUNG (YOUNGE) of Guyana, and the Caribbean basin and the authentic history of the working people of Golden Grove, Nabaclis, and Haslington.
Do forward this correspondence to every person you are aware of is connected to the shared experience known to about a million of us as Guyanese.
Please also feel free to share positive thoughts and /or constructive criticism with me – soonest.
I am wondering who I can consult to enlighten me. Thereby make this image much more vivid to my comprehension. Who do you suggest?
I am attempting to account for all the members of the kinship of Sancho. This is part of the process of preparing the Sancho Family Tree. I am looking particularly for members of the kinship of Sancho. Therefore, I am hereby asking you to please point me to the members, relatives, friends and associates of the following kinships of ABRAMS, BATSON, BENJAMIN, BEST, BOATSWAIN, CAMPBELL, CHRISTIAN, CORT, CRANDON, DAVIS, DOWNER, FINGAL, FRASER, FRESO, GEORGE, HAYNES, HAZEL, HOMER, KING, LA FLEUR, LANCASTER, LEITCH, MARKS, MOORE, NILES, NURSE, PATTERSON, QUINTIN, REYNOLDS, ROSS, SANCHO, SMITH, WILLIAMS, WILSON and YOUNG - and several others of the Corentyne Coast, the Canje River Basin, New Amsterdam, West Coast Berbice, and other locations in Berbice. The need is to identify the ancestor of Sancho of Berbice. Thereby link the people of Sancho of Berbice to Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, and George Sancho, of the East Coast of Demerara. I am also researching the kinships of Sancho, resident elsewhere in Guyana, the Caribbean and wherever on earth.
I am told;
An ancestor of John Batson is a member of the kinship of Sancho
Members of the kinship of Victor are descended from the sister of the grandfather of Vernon Batson.
descendants of Joseph Batson are memebers of the kinship of Fraser.
Members of the kinship of Felix are descended from the sister of the grandfather of John Batson.
George Batson is an ancestor of Ancel Hazel, Rudolph Hazel and their sister.
Three sisters; Kate Batson, Grace Batson, and Maude Batson
Kate Batson married Mr. George Maude Batson married Thomas Chester
Three brothers’ John Batson, Prince Batson, and George Batson
Harold Batson descendant of a brother of John Batson
Two Batson brothers came to what became known as Guyana from the colony of Barbados. One brother went to Canje. The other settled at Rose Hall, on the Corentyne Coast.
It is likely every person connected to Guyana who is a member of the kinship of Batson is relatives.
Allan Downer is a son of Victor Downer and Clementina Haynes. The immediate relatives of Victor Downer resided on the West Coast of Berbice. Clementina Haynes is a member of the kinship of Sancho. She is closely related to Sancho of Sandvoort, on the Canje River. Clementina Haynes is a sister of Eddie Niles and Maud Niles (Mrs. Boston) and perhaps, Selly Boatswain. Eddie Niles is the father of James Niles and Mark Niles, Madge Niles (also known as Auntie Niles) and Sheila Niles is also members of the kinship of Sancho. Madge Niles and Sheila Niles are resident in New Jersey. Eddie Niles was a policeman. James Niles, Lance Niles, Sheila Niles, and Sherlock Niles are children and/or immediate relatives of Eddie Niles. Selly Boatswain is a brother of Eddie Niles. Dat Sancho is mother of Selly Boatswain and Eddie Niles.
Joseph Oscar Fitz Clarence Haynes, Sunnand Boatswain and Patterson are relatives of Clementina Haynes.
Robert Haynes, Annie Haynes, James Cort and Yvonne Haynes, Doreen Benjamin, Charles Downer, Lennox Sancho, David Sancho, Watkins, Gladstone McPherson, are numbered amongst the relatives of members of the kinship of Haynes resident at No # 1 Road on the Corentyne Coast.
Why not enlighten me with your understanding of the history of our people of Canje and Courtland on the Corentyne Coast and other areas in the County of Berbice and indeed in Guyana?
Persons with the following surnames, and particularly those connected to communities in the County of Berbice, are of great interests to myself and other members of the kinship of Sancho: Campbell, Friday, Kissoon, Sancho, Solomon, Young (Younge), Mootoo, Ramotar, Pancham, Lutchman
Whom would you suggest I consult for further information?
Please pass this correspondence to your immediate relatives, friends and associates. Thereby they would be able to forward to those who are likely to enlighten me. Thus, the accuracy of the data can be ascertained.
Please pass it onto others. You just never know, whom it is, you communicate with, connected to the share experience, referred to as Guyanese, may very well possess the DNA of my interests.
Thanks for your time and your cooperation.
Hetep - The struggle continues
Allick Sancho; a son of Muriel Sancho; a great great grandson of Bentick Sancho.

BATSON:- John Batson and Duncan Fraser are First Cousins.
BOATSWAIN :-Selly Boatswain, Arnold Boatswain, Roy Boatswain, Carpenter Boatswain died at Rose Hall, Estate, Kenny Boatswain, Terrence Boatswain (Canada), Richard Boatswain (Cumberland, Canje) is a brother of Sunnand Boatswain (Canada). Sunnand Boatswain is the father of Sandra Boatswain, Glen Boatswain, and Gem Boatswain. Sunnand Boatswain was a dentist in Canje.
CAMPBELL of Cane Field, Canje, Guyana, and the Eastern Caribbean. Missley Campbell of Cane Field, Canje;
Robert Campbell, Mary Jane Campbell, Robert Theophilus Campbell, Firebrace, Hopetown. Source: Official Gazette of British Guiana April 1927: Pages 1121-1128
CRANDON of Corentyne [particularly of Nos 0 and 1, Courtland, Gibraltar and Fyrish]:- Lethan Crandon, East Orange, New Jersey, Died Last December 2009 ; Ulric Crandon, Canada
DAVIS of Canje,
DOWNER of Cumberland, Canefield, Gibraltar, Nos 0 and 1, Courtland, Gibraltar, Fyrish, New Amsterdam, and #8 village, West Coast Berbice:-JEAN DOWNER, George Downer, Daisy (Christian) Downer, Allan Downer, Frances Downer, Neibert Downer-Archer, James Downer, Alphin Downer (Union, # 30 Village, West Coast Berbice); Alexander Downer and George Downer (Lichfield Village, West Coast Berbice); John Downer (New Amsterdam) . Source: the Official Gazette of British Guiana - May 22, 1926: Page 1478.
Estelle Downer, eleven years old, Saint Magdalen Street, New Amsterdam - Friday, February 28, 1958.
John Downer: New Amsterdam, Berbice.
Joseph Ebenezer Downer, 21 Saint Magdelene Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice
Henrietta Downer, Henry Young, Robert Elijah Young, (Lichfield, 1927). Source: Official Gazette of British Guiana May 21, 1927: Pages 1337-1338
FRASER :-Olive Fraser- Ivy Fraser -Godfrey Fraser - Reuben Fraser - Thelma Fraser - Miss Fraser (Mrs. Joseph Batson), is the grand mother of Vernon Batson. She is an aunt of Duncan Fraser and Adina Fraser. Adina Fraser and Duncan Fraser are siblings. Winston Hazel is a son of Adina Fraser and the nephew of Duncan Fraser.
HAZEL :- Winston Hazel is the son of Adina Fraser - Adina Fraser is older than Glendora Batson - Glendora Batson is mother of Ancel Hazel.
HOMER of Cumberland :- Yvonne (Homer) Cummings of Wapping Lane, New Amsterdam, Berbice. Overseer Homer, Godfather of Winston Hazel, Sammy Homer, Cumberland, Canje, Berbice, Guyana.
KING :-Elroy King (California, USA) -Vilma King -Richard Nathaniel King
KING - On Saturday, December 4, 1948 at the Public Hospital New Amsterdam, Berbice, to IVY (nee FRASER), wife of RAYMOND BOATSWAIN (on the SS Basra), the gift of a son - RICHARD NATHANIEL . . . SOURCE: Births - Sunday Chronicle, December 4, 1948:page 6.
LA FLEUR: - Vernon La Fleur, Toronto, Formerly Minister of Religion, St. Patrick Anglican Church, Rose Hall, Canje, Berbice, Guyana. Sammy La Fleur, Gloria La Fleur,
NILES :- Frances Niles also known as Frances Downer is a daughter of Clementina Niles also known as Clementina Haynes and Clementina Downer. She is a sister of Eddie Niles and Babsin Niles (Maud Niles, also known as Aunt Baby, and Mrs. Boston). Eddie Niles, Inspector, Guyana Police Force, West Demerara, is the father of James Niles, Sherlock Niles, and Sheila Niles. Eddie Niles is said to be a brother or Cousin of Selly Boatswain. Lance Niles, Sears,
PATTERSON of Goed Bananen Land, East Canje, Berbice:- Judy P. Patterson, Yvonne V. Patterson, Christina Latisha Patterson, Orlando Allister Patterson, Randal Charlton Patterson, Richard Egerton Patterson, Pamela Patterson (Betsy Ground); Linden Astquith Patterson (Gibraltar Village Corentyne Berbice), Esther P. Patterson and Leyton R. Patterson (Hamphire Street, Courtland), Josephine Hermina A. Patterson and Maurice H. Patterson (Victoria Street, Cumberland, Berbice)
SANCHO of Guyana, and the Eastern Caribbean:-
George Sancho, the father of George Sancho came from Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara.
Dat Sancho is the mother of Clemmy Niles (Clementina Haynes), Maud Niles (Aunt Baby, Mrs. Boston, Linden, Demerara river), Eddie Niles, (Inspector, Guyana Police Force), and Selly Boatswain. Dat Sancho came from Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara.
Also, the identity of Sancho who resided at #2 village, Canje. He was a Rural constable. He was also a stray-catcher. He enpounded animals at various police pounds on the corentyne coast. He was tall, and black (dark skinned). He was a dougla. By that I mean he was of African and East Indian heritage.
TELFORD:- Carlton Telford - Edith Telford
TRELLIS:- Clive Trellis - Charlie Patterson, Pam Patterson, Yvonne Patterson, Esther Patterson, Richard Patterson, Floyd Patterson, Judy Patterson, and a brother also a Patterson of Goed Bananen Land, East Canje, Berbice.

Oban Smith - Annetta Best -Mrs. Yaw -New Forest Anglican Church - St. Patrick Anglican Church - Iris Austin (hair dresser) Dispenser Downer - Ann Harry, Rupert-

Head Masters of Cumberland Methodist School:- George H. H. Morrison, Sidney E. King, St. Hill, William A. King, C. Vivian Simon, Windslade Simon, Ching, H. Chruickshank.
Teachers, St. Patrick Anglican School: -"Fat" Kendall, Samuel Archer, Mrs. Michael, Mrs. George, Duff, Mrs. Rose...Ruby George was probably at Cumberland Methodist School...
Please pass this information to your immediate relatives, friend s and associates; thereby they would be able to forward to those who are likely to enlighten me and thus the accuracy of the data can be ascertained. I need to touch bases with all the people who possess the DNA of Sancho. I am aware; numerous members of the kinships of Sancho have East Indian and Portuguese ancestry. I am told members of the kinships of Sancho who possess East Indian heritage are resident at Grove on the East Bank of Demerara, in several communities on the West Coast of Berbice, in the town of Linden, on the Corentyne Coast and in the Canje River Basin. I need them to enlighten me soonest. Several have surnames such as KISSOON, MOOTOO, RAMOTAR, PANCHAM, LUTCHMAN and RAGNAUTH. They are known to be members of the kinships of my interests; CAMPBELL, FRIDAY, KISSOON, SANCHO, SOLOMON, and YOUNG.

I am told two Sancho brothers; married resided and were employed at the Pump House at New Forest in the Canje River Basin. One of the Sancho brothers married Elaine, the daughter of Monda. It was revealed to me; James Trim of Rose Hall, Corentyne, an immediate relative of George Trim, the School Master and Mayor of the Town of Rose Hall, had some sort of relationship, with a relative of Monda. Perhaps, James Trim married either a sister of Elaine and/or an immediate relative of Monda.
It was said Sancho, the husband of Elaine was totally domesticated. He was totally devoted to his wife and family. Thus he turned over all his earned income to his wife as marital property. This brother has been identified as Claudius Sancho.
Gladstone Francis is the father of Mark Anthony Sancho. He is now resident in Florida. While the mother of the children, and the children of Mark Anthony Sancho are resident in Georgia. Gloria Sancho suffered from Seizures. George Sancho son of Elaine and Claudius Sancho was also employed at the Pump House, on the Canje River. Homer is also a surname of the descendants of Sancho of the Canje River Basin.

The other Sancho brother married Finnie Best. Milton Best and Nelly Best are immediate relatives of Finnie Best. It is said members of the Best-Sancho Clan migrated to Stanley town in New Amsterdam.
Apparently the Sancho brothers are connected to the East Coast of Demerara. Simply because, one of the daughters of Elaine Sancho, resident at NO# 2 Village, Canje told me, Mildred Sancho a daughter of Christopher Bentick Sancho (1875-1956) married a Cort; I started to envision the Sancho of NO# 2 Village, Canje are likely the descendants of Lambert Tuckness Sancho and Mama Britton.
It is suggested the Sancho brothers may have resided at Mahaica. Mildred Cort's son is resident at Jonestown, in the Mahaica district. It was also suggested Monda may have resided in the Mahaica district before migrating to the Canje River Basin.
However, the most shocking words I have heard is that Uncle Oswald Sancho, drank alcohol profusely, while a detective at Central Police Station in New Amsterdam in the County of Berbice. It was also stated Oswald Sancho visited with the Sancho family members in the Canje River Basin. Doreen Abbensetts and Miss Garretts both teachers at Cumberland Methodist School were very close to the Sancho of Canje. They were colleagues of Muriel Sancho at that institution.
  • Are you familiar with any of the above?
  • Who must I contact to get to the bottom of the kinship of Sancho of the Canje River Basin?
  • What is the maiden name of Elaine Sancho?
    Is it Abrams?
I am told there were Bea Sancho (perhaps Beatrice Sancho) and her sister Marjorie Sancho at Rose Hall Village on the Corentyne. Marjorie Sancho had several sons. Bea Sancho did not have children.

I am told there are Sancho family members at Skeldon. I am certain I never knew there were
Sancho in Skeldon, when I was attending Skeldon Line Path Government Secondary School.

I am told the mother of Sherwin Sancho is LaFleur. There was a Postman named LaFleur. There was also Policeman named LaFleur.
  1. Daroo Sancho, Neighbor Sancho and Caroline Sancho are siblings.
  2. Neighbor Sancho has a son, named Patrick Sancho, who was also known as Killer. He was a Stray catcher.
  3. Caroline Sancho has a daughter Rhoda Sancho. Rhoda Sancho has a daughter Leila Sancho and son Claudius Sancho. This Claudius Sancho would be about 50 years old now.
Are you still in contact with people from the Corentyne, especially those from such locations as Rose Hall, Courtland, Fyrish, Gibraltar, and No# 1 Road?
Is it possible to point me to Friday of Rose Hall, Shirley Campbell of Courtland and for that matter any from Canje and the Corentyne Coast?
  1. Winston Lloyd Sancho (Profit, West Coast Berbice);
  2. Shirley Sancho (Belladrum);
  3. Earl Evan Sancho (Trafalgar);
  4. Travis Anderia Sancho (Mount Sinai West Canje Berbice);
    Aubrey Sancho, Brenda Sancho, Cecil Sancho, Ella Sancho, Joy A. Sancho, Marcella Mavis Sancho, Olga Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Stella Sancho, Syvilene Sancho, Ayeola Sancho, Lorna Patricia Sancho, Travis Sancho, Tresha Rose-Marie Sancho, Trinette Rolanda Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Calvin Lloyd Sancho, Stella Sancho, Ian Maxwell Sancho, Roxanne Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Nicola Sancho, Volda Veronica Sancho, Kim A Sancho, Teon Wolford Rudolph Sancho, Wolford L. Sancho, Tito Anthony Sancho, Leron Abidago Sancho (New Amsterdam, Berbice);
  5. Nigel Anthony Sancho (Ordinance Fortlands, Canje);
  6. Andy Sancho, Patricia Sancho (Sheet Anchor, East Canje);
    Claudius "Claude" Sancho; George Leitch, Patrick Leitch, Hazel Sancho, Rosie Sancho, Bernard Sancho (Antigua); Claudius Sancho, Claudia Sancho, Claude Sancho, George Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Horace "Courteen" Sancho, Evelyn Sancho, Mark Anthony Sancho, Claudette P. Sancho, Joyce L. Sancho (No. 2 Village, East Canje);
  7. Myrtle Albertha Sancho (Adelphi Village, East Canje);
  8. Thomas Sancho (No.1 Road, Corentyne);
  9. Sancho Abel Ebenezer Benjamin (Fyrish Village, Corentyne);
  10. Brenda J Sancho, Pixie Ann Alexis Sancho, Elizabeth Sancho, Leuanne Amanda Sancho, Minerva Matilda Sancho, Marjorie Sancho, Bea (Beatrice)Sancho, Ed. Sancho (Rose Hall, Corentyne);
  11. Godfrey N Sancho (Port Mourant);
  12. Claudius Fitz Herbert Sancho (Auchlyne);
  13. Milton Raymond Sancho, Parbatie Sancho (No.78 Village, Spring Lands);
  14. Hector George Sancho (Ituni)
I am particularly and anxiously looking forward to contact and communicate with numerous members of the kinships of Sancho et al. Please forward to every Guyanese you know.
thanks a million.
"Racism wears different masks in different places at different times, but when the mask is torn away, the same malevolent face of exploitation and greed is exposed" …Jan Carew


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