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Probing the Kinship of Callighan

Discovering, reclaiming and honoring our ancestral heritage must become as natural as breathing.” ...M’lilwana Osanku

The need is to locate and to communicate with people who can verify the relationships – and identify members of the kinships of interests – and/or point to further sources of data on the kinships of interests.
The aim of this exercise is to identify the members of the kinship of Sancho. The immediate relatives of Mrs. Emily (Christopher) Callighan, is the primary Focus in this effort.
This is part of the uphill task of an accounting for all of the members of the kinship of Sancho, as accurately as humanly possible.
Your input will be greatly appreciated. You are hereby asked to share your knowledge of our people, and/or to points us to sources of information; whereby persons connected to the primary ancestor, will be identified. Thanks for your time, tolerance and cooperation.
Whenever you have, pertinent information will please share with researchers? 

The interest is to account for ancestors, children, siblings and the other immediate relatives of Mrs. Callighan, as accurately as humanly possible.

It is very likely; one of the fathers; Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho is the ancestor  of Mrs. Emily (Christopher) Callighan. The wife of William Callighan is probably a granddaughter of  Bentick Sancho. It is said William Callighan and his wife. Emily (Christopher) Callighan reproduced thirteen daughters and four sons. It is understood, Mrs. Emily (Christopher) Callighan is the mother of Mrs. Nelly Mackie, Mrs. Ellen Seymour, Ella Europe (aka “Butt-Up”), Mrs. Mary Chichester, Mrs. Irene Graham and about twelve others. Mrs. Irene Graham is the mother of fifteen children.


William Callighan, Emily Callighan, Irene Graham, James Graham, Fred Graham, Sean Graham, Jenny ODLE, Beryl Sears, Leon Sears, Nelly Mackie, Edward ASSANAH, Huburn ASSANAH (perhaps Hubert ASSANAH, the butcher), Mary Chichester, Blanche Ambrozine Rebecca Fox (1904- 1978), Rosemarie Luke, Caroline Seymour, Millicent Seymour, Emily Seymour (1928-2008), Ellen Seymour, Lillian Seymour, Doris Seymour, Aloysius Stanislaus Seymour (Chemist & Druggist, Sicknurse & Dispenser; San Souci, Wakenaam Island, Essequebo River), Richard Seymour, Harry Seymour, Allan Seymour, Marie Seymour. William Seymour, Francis Seymour, Patrick Seymour, Paul Seymour, Desmond Seymour, Sydney Seymour, Yvette Seymour, Penny Seymour, Allan Seymour, Elvis Trotman, Morris Trotman, Gladwin Trotman, James Trotman, Troy Trotman, Kimberly Trotman, Rosalind Seymour, Adam Edward Gillis, Chauncha Hope (probably Arnold Hope), Arnold Hope, Ella Europe (Ella Butt-up), Ivan Ageda, Joseph Ageda, Andrew Lutchman, Burchell Lutchman, Carlton Lutchman, Clayton Lutchman, Daphne Lutchman, Dr. Harold Alexander Lutchman, Harold Lutchman, Joseph Lutchman, Slayter Lutchman, Waveney Lutchman, Louise Trotman, Elvis Trotman, Betty Singh, Olinda Morrison, Marion Billey, Miss C. Billey (teacher, Mahaica), Mama Nelson, Joseph Nelson, Walter Nelson, William Nelson, Monica Nelson, and Wendell Peters....

Trenton Gustavus Europe [Engineer]

RESIDES: at Cottage, East Coast, Demerara.
BORN: May 12, 1883, at Paradise, East Coast Demerara, to William Callighan, and his wife, Emily nee Christopher.
EDUCATED: St. Andrew's Anglican School, Cove and John, East Coast, Demerara.
MARRIED: August 6, 1904: - George Stewart Chichester.
SOURCE: Roth, Vincent & Delph, Charles Noel (Editors) Who's Who in British Guiana [1945-37, First Edition] The Daily Chronicle Company Limited, Georgetown, British Guiana, 1947: page 61.

Farmer and Registrar of Births and Deaths.
RESIDES: at Cottage, East Coast, Demerara.
BORN: October 31, 1880, at Glazier's Lust, East Coast Demerara, to Henry Chichester, Estate Manager, and his wife, Johanna nee Chisholm.
Was Postal Agent at De Kinderen, East Coast, Demerara.
MARRIED: August 6, 1904: - Mary Callighan.
Has one son and one daughter.
RECREATION: - Reading Newspapers.
SOURCE: Roth, Vincent & Delph, Charles Noel (Editors) Who's Who in British Guiana [1945-48, Fourth Edition] The Daily Chronicle Company Limited, Georgetown, British Guiana, 1948: page 97.

Elvis Trotman on the Kinship of Callighan
I finally, during the weekend, in fact it was on Saturday night, April 12, 2008, that I got the opportunity to speak with Elvis Trotman, respecting the kinship of his grandmother – the mother of his mother – Lillian Seymour. It is now my understanding; there were at least seventeen siblings, thirteen sisters and four brothers. Among them are;
Irene Graham
Nelly Mackie, grandmother of Burchell Lutchman.
Mrs. Seymour (1889-1964), the wife of Bob Seymour, probably Robert Seymour.
Mary Chichester, wife of George Stewart Chichester.
The mother of Blanche Fox, the grandmother of Olinda Morrison.
Ageda, mother of Money Rocky,
the wife of Rogie Sancho,
Curtis Pereira resided behind Edward Castro at Nabaclis at the beginning of the street near the side line trench in which Cousin Gwen Valentine resided.
Adam Gillis
Ella "But Up" aka Mrs. Europe.
The father of the children mentioned above was of mixed ethnic background which included Caucasian, Portuguese and northern European groups, and "African". Mr. Callighan was a Minister of Religion. Mr. Callighan fathered with the same female seventeen children.
Whom are the descendants of the folks mentioned above?
Whom can I contact to be enlightened of the ancestry and kinship of the people mentioned herein?
Can you identify the following? Miss Seymour, the wife of George Herbert Westwell Luke (1911-1977),

Doris Seymour and Emily Seymour – sisters of Lillian Seymour – mother of Elvis Trotman are still alive.
Remington and Bye-Bye
Camacho Drug Store at Golden Grove, on the East Coast of Demerara.
Byron Phillips Store was located on the land upon which Nappy St. Kitts has his place of business.
The father of Tutu Simon was a tailor at Golden Grove
Harripersaud Bata Store at Golden Grove
My good friend Daywa is an uncle of Elvis Trotman. Daywa and Bharrat (same father; Parboo) Chutroo Trotman and Dood Trotman (same father).
Chauncha Hope and M's Hope who resided next to the police station at Cove and John on the East sea Coast of Demerara are somehow related to the kinship of Callighan.
Elvis stated Mrs. Mackie was not speaking in specific terms whenever she mentioned she's a Sancho. He interprets such as referring to herself being a sister-in-law of a member of the kinship of Sancho. I totally disagree with that thought for I have heard long before I had any sense that Mrs. Mackie is a member of the kinship of Sancho and a number of the people mentioned herein are relatives of my mother.

Although one has to wonder respecting the accuracy of the information. It is probable. A number of questions are likely to be answered while probing the kinship of Callighan. Chuancha Hope's utterance, "we the Portuguese" is not a laughing matter. It appears Chauncha was really referring to his ancestry. Whether William Callighan is the grand father of Chuancha Hope, and Adam Gillis – are questions to be answered. I have difficulties respecting Adam Gillis being a son of William Callighan. Another point; I am absolutely convinced; Mrs. Nelly Mackie repeatedly spoke in the literal sense whenever she stated she's a Sancho. I believe; the mother of Mrs. Nelly Mackie is indeed a member of the kinship of Sancho. My premise is Bentick Sancho, shareholder of Plantation Golden Grove and Plantation is great grandfather of Nelly Mackie. I wonder how Emily (Christopher) Callighan is related to Hassanah, (Assanah), Jacobs, Luke, and Lawrence. I believe the answer to the immediate question will point to the identity of the grandmother of Mrs. Nelly Mackie and her siblings.
I remember Miss Jacobs telling me she is related to Mrs. Mackie.

There are a number of holes in my understanding of what I heard from Elvis Trotman. I am aware of the following;
Zerelina Irene Ageda aka Zeeroo is the wife of Selborne Dalrymple Sancho aka Uncle Selly.
Auntie Zeeroo is a member of the kinship of Ageda of Victoria village.
Bertha Dover is the wife of Great Uncle Clarence Sancho.
Bertha Dover is a sister of Zeeroo Sancho.
Bertha Dover is the mother of Ovid Sancho aka Rogie Sancho, and Ivy Sancho (Mrs. Ivy Holder).
Rhonda Ifill is the wife of Ovid Sancho (d. Jan 30, 1995).
Children of Ovid Sancho and Rhonda Ifill are: Clifford Sancho and Waveney Sancho, (d. 1985).

As you will note the name of the wife of Rogie Sancho is Rhonda Ifill. It is certainly not given as Callighan. What does this mean? Could it be Elvis Trotman is mixing up two generations of the people of Callighan? I think he is – after all, Elvis Trotman is 65 years old or rapidly approaching that age. But however, again Elvis Trotman points to reasonable explanation for the language of interpretation of relationships among the immediate relative of Sancho and the people of Callighan.
If you notice the similarities of surnames of interests mentioned by Olinda Morrison and those many of us Sancho heard are our relatives – one must conclude the possibility exists and certainly, Researchers and or people so interested must pursue the answers…
Who can tell us about the ancestry of Juliet Braithwaite? I recall her mother and mine, telling me they cannot approve of any intimate relations between Juliet and I, for we are relatives. I remember, our mothers vehemently disapproved of such relationship as I imagined. Good Lord knows I was so strung out over Juliet. I do not remember the amount of times I walked Juliet Braithwaite home, in the early morning hours, while she resided at Haslington and at Victoria. However, her mother stated Juliet Braithwaite and I are relatives and therefore she cannot approve and/or encourage the sort of behavior which ultimately lead to the uncovering and knowledge of our nakedness. One of the things, I did not like about the East Coast of Demerara are the majority of the females my eyes caught-a-fire; are and/or were regarded as relatives? My mother and the mother of females sounded much like broken radios and/or a scratched record – with their, "no man, that can't happen - you are family" – and/ or similar words.
Elvis stated Adam Gillis is a brother of Mrs. Mackie. But however, he stated 17 siblings have the same parents. Now that does not mean Elvis Trotman is way off base – after all people do make mistakes – it is possible the mother of Adam Gillis and Chauncha Hope is a sister of Mrs. Nelly Mackie.
Is Cousin Dove Williams, the mother of Lilith Sancho, a descendant of Pastor Callighan?
As far as I can recall; I always understood Cousin Dove is a descendant of Kingston and Williams. I never knew her other primary surnames. I recall Cousin Dove as effervescence, a strong disciplinarian, and an excellent cook. I recall the results of her culinary skills excited the palette and satisfied my then tremendous appetite. Indeed, I was known to throw down more than my fair share of rice
However, I was somewhat taken aback when I heard Elvis Trotman mentioning Cousin Dove as a Callighan. I am still not sure what he said. I was so amazed at my ignorance of the heritage of a number of persons whom I knew, and grew to love. I believed he said Cousin Dove is either a sibling or a niece of Mrs. Mackie. Do not quote me on that. I will have to confirm. I am of the opinion Lilith Sancho and her son Winston ought to know their heritage – and likely would provide a number of answers to questions rather satisfactorily.


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