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Dwayne Sancho’s mother reportedly said her son joined the gang

Islam does not tolerate aberrant, forbidden practices
Philosophical indeed are the words of Cecil Simeon Ramcharran’s mother: you live by the sword; you die by the sword. (KN 2008.06.18). Thus ends the murderous saga of the chief recruiter of the teenage Buxton gang of murderers headed by ‘Fine Man’ Rawlins.

His sister reportedly said that, “he called in the early days, and when advised to leave, he would say he was into something and cannot come out.” She was then quoted as saying, “I use to attack the police for him when they tried to assault him.”

Dwayne Sancho’s mother reportedly said her son joined the gang just after he became a teenager and that on several occasions he was forcibly returned home by older relatives who urged him to change his ways.

Otis Fiffee’s mother, Wendy Fiffee is quoted as saying, “I talk to he over and over! He get licks. He used to say, ‘ na mind me business, people a cochore and dem go dead…” This was a seventeen year old boy speaking to his mother, actually telling her he will kill people!

These people have sullied the good name of a most wonderful human being and humanitarian, Mother (Madam) Fiffee who used her God given talents to heal and preserve life. They should hang their heads in shame.

Now what is the common link here? Every single one of the mothers, sisters and relatives were and are aware of the linkage and involvement of their sons, siblings and relatives with the murderous ‘Fine Man’ Rawlings Buxton gang! Out of their own mouth cometh their complicity, albeit in apparent silence!

Simeon’s sister, even though she knew he was involved in murdering innocent people, acts of banditry and criminality, still, in her own words used to, “attack the police for him when they tried to assault him.”
Finally the dust is settling and the true picture is emerging. Not that it was not known. The problem is however, that it could not have been proven up until now.

Many of the residents in Buxton, in particular women, deliberately used their gender to aid fleeing bandits when being pursued by security forces.

They threw themselves upfront knowing the possibly political spin off should the security forces deal with then condignly.

Many formed body barriers, tactics used in the days of the “FBB or Fat Batty Brigade” where they were schooled by political aspirants, in preventing the police and security forces from making arrests.
Up to today, this is still the practice where women protesters are placed in the forefront.

They are used as the ‘vanguard’ which is a deliberate tactic to hinder effective police action; and in the event that force is used, those involved would have a propaganda bonanza to malign and demonize the security forces and Government.

It is public knowledge that many of these dead teenage bandits initially started their association with criminal elements and crime when they were recruited as eyes for the bandits at very tender ages.

These were the ones walking with expensive cell phones, securing themselves so as to alert the bandits of the movements of the security forces.

As look outs for ‘Fine man’ Rawlings gang, they were paid handsomely. You mean to tell me that the mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers and relatives of these ten, eleven and twelve year boys never asked from where they are getting these expensive cell phones, how they are paying for the calls, with what they are buying phone cards or from where they are getting all this money?

The fact is blood money was the reason why the gang could have safely ensconced itself for so long in Buxton.

Many in the village lent formidable support buoyed by the largess and blood money shared out by the bandits much to the chagrin, fear and disappointment of many others in the same village.

Yet in the same vein, we are being told that these baby bandits initially turned to a life of crime because of police harassment and the profiling of youths in Buxton? What crass nonsense!

Those who have encouraged this either by way of overt, covert, implicit or explicit support have knowingly or unknowingly unleashed upon themselves the forces of their own destruction.

Time is showing despite all of these machinations, the bandits are coming home not to roost, but in body bags to be buried.

That is what the complicity of silence, racial or crass ignorance and misguided political aspirations have led to: death, destruction, grief, sorrows and pain. God’s own words did say, “What ye sow, so shalt thee reap.”

You sow death, poverty and destruction and you are reaping the rewards of your actions — death, poverty and destruction.

This is an immutable universal spiritual law beyond the reaches of man. It is the same physical law that says something like, for every action there is an equal and exacting reaction.

Each and every one of us will have a time to atone for our sins, for whatever is sewn in the dark shall be brought to light, political expediency or pragmatism notwithstanding. Every single day this is happening around us, yet we choose to shut our eyes to this reality and blame others for our actions.

Now, having brought to light this complicity, I simply ask, can these people be brought before the Courts for “knowingly aiding and abetting criminal activities” leading to murder, robbery, rape, death and destruction?
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