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The relatives and descendants of Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho.

I believe the key to unlocking the past, the story of Sancho will be found primarily within the history of the African Villages in Guyana. The kinship of Sancho is part of the history of Guyana, and in deed the Global Black Experience. Sancho, I am sure has numerous surnames, and resident in several communities, across the globe. However, members of the kinship of Sancho is found primarily, in Guyana, Barbados, St. Vincent, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua, Cayenne, Liberia, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

The aim is to identify, locate and communicate with the members. Thereby ascertaining as accurately as humanly possible – the story of the people of Sancho. Every man ought to know thyself. Knowledge of self must include an intimate knowledge of the journey of the ancestors, your personal history. A man must know and not believe.

How are persons mentioned below members of the kinship of Sancho?

I understand the following;

Teasie Johnson is the grand mother of Cecil and Megan Hughes. Agnes Bastiani is also a fore-parent of Alice "Big Auntie" Barnwell, Kaneo Barnwell, and Cain Top Barnwell. The Barnwell family resided in the following villages; Annandale, Beterverwagting, Buxton, and Triumph. Sarah Johnson married Pirat Roberts - and the union issued three sons.

Marie Lousie Parkinson married William White (Dispenser) and their children are Cyril and Lydia. Lydia White (Whyte) married Bamfield.
There are tombs containing the remains of Arthur Gill, his wife, and sons; George Gill and Theodore Gill in the Sancho plot in Golden Grove cemetery.
What is the connection of the following to Sancho? Lutchman, Rodney, Hughes, Barnwell, Gordon, Graham, Chichester, Seymour, Gill, Yaw, Barnwell, Hughes, Edwards, Wharton, Paul, Smith, and Riley.

Who are the following; Robert Christopher Sancho, D. Sancho (c. 1918) of the Friendship Wesleyan Society, James Sancho of Gates Avenue, Brooklyn c.1912,Mrs. Adriana Alicia Sancho, (who arrived in the USA, a 40 year old in 1912), Mrs. Andrina Sancho, (who arrived in the USA, a 34 year old in 1916)

Who are the ancestors and the descendants of the following; Sarah Johnson, Teasie Johnson, Agnes Bastiani, Robert Christopher Sancho, Adelaide Sancho, Isabella Parkinson, Barbara Parkinson, Marie Louise Parkinson, W/Sergeant 14152 Sancho, Irene Graham, Mary Chichester, Nelly Mackie, Mrs. Seymour, Hilda Jupiter, Eva Pilgrim, Mrs. Ross, Baby Alfred, Audrey Marshall – the mother of Miriam Scott, and Florence Marshall, and grand mother of Faye Marshall, Motie Sancho, Bob Sancho, Mr. Reggie Sancho, Swainton Blaire Sancho, Nelly Sancho, Ismay Wharton, Nick Edwards, George Sancho; the husband of Ginger Abel, George Sancho; the husband of Miss Harry, Orlando Sancho, Claudius Sancho, and Teddy Sancho?

How are, Arthur Gill, and his immediate relatives, members of the kinship of Sancho?

What is the connection among the following; Parkinson, Cyril White, Lillian Philadelphia, Ogle, Bamfield and Sancho?

What does these folks to do with Sancho? Lutchman (Victoria)Rodney of Beterverwagting, Hughes of Golden Grove, Kenneth and Stanley Barnwell, Isabelle Gordon, Renee Graham, Chichester of Mahaicony, Seymour, Gill, Yaw, Barnwell, Hughes, Edwards, Wharton, Paul, Smith, and Riley?

How is Sarah Louise Mathilda Denbow a relative of the descendants of Alexander Sancho and Rachel Campbell?

What is the relationship between Sancho and the following ; James Nathaniel Smith (Buxton), Duncan Smith, and Joseph Yaw (Lusignan), William David Smith, Thomas David Smith (Enmore), James Alexander Smith, John Yaw, Edmund Josephus Paul, Edward Paul, Samuel Paul (Friendship), and James Paul?

What is the relationship between Sarrabo, Sancho, and Simon?

These include; the relatives of Sancho of Trinidad; Williams, Batiste, Delwin, Brereton, David, Truesdale, Gay, Magaresh, Valentine, Castle and Ly from Point Fortin. Their related families are Marcano, Weston, Innocence, Brereton and Fyfie. Forward to all Trinidadians, especially, those from the southern Trinidadian communities including the following; La Brea, Princes town, Point Fortin, Ortoire/Mayaro, Belmont, Port of Spain, Cocoyea, San Fernando, fifth company Village, Mourga, Pionte-a-Pierre, Claxton Bay, Gasparillo, Rio Claro and Union Village.

Can you point me to the folks mentioned above and or their relatives?

Jamelia Sancho, Clerical Assistant, North West Regional Health Authority, Meilin Sancho, Band Leader and Designer, Elimu Carnival Club (United Kingdom), Keith Sancho, Zinette Sancho, Kareem Sancho, Brent Sancho (Trinidad Soccer Player), Belmont, Port of Spain; Cyril Sancho;(bridge player), E. Gerald Sancho, Sharon Sancho and J. Sancho; (Port of Spain), Glenn Sancho;(Cascade), Janet Sancho; (Cocoyea Village), Peter Sancho; (San Juan), and Ralph Sancho; Dr Jennifer Sancho (Maraval); Marsha Sancho, Plus Gardens, Cocoyea, San Fernando; Hartly Sancho, Driver - Pl. Trk. Tr. Comb Distribution North, Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission prior to March 31, 2003; Jade Sancho, Jean Sancho, Philip Sancho, Assistant General Secretary, of Steel Workers Union of Trinidad and Tobago, Jade Sancho, Joycelyn Sancho, Teacher, The Cap-De-Ville Government Primary School, and Sade Sancho, Gasparillo, and San Fernando, Sheridan Sancho, Angelene Bissessar-Sancho, Nicholas Sancho (Lengua Villagea and New York city), English Sancho, Sumintra Sancho of Union Village, Claxton Bay, Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad, Bharat Gangasingh (a.k.a. Masala or Sancho) of Mile End Road , Rio Claro, Jeanel Young-Davis, teachers, The Cap-De-Ville Government Primary School, (Point Fortin, Trinidad), Faye Ann Lyons, Blue Boy, Sparrow, Sophia Young and other members of the kinship of Campbell, Sancho, and Young/e.

Trinidadian nationals;
E Gerald Sancho, Grace Sancho, Julia Sancho, Kareene Sancho, Phillip Sancho, Sade Sancho, Simon Sancho, Vincente Sancho, Glenn Sancho, J. Sancho, Janet Sancho, Zinette Sancho, Peter Sancho, Ralph Sancho, Sharon Sancho, Brent Sancho, Keith Sancho, and Cyril Sancho.

Pepe Sancho (Grenada);

Hoolio Sancho, Lisa Sancho and Morlyne Sancho (Barbados);

Sancho of Liberia;
Yvonne Sancho-Hansford; Phyllis Sancho; now in Detroit, Gloria Precious Manneh, Josiah Sancho of Moore Street, Mamba Point, Theodore Sancho, Annie Roselyn (nee Burgess) Sancho and Joyce Beatrix Sancho. Sanchos of Guyana also would like to communicate with Jocindee Maya Kromah and J. Napoleon Cassell

Sancho of Bury St. Edmunds;
Rebecca Sancho listed as maid domestic in Edmund J. Donaldson household in 1881 census.

Neville Sancho (Cornelia Ida); Aubrey Sancho (Patentia Housing Scheme); Ivan Miller Sancho (Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara); Bibi Farida Sanchoo (Yarowkabra); Colin Lindsay Sancho, Wylette Andra Sancho, Rocky Sancho Clenkian (Kuru Kururu Soesdyke Linden Highway); Collin Malcolm Sancho, Ella Patricia Sancho, Pamela Monica Sancho, Chevon Alexander Sancho, Robin Arlington Sancho, Shelly Ann Sancho, Gem Earleen Sancho, Ivan Abraham Sancho (Linden); Marlon Anthony Sancho (Base Camp Stephenson Timehri East Bank Demerara); Enid Sancho, Joel Anthony Sancho, John Sancho, Krystle Ann Sancho (Land Of Canaan East Bank Demerara);Reginald Stanley Sancho (Plantation Great Diamond East Bank Demerara); Nicola Ann Cio Sancho, Tomika Oscende Sancho (Gdf Compound Camp Ayanganna, Thomas Lands); Ronald Victor Collin Sancho (Kitty); Winston Sancho (Newtown); Neckisea Daciea Sancho (Cummings Lodge Housing Scheme Greater Georgetown); Keith Sancho, Devon Huberth Fitzpatrick Sancho (Sophia); Gordon Orren D. Sancho (Turkeyen); Pelon I. Sancho (Tucville); Mavis Carmen Sancho, Sibby Lee Sancho (North Ruimveldt Housing Scheme); Simone Nicolette Sancho (Alexander Village); Patrick Sancho (West Ruimveldt); Stacey Sancho, Paulette Orrella Sancho (East Ruimveldt); Sherwin Emmanuel Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Eldora Sancho, Stephen Sancho (Lodge); Delroy Delon Sancho (North East La Penitence); Midgnet Sancho (West La Penitence); Rickford Sancho (Charlestown); Roger Patrick Sancho, Joylyne Gillian Claire Sancho, Marcilla Sancho, Olga Mayleen Sancho (Wortmanville); Compton Fitzpatrick Sancho (Lacytown); Robert Anthony Sancho (Sparendaam); Carlton Fitzherald Sancho (Goedverwagting); Annetta Patricia Sancho, Ryan Anthony Sancho, Carlton Fitzherald Sancho, Dexter Maxwell Sancho, Trevor Anthony Sancho, Dorothy Sancho, Eugene Roxann Sancho, Jennifer Sancho, Shellon Sancho (Plaisance Village); Ivan Sancho, Fiona Michelle Sancho, Simone Samantha Linni Sancho (Better Hope);
Stacy Monica Sancho (Success); Bonita Alero Sancho, June Allison Sancho, Shaun Michael Sancho(Beterverwagting Village); Nicholette Natoya Sancho (Triumph Village); Kimika Otisha Sancho (Good Hope); Stefney Onica Sancho, Bevney Ann Sancho, Victor Anthony Sancho, Vivian Estrila Sancho (Annandale); Dorothy "Dot" Sancho, Ruth Sancho Lewis, Eva Sancho, Zipporah Sancho, Clarice Sancho (Teacher, Better Hope C. M.), Susan Angelina Sancho, Theresa Meltina Sancho, George Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Margaret Smith, "Baby" Sancho, Margaret Blair Sancho, Emmy Angelina Sancho, Alfred Sancho, Augustus Sancho, Sprockton Sancho, Susan Angelina Sancho, Kelso Sancho, Kim Allison Yonette Sancho, Hazel Sancho, Karen Anita Sancho, Nandy Fiona Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Troy Trevor Sancho, Camille S. Sancho, Malanie Lana Sancho, Janice Jennifer Sancho, Lana Coleen Sancho, Shawn Eton Sancho, Simone Allison Sancho, Alica Shawla Sancho, Brentnol Sancho, Devon Anthony Sancho, Gerald Sancho, Lenard Rupert Sancho, Pansy Alicia Sancho, Trenton Sancho, Vanessa Sancho, Yvette Veronica Sancho, Anton Mortimer Sancho, Avril Agatha Sancho, Bevney Marcia Sancho, Constance Sancho, Desrin Seona Sancho, Esther Sancho, Eton Sancho, Joy Sancho, Kevin Sancho, Kim Andrie Sancho, Maxine Sancho, Orin Mainard Sancho, Tracey Ann Sancho, Yonelle Abiola Sancho, Sherlette Yvette Sancho, Linda Sancho, Harold Sancho (Buxton-Friendship Village District);

Sancho of Berbice and other parts of Guyana;
Roxanne Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Nicola Sancho, Aubrey Sancho, Brenda Sancho, Cecil Sancho, Claudette Sancho, Ella Sancho, Joy A. Sancho, Marcella Mavis Sancho, Olga Sancho, Aileen Sancho, Mark Anthony Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Stella Sancho, Syvilene Sancho, Wolford Sancho, and Ayeola Sancho.

BERBICE Winston Lloyd Sancho (Profit, West Coast Berbice); Shirley Sancho (Belladrum); Earl Evan Sancho (Trafalgar); Travis Anderia Sancho (Mount Sinai West Canje Berbice); Lorna Patricia Sancho, Travis Sancho, Tresha Rose-Marie Sancho, Trinette Rolanda Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Calvin Lloyd Sancho, Stella Sancho, Ian Maxwell Sancho, Volda Veronica Sancho, Kim A Sancho, Teon Wolford Rudolph Sancho, Wolford L. Sancho, Tito Anthony Sancho, Leron Abidago Sancho (New Amsterdam, Berbice); Nigel Anthony Sancho (Ordinance Fortlands, Canje); Andy Sancho, Patricia Sancho (Sheet Anchor, East Canje); Claudius “Claude” Sancho; George Leitch, Patrick Leitch, Hazel Sancho, Rosie Sancho, Bernard Sancho (Antigua); Claudius Sancho, Claudia Sancho, Claude Sancho, George Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Horace “Courteen” Sancho, Evelyn Sancho, Mark Anthony Sancho, Claudette P. Sancho, Joyce L. Sancho (No. 2 Village, East Canje); Myrtle Albertha Sancho (Adelphi Village, East Canje); Thomas Sancho (No.1 Road, Corentyne); Sancho Abel Ebenezer Benjamin (Fyrish Village, Corentyne); Brenda J Sancho, Pixie Ann Alexis Sancho, Elizabeth Sancho, Leuanne Amanda Sancho, Minerva Matilda Sancho (Rose Hall, Corentyne); Godfrey N Sancho (Port Mourant); Claudius Fitzherbert Sancho ( Auchlyne); Milton Raymond Sancho, Parbatie Sancho (No.78 Village, Springlands); Hector George Sancho (Ituni)


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