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GÂ?TOWN, Mon., Jan, 10 Â? The Daily Chronicle regrets to record the death of Mr. Ernest Arnold Humphrey Campbell, J.P., and Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits, which took place about 4.20 oÂ?clock yesterday morning at his residence, lot 9 Croal Street, Georgetown.

The deceased who was 64 years old was ill for about two weeks. He was a true friend to many and was beloved by all those with whom he came into contact. Evidence of this was borne by the large crowd which followed in the funeral procession yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Campbell was born on December 13, 1879, at Enterprise, Leguan Island, Essequebo, to the late Mr. Samuel Augustus Campbell (schoolmaster), and his wife, the late Mrs. Rebecca Campbell nee Humphrey and was educated at St. PhilipÂ?s Anglican School. After leaving school he joined the Civil Service retiring after 33 years and when he held the office of Clerk of Court of the Georgetown Judicial District. Between 1904 and 1935 Mr. Campbell served as Secretary and Short Hand writer of the following Government Commissions: RegistrarÂ?s Office Commission (1904), Penal Settlement Inquiry (1906), Hospital Commission (1907), Church Disestablishment Commission (1929), Penal Settlement Inquiry (1922).


The funeral took place yesterday afternoon. The Rev. Fr. J. Goodwin, S.J. conducted a short service at the house after which the cortege proceeded to the Brickdam Cathedral where Fr. Goodwin also officiated at a quiet and simple ceremony. From the Cathedral the procession moved onto Le Repentir where the interment took place, Fr. Goodwin performing the last rites at the graveside.

Mr. Campbell has left to mourn their loss his beloved wife, Virginia; his only daughter Mrs. Dorothy Bayley (wife of Dr. R. T. Bayley); two brothers, Dr. W. W. Campbell and Mr. C. A. Campbell (solicitor); and one sister, Mrs. A. B. Brown.

To these and other relatives the Daily Chronicle tenders its sympathy Â? (R. A. V.)


The pall-bearers, were Messrs. R. S. Miller, C. Sergeant, T. A. Morris, J. McF yer, B. Mongul, and B. Nauth.


Those who attended the funeral were Drs. R. T. Bayley, P. G. Barrow, W. W. Campbell, J. A. Nicholson, O. M. Francis, S. P. James, Revs. A. T. Peters and H. Algernon; Messrs. C. Kendall, A. Bayley, C. B. Mongul, F. G. Vieira, G. F. DeSebastiani, A. Miranda, M. Vieira, J. Martin, C. A. Campbell, O. Jones, F. O. Richards, M. Gonsalves, A. McL. Throne, J. Thorne, C. V. Guzman, A. E. King, G. H. Correia, G. Jardine, C. Barrow, D. H. Barrow, C. Bollers, A. V. Vaughn, F. V. Vaughn, F. A. Nurse, Dentist J. Bradford, C. Barrow, C. A. Lashley, M. Harper, J. Sadler, A. V. Crane, LL.B., E. A. Morrison, S. Cozier, V. Barnwell, J. H. Vasconcellos, F. Mendes, M. DaSilva, G. E. Willock, N. Cameron, G. S. Irwin, S. W. Wilson, S. M. Shervington, G. E. Tobias, S. Morrison, E. A. Pollard, B. Nauth, L. A. Hopkinson, A. Haly, N. Killikely, E. A. Baird, A. C. Shanks, J. R. Nascimento, A. Nascimento, J. DeSilva, J. Deveaux, F. Leubin, J. P. Smith, W. P. Smith, H. S. Carthy, B. Arno, J. B. Mercurius, E. B. Bowen, R. T. Parris, L. R. Chase, D. J. Richmond, C. A. Bruton, M. Harlequin, P. A. Thorne, P. Dettering, J. T. Clarke, R. S. Persaud, B. Persaud, I. Europe, L. E. Cranenburg, J. R. Henry, F. Mittlelholzer, W. W. Nurse, R. McD. Jones, E. W. Estwick, H. Cromwell, T. Houston, J. L. Griffith, A. Ogle, G. L. Bobb, A. Mortley, P. A. Cummings, H. Dummett, A. R. Gomes, L. S. Perreira, A. Groves, G. Daniels, G. Devonish, F. C. Archer, A. Mondesir, S. T. Cyrus, F. P. Loncke, R. Adams, J. E. Owen, B. Phillips, C. Hope, W. A. October, J. Hancock, W. Schroeder, J. L. Wills, E. A. J. London-Williams, R. S. Miller, A. E. Jordan, H. A. Bruton, S. N. Collins, J. S. Talbot, G. I. Marshall, W. S. Holder and W. Arno.

A large number of floral tributes, cards and letters were received.


The Daily Chronicle Monday, January 10, 1944: page 5.

M'lilwana Osanku --Sancho of Nabaclis
Researcher for Sancho Family History
Golden Grove and Nabaclis, Guyana.


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