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Sports Flashes --Tutorial Are Still Secondary Schools Champions

Tutorial High School maintained their all-round athletic supremacy yesterday when they retained the Private Secondary Schools Championships at the BGCC ground, Thomas Lands.

Tutorial piled up 269 points to win comfortably from second placed Golden Grove, who finished with 122, Chatham High were third with 43, Alleyne High fourth with 38 and Guyanese College fifth with 28. Fredericks School of Home Economics and Progressive Preparatory Institute both failed to score a single point.

Wyndham Fraser and Carlene Pitt, both of Tutorial, took the title of Champion boy and girl respectively. Key to schools: THS - Tutorial High School, GG -Golden Grove, CH - Chatham High, AHS - Alleyne High School, and GC - Guyanese College.

The Details

75 Meters
Boys Under 13: E.Chester (THS)-1 H.Craigwell (GG)-2 B.Smith (THS)-3 time 9.2
Girls Under 13: N.Lawrence(GG)-1 H.Harris(THS)-2 I.Powdar(GC)-3 time 9.3

100 Meters
Boys Under 13: B.Hughes (CH)-1 E.Chester (THS)-2
H.Craigwell(GG)-3 time 12.3
Under 15: W.Fraser(THS)-1 R.Griffith (THS)-2
I.Cummings(GC)-3 time 11.3
Under 17: A.Thomas(GG)-1 A.Simpson (THS)-2
C.Prince(THS)-3 time 11.
Open: L.Giddings (THS)-1 M.Richards (GG)-2
D.Smith(THS)-3 time 10.3

Girls Under 13: N.Lawrence(GG)-1 H.Harris(THS)-2 I.
Powdar(GC)-3 time 13.2
Under 15: C.Pitt(THS)-1 J. Rutherford (GG)-2
G.Pollydore(CH)-3 time 12.3
Under 17: A.Taitt (THS)-1 P.Grandison (GG)-2
D.Booker(THS)-3 time 12.3
Open: J.Clarkson (THS)-1 H.Hunter (THS)-2
M.Munroe(THS)-3 time 11.

150 Meters
Under 15: C.Pitt(THS)-1 D. Baird(THS)-2 J. Rutherford
(GG)-3 time 19.3
Under 17: A.Taitt (THS)-1 J.Baynes (THS)-2 D.Thomas
(THS)-3 time 18.3

200 Meters
Girls Open: H.Hunter(THS)-1 J.Clarkson(THS)-2
I.Phillips(THS)-3 time 25.1
Boys Under 15: W.Fraser(THS)-1 I.Cummings(GC)-2
C.Clarke (THS)-2 time 26.1
Under 17: A.Thomas(GG)-1 C.Price(THS)-2
G.Gillis(AHS)-3 time 24.
Open: L.Giddings (THS)-1 D.Smith(THS)-2 M.Richards
(GG)-3 time 21.5

4 X 100 Meters Relay
Girls Under 15: (GG)-1 (THS)-2 (AHS)-2
Under 17:(THS)-1 (GG)-2 (CH)-3
Open: (THS)-1 (GG)-2 (CH)-3
Boys Under 15: (CH)-1 (THS)-2 (AHS)-2
Under 17:(THS)-1 (GG)-2 (CH)-3
Open: (THS)-1 (GG)-2 (AHS)-3

400 Meters
-1 O.King(GG)-2 C.Clarke(THS)-3 time 59.6
Boys Under 15: W.Fraser(THS)
Under 17: D.Neblett(THS)-1 A.Simpson(THS)-2
L.Russell(GG)-3 time 55.2
Open: L.Giddings (THS)-1 C.Gittens(AHS)-2
B.Peters(GG)-3 time 54.1

80 Meters Hurdles
Girls Open:P.Grandison (GG)-1 I.Phillips(THS)-2
Boys Open:L.Duke (THS)-1 E.King(THS)-2 B.Peters (GG)-3

800 Meters Cycle
Boys Under 15: L.Henry(AHS)-1, G.Nobrega(GC)-2,
Under 17: I.King(THS)-1 L.Henry(AHS)-2 K.Wong(THS)-3

800 Meters
Boys Under 17:R.Hoppie(THS)-1,L.Russell(GC)-2,
M.Britton(THS)-3 time 2.11.3
Open: c.Gittens(AHS)-1 C.Perry(GG)-2
R.Henderson(AHS)-3 time 2.12.2

Girls Under 15:C.Pitt(THS)-1 J.Rutherford(GG)-2
I.Coppin (THS)-3 Dist 14'.9"
Boys Under 15:A.Bobb(CH)-1 K.Frank(GG)-2
W.Fraser(THS)-3 Dist 16'.5 1/2"
Girls Under 17:J.Phillips(THS)-1 C.Pitt(THS)-2
P.Grandison(GG)-3 Dist 15'.7"
Boys Under 17: A.Simpson(THS)-1 P.Moore(GG)-2
B.Calder(THS)-3 Dist 17'.10 1/2"
Girls Open:J.Phillips(THS)-1 J.Holder(THS)-2
C.Pitt(THS)-3 Dist 15'.5 1/2"
Boys Open:B.Peters(GG)-1, A.Simpson(THS)-2
L.Henderson(AHS)-3 Dist 19'.3"

1000 Meters Cycle
Boys Under 15:I.Stephens(THS)-1, G.Nobrega(GC)-2,
Under 17: I.King(THS)-1 W.Deen(GC)-2 R.French(THS)-3
Open:D.Braithwaite(THS)-1, T.Fowler(THS)-2

1500 Meters Boys Open
R.Hoppie(THS)-1 O.Meertins(THS)-2 L.Stewart(GC)-3

800 Meters Medley Relay
(THS)-1 (GG)-2

Guyana Graphic (Saturday November 19, 1966-- page 15)

I always figured Sancho High School was the offical
name of the high school, located in the residential
areas of Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Victoria.
Where are they now? A Little bit of Back down memory


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