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I admire the five percent way of life, I love the Rasta way of life - really love Eastern way of life - Black life and culture.
Religion and politics are blamed for man's lust for power and man's inhumanity to man. there are numerous sagas illustrating this behavior in the human experience. There is no excuse for this inherited behavioral practices to continue to affect life and culture in this day and age.
I shall ever maintain folks who do not articulate their views on various subjects are entitled to do just that or not to do it. It's their choice, however man has been guilty of hiding behind these two social sciences, creating havoc on the illiterate - its is this posturing which allows less than 33 percent of the world's population to dominate the remaining majority with their European Capitalistic ideology.
Dubois spoke of the talented ten, rising and leading the way but instead it seems to me the laboring class has always caught hell - whether they are slaves, indentured servants and or the dignified title - wage earners - they still catch hell.
Gaddifi's the Green Book points out individuals must own to control their own destiny - must own the means of production - to be really free, and independent.
I prefer to discuss the ancestor and their period - in the attempt to recognize why they left the United Kingdom in the first place. I therefore question their foresight.
I have written a number of articles on Cheddi, Forbes, Walter, Eusi, Ramphal and Denbow, but I have not placed same online, because folks may not contribute to the Sancho genealogical project which is far more important to me than politics, religion, and the other Humanities.
I now question whether folks who share similar experience but differ in their realities - can set aside what they feel separate us and discuss what unites us - it's an experience of being imprisoned and I always recognize in war not all of your comrades survive and this is war make no mistake about it.
The very survival of black life and culture is at stake - It's high time you recognize this and if you look like me and do not believe me - well I am not at all sorry for you.
I'll do what I can to inform whoever cares about the survival of the back life and culture and that's my contribution.


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Are you aware of Samuel David and Mary (David)Sancho of Golden Grove? Samuel David was a Sergeant of British Guiana Police Force.  Samuel David departed in 1945 or 1946. Mary David and Clarence Sancho were married. The couple had about seven children. Much respect to Wainwright for pointing pieces of information on the David and Sancho union  to me some 43 years ago. Who must I consult to acquire the  knowledge  relative to David family  especially the descendants of  grand Uncle Clarence  Sancho?

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On Friday, March 20, 2009, I visited the New York Public Library, Humanities and Social Sciences (Research Division). I accessed copies of the Trinidad and Tobago year books for the years 1921 thru 1935. I paid particular attention to the obituary, which is found immediately following local events in the publications.

I made notes of the data of persons with the surnames of interest to me. At this instance I cannot locate the entire documentation.
In the yearbook for the year 1929 data is found telling readers that Mrs. Elizabeth Sancho, 92 years old died on November 30, 1928. I suppose she was born in either 1835 or 1836.  (perhaps, wife of John Sancho??)
In other issues of the yearbook entries listed below are included.
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