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Dr. Walter Rodney fathered Shawn Bacchus of Beterverwating
I am rather saddened. I over heard four Guyanese chatting on the IRT #4 subway train, Lexington Avenue Express. The female stated Walter Rodney fathered an out of wedlock child, Shawn Bacchus with Miss Bacchus of Beterverwating. Gregory Smith also fathered a daughter with Miss Bacchus, who was two years old at the period of Rodney’s execution.
Smith was in cohort with Rodney, but became extreme jealous of the extra martial affair Rodney and Bacchus, thus Smith double-crossed Rodney, grabbing PNC’s monetary offer of some $ 650,000 for the death of Rodney.
The four folks agreed the plan was hatched in Bacchus’s residence in Beterverwating. Miss Bacchus received protection, money, and best care for children and herself. Rodney they argued took too long to ignite the people’s revolution.
The plan was to free the WPA activists held in prison at Camp Street and spark the revolt against the PNC government and those who stood idly bye offering token lip service for opposition.
I summarized what was said sounded very possible, but also revealed why hero-worshipping is a practice none should do. The extra martial affairs if at all occurred is Rodney’s personal business but however it does cast him in an immoral light.
The government of Guyana owes the people of Guyana a really thorough search for the truth in the Walter Rodney Assassination.
Is the PPP is blameless? - then -
Why haven’t the PPP brought to justice the people responsible for the murder of Rodney?
Why must Guyanese choose murder and corrupt persons as their elected representatives?
Why are the criminals free to seek elected office instead of paying for their crimes against the people and state of Guyana?

The voice of the people is the voice of God, Why then is the masses silent? Why are the working People of Guyana, not up to the task of accountability?
The people must bring the politicians who have held them; hostage from 1947 to present, to face the peoples justice.
Walter must not die in vain - Guyana must rid itself of Corbin, Green, PNC and the PPP, all hands are bloody.
Guyanese let divine mathematics, truth, justice, balance and righteousness rule the land. Bring the criminals to justice for crimes against the people. The masses must demand justice for Rodney. Do whatever it takes. If it ‘s bloodshed so let it be. Do not be afraid to bleed - Let the peoples’ revolution begin. The struggle continues


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