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"Among the multitude of public prints, it is hard to say which lyes the most"

History must restore what slavery took away.’
–Arthur Alfonso Schomburg 1874-1938
Mun gode don halita - thanks in the name of the ancestors.
If we must have justice, we must be strong;
If we must be strong, we must come together;
If we must come together, we can only do so through the system of organization"
- Marcus Garvey 1887 - 1940
Black Nationalist laeder
Welcome to the Global Historical Society of Sanchos!
There is no shame in getting on one's knees if it is in the interest of people.
-Malcolm X 1925- 1965
No organization can do every thing. Every organization can do some thing
A.Phillip Randolph 1889- 1979
Labor Leader
The Global Historical Society of Sanchos, an organization primarily founded and dedicated with the express purpose,

To facilitate a forum whereby the children of Sancho, their friends, associates and acquaintances, can articulate, and communicate on the subject; Sancho.
To obtain scientific evidence, connecting Bentinck, John and Lambert Tuckness Sancho and their descendants to 'the extra ordinary talented and self educated', literary 18th century London, Black man of letters and arts, Ignatius Sancho.
To investigate all avenues, and all sources, to locate, to research and to document, all information and the sources of information, to connect, all Sanchos, primarily the descendants of Bentinck, John and Lambert Tuckness Sancho.
To honor and to promote, the lives and the works, their contributions to society, of all Sanchos, their friends and associates, preferably while the deserving is alive.
To foster meaningful relationships with groups, intellectuals, individuals, institutions, media and academic communities, across and beyond all boundaries, with vested interest in Sancho, bearing in mind, the opinions and the interests of the descendants of Sancho.
The Global Historical Society of Sanchos, an organization, Sanchos could use to communicate with the world. The forum is open to all, who are interested in Sancho. Those interests must be similar to those of the descendants of Sancho.

The Global Historical Society of Sanchos could be useful in relating to other historical societies and organizations.
Type, the word subscribe, in the body of the email, address and send to

The Sancho Family Surviving Story

The earliest instruction was imparted orally, a system still extant in Africa and the orient. It trains the mind to listen.
– Arthur Schomburg 1874 - 1938

The information that has survived, via the Black oral traditions states, in the era of the British slave Emancipation and Apprenticeship, three Black men, born in London, biological brothers named John, Bentinck, and Lambert Tuckness Sancho, left England, and in 1838, arrived in colonial British Guiana.

The three Sancho brothers settled, for a while in the Golden Grove-Nabaclis area, on the East Coast of Demerara. The Sanchos were employed in the sugar industry, at Enmore. The three Sanchos were among a number of persons who purchased the plantations Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Belfield.

A forefather, born to enslaved parents, on a slave ship on it's way to the West Indies. The child, at a very young age, was taken from the West Indies to England and there was raised by three white women.

An atmosphere, of women related problems, led John Sancho to abandon British Guiana. It is understood, he made it to Grenada and there, lived a settled life. I'm of the opinion Sanchos of Trinidad and Grenada, are principally his descendants.

Bentinck Sancho left Demerara, and it is accepted he resided in the Canjie river valley, a region, in Berbice, perhaps Cumberland. The opinion is Sanchos of Berbice and Surinam are his descendants.

The descendants of Lambert Tuckness Sancho represent a much clearer picture, but however very little is known of that fore father. Tuckness Sancho, a member of the first generation of Sancho born in British Guiana, it is his descendants who are most widely known.

Surnames Associated with the Sancho Family
The family names of Guyanese and other nationals, listed below, are all Sanchos and or associated with the Sancho Family.
The sources of information are personal experiences, recollections of conversations with the ancestor, Muriel Eleese Birchelline Sancho-Ross, relatives of her generation, following generations, and reseach conducted by Kenneth Robinson and on his behalf in the National Archives of Guyana.
Abrams, Adams, Adkins, Alden, Alexander, Applewaite
Baynes, Bamfield? Barry, Benn, Bradshaw, Browne
Caines, Campbell, Clarke, Cosbert, Crawford, Cumberbatch
David, Denbow, Denny? Duguid
Gill, Gillis, Graveande, Grovesnor
Hamer, Haywood, Hinds, Hope, Hoppie
Jack, James, Johnson, Joseph, Joyce
Kendall, King, Klien,
Lake, Lancaster, Lawrence, LeJeune, Liverpool, Luke, Lutchman
Mapp, Marious, Matthews, McIntosh, Mckenzie, Moore, Moses
Oden, Ogle, Omallo, Oxley
Parkinson, Patterson, Peters, Phillips
Ralph, Richmond, Roberts, Robertson, Rodrigues, Ross
Samuels, Sancho, Scotland, Sharper, Shell, Simmons, Staurt, Stewart, Sumner
Tanner, Thomas, Tolbert, Trotman
Weatherspoon, Willis, White

Works of Sancho : Contributions to Society

Bertrand Abrams
an economists, an associate and comrade of Walter Rodney. It must be noted that Bertrand Abrams is mentioned in Dr. Walter Rodney’s Literature - The Groundings with My Brothers. Eusi Kwayana stated in his review of Clem Seecharan’s "Bechu", the following, "Whether by instinct or by design, Clem Seecharan’s writings hanker after a certain theme among others. He far from ignores the empty poverty of bonds people; rather he writes with indignation about them. He takes pains to list their bread -without- butter grievances and the dull details of their vacant lives"

Yet he comes back again and again to reveal, if not to argue that these bonds people have minds, that their minds often are elevated and help them to rise above the hell of their daily surroundings. In this, in some distant way, though not on the surface, he shares a vision with Bertrand Abrams, -may he rest in peace, my contemporary from Golden Grove. He once said to some religious doubters, "God helped black people to live through that slavery, you know." A Caribbean poetess talks of a mother despairing of her son’s lapse into crime and how she finds she has no resort but "knee city", even while preparing her funeral clothes for the day when "he draws his bloody salary." What had been a chance theme of poets, - Bertrand was also one, - has been a major in Seecharan’s concerns.

Brenda Abrams
The Nabaclis Nursery School, began as a kindergarten school, founded by Brenda Abrams and located, under the dwelling area of the Abrams residence in Nabaclis. Children from the Coove& John, Haslington, Golden Grove, and Nabaclis Community, were enrolled as students.The district council took responsibility for the school, moving it to the building in which the Golden Grove- Nabaclis Local Authority office, was located.
Dennis Andries
a professional boxer, born in Buxton, British Guiana, grand son of Lambert Sancho, the first Guyanese to win a World Boxing Championship bout. On 30 April 1986, outpointed J. B. Williamson in London to win the WBC light heavyweight title. In a career lasting 16 May 1978 to 14 December 1996, he had 65 bouts, winning 50, loosing 14, with one drawn. In Title fights, he had 6 wins and 3 losses, in a nine fight career.

A photograph of Dennis Andries after that fight can be found on page 208, of Sam Andre and Nat Fleischer’s 1987 edition, A Pictorial History of Boxing (Citadel Press)
Dr. Harold Alexander Lutchman
a political Science professor, Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana, a list of his work can be found at the end of this document.
Compton Maurice Ross

Queens College Alumni, Pupil Teacher at No#68 Government School,
Military Officer attained the rank of that of Captain of Guyana Defense Force.

Leebert Sancho

an educator, established Sancho High School, which was located in Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Victoria, the forerunner of Golden Grove Government Secondary School; I honestly think a campaign must be initiated which will result in the renaming of that school, in honour of its founder, while he is alive.
Oswald Sancho
[pbuh] served in the Guyana Police Force, an amateur middleweight boxer, in the 1940’s, was by all local reports, a devastating puncher with both hands, and one of the greatest fighters in the annals of British Guiana. Oswald Sancho, for a while Forbes Burnham's body guard, became officer in command of crime prevention, can be seen in a photograph in Destiny to Mould.
Thomas Anson Sancho
a historian, a list of his work can be found at the end of this document.

Dr. Barton Scotland
a lawyer, grandson of Dora Sancho, employed, under the minister Rasleigh Jackson.
in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, While the People's National Congress ruled Guyana.

Sancho: The Trinidadian Connection

Trinidadian nationals, inquire about Brent Sancho, a defender, a soccer player, his father Keith Sancho, public relations officer, employed in Ministry of Health and Cyril Sancho, a Bridge player

African Connection
and out of Liberia, Phyllis Sancho, now in Detroit


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