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Dr. Claude A.H. Denbow Speaks.

Claude Denbow speaks; rival dentist colleague of red Dr. Cheddi Jagan, head of the all Negro local League of the Coloured People

"Driven out of India, Malaya, and Burma, British colonialism must find other areas, rich in cheap labour and raw materials to keep its imperialistic economy going. Africa and the Caribbean colonies were the last area left. They were now moving in for the kill, sheltering under the guise of large monopolistic concerns; for example – C.D.C.

The British government is about to denude these areas of all it potentials raw materials and while in the process of doing so, with pious and self righteous declaration it grudgingly grants various areas some dubious and subtle form of semi independence."

Speaking US Farm Labour Scheme

"A slave labour recruiting from British Guiana intended on releasing American workers to fight down trodden Koreans."

League Coloured People versus People's Progressive Party

Second Quarter 1957 page 22 & 23


Branch of Harold Moody's League Coloured Peoples of London

(sleek red De Soto)

Phony King - Eze Anywanwu Articles in Daily Argosy - Doc Denbow versus Seal Coon of Daily Argosy

Abba Gabre Jesus Meshesha

Moody Hall

British Guiana League Coloured People

Doc Denbow

National Democratic Party sponsored by LCP in 1953 elections

United Democratic Party

John Carter , Llewellyn John Gertie Collins

Dr Miller, Dr. Taitt, Dr. T.T. Nichols, E.F. Fredericks

Negro Progress Convention off shoot of Garvyism fore runner to LCP

African Welfare Convention

Robert Adams man of two worlds

Forbes Burnham and Doc Denbow

They filched barrister Burnham from Dr. Denbow's race tooting LCP

Lucas and Denbow Labour president with LCP (p.181)


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British Guiana Government Exhibition to Miss Joyclyenne Loncke who will read for a degree in Arts. Source: Government Information Services, BG - Guiana Diary- Vol. XVI No. # 32; of September 25 –October 1, 1960: page 170.

Guiana Scholar Announced ---November 3, 1960
Minister of Community Development and Education, the Honourable Balram Singh Rai, announced on November 3, that the Governor-in-Council has approved of the following awards for the 1960 British Guiana Scholarships.
E. A. C. Thomas – Queen’s College – distinction in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Physics; Miss J. E. Loncke – Private Candidate - distinction in English Literature and Latin. Good in French; W. A. Ramsahoye – Queen’s College – distinction in Mathematics, (Pure, and Applied), Physics and Chemistry.
Sixty-seven candidates (38 boys and 29 girls) had written the examination. The minister sent his personal congratulations to the winners. He also expressed the hope that they would pursue their new…

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Soliciting Information - Gill of Guyana and Barbados.  I am really focusing on the Sancho lineage. I believe it's best to chat about the Gill people from the migration from Barbados to Demerara to the known members of Buxton and Friendship and thus to Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Haslington and their movement beyond Guyana in the twentieth century. I need to be enlightened.  I am soliciting information on the lineage of the kinship of GILL. I need to identify the Sancho ancestor of the members of the kinship of Gill, mentioned below. I am referring to Gill of Buxton-Friendship and their off springs - Arthur Gill and his descendants – of Golden Grove-Nabaclis.  The known members of this Gill kinship of Gill includes; Susan Elizabeth Gill died on Sunday, November 27, 1938.  Ms. Gill was 91 years old. Ms. Gill is the mother of Edith Gill, Irene Gill, Winnie Gill, Arthur Gill, Iris Gill, Oscar Gill, and Princess Gill. Source: The Daily Chronicle - Monday, November 27, 1939: page eight.  Art…

Sancho of Canje,Corentyne, Berbice

"Racism isn't resolved in bed no matter who's sleeping with whom" … Jan Carew
The aim is to identify the ancestry of Sancho.  Wherever Sancho is found, ascertain the relationship to Bentick Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho. It is understood;Sancho of Berbice, Sancho of Guyana, in general,  and Sancho of Suriname are descendants of Bentick Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho.
Sancho of Berbice is found in several locations including; Rose Hall Town,Port Mourant,Corriverton, and New Amsterdam. This Sancho is interested, in Sancho who are about contributing to this process. This Sancho is grateful to Sancho who consider the future generations of Sancho.  This Sancho is with future generations of Sancho will benefit from the effort you and I make today, to know ourselves.
I am interested in the story of the kinships of BENTICK, CAMPBELL, FRIDAY, KISSOON, SANCHO, SOLOMON, and YOUNG (YOUNGE) of Guyana, and the Caribbean basin and the authentic history of the working people of Golden Gr…